The Air Element is anchored by the frequencies of structure and Divine Union. These vibrations support greater mental acuity and greater focus by removing dissonance, and eliminating distractions.

Air energy will assist in blowing away entities and implants that may be lodged in the Form and Field, causing distortion of guidance or messages. As these things are removed, one’s ability to connect with The Source will become stronger.

When one anchors the pink-lavender vibrations of Structure into the cells of the biology and into the DNA of the form as well as into the energy field, the movement of the field will become a spherical rotation. This energy flow will spin off dissonance, allowing one’s truth to emerge and allowing the ability to potentially anchor mode energy and information in the field. In addition, the vibrations hold information for the combining of molecules.

The pale silvery-violet vibrations of Divine Union assist one in integrating all parts of the Authentic Self – the unique combination of knowledge and abilities of the True Inheritance. As these pale silvery-violet vibrations are fully integrated, one can evolve rapidly.

Air is associated with the Mental Body and is a yang vibration. It is also associated with the direction of East. Air is the energy of new beginnings and fresh ideas.

In choosing to work with the element of Air, you will begin to eliminate those things that are supplying false or distorted guidance and the distractions they ogen bring. It may be necessary to look at some of the ways in which you allow others to influence your decisions. In addition, you may need to examine your fears of brining in new ideas and beliefs.

How might you be choosing to remain stangant and in the “prison” of your self-limiting beliefs? The pink-lavender and silver-violet vibrations of Air will assist you in understanding and clearing out these patterns.