Many people have asked, “How often can essential oils be used?”  The answer, quite simply, is “as often as you like”.  Unlike synthetic drugs that can remain in the body indefinitely, all portions of the pure, premium Young Living essential oils not immediately used by the body are eliminated within 20 minutes.

Does this mean that the oils are ineffective after 20 minutes?  No!

Essential oils are complex substances with hundreds of different chemical components.  Our bodies know what they need to come to balance, and they select the components from the oils and eliminate the remaining ones that are not needed at that time.  Balance is the key word because the body is always searching for whatever will bring about balance – homeostasis.  Even though one’s symptoms may be quite similar from one time to another, the imbalances may be different.  Introducing the essential oils often will give the body the chance to choose what it needs at that particular time.

If all the components that the body needs for balance are offered, then the body can quickly balance.  However, if a few are missing, it may take a repeating the oils and/or introducing additional ones for the body to have all of the chemical constituents necessary for balance.  This is why I love the French model of aromatherapy which describes layering several oils and/or blends.  It is not necessary for us to know what the body needs because the body is quite capable of choosing those things.  We need only to make those things available to the body, and the body does the rest.  Isn’t that simple?

If someone has a high fever, peppermint can be applied every 20 minutes.  Usually, the fever is in normal ranges after a few applications.  However, it will not be harmful to continue reapplying as the essential oil will not lower the body temperature unless it is appropriate.  Similarly, Aroma Life will not lower blood pressure unless it is elevated.  In fact, if we remember that the goal is BALANCE, we can better understand why the same oils that are helpful for hyper are helpful for hypo – high and low.

Use your oils whenever you like, and trust that your body will choose whatever portions of each one that it needs at that particular time.  You “cannot do it wrong” when using Young Living’s premium essential oils.