Unity Consciousness
Understanding the Unique Contributions of Each

Glyphs: Forgiveness + Acceptance + Unity
Colors: Golden Pink + Shiny Silver + Pale Pink
Essential Oils: Geranium + Frankincense + Ylang Ylang
Crystals: Rhodochrosite + Hematite + Rose Quartz
Animal: Deer

Shadow Aspect: “I prefer to work alone because others never do their part”

Transformation: “My heart is open and I understand that everyone is important”

🌈Supports transcendence of competition with others

🌈Supports transcending the feeling that others are always intruding or creating problems.

🌈Supports rising above the need always to “Win”

🌈Supports one who feels that others infringe upon their space

🌈Supports one who competes with others, always needing to “win”

🌈Supports opening of the heart

🌈Promotes gentleness

🌈Supports letting go of expectations of others