If things are not going the way we might choose for them to be, is it a matter of our not being in harmony with our bodies and our surroundings?  This brought me to get out the blend, HARMONY, and to use it several times daily.

Have YOU used HARMONY blend?
If not, then you are in for a glorious treat! Just think how beautiful your life can be when you are surrounded by harmonious energies . . . (That is exactly what happens when YOU apply a few drops of this amazing blend several times a day.) As a “Human Diffuser”, you can spread harmony to everyone you see whether it is in a lift, a bus or train, a queue in a store . . . EVERYONE can benefit!!!
(You might also choose to apply STRESS AWAY frequently)

Now, WHY do I choose these two blends?
First of all, they smell delicious , but that is not all for sure!  Let’s take a look at the single oils that are in HARMONY blend .
There are 17 single oils in this blend!!!

Only a “master blender” who also has access to the necessary testing equipment to test the result of the chemical reactions that take place when blending essential oils could begin to create a “masterpiece” like HARMONY.  Aren’t we grateful for Gary Young’s expertise and the testing equipment at Young Living as well as the chemists who understand how to interpret the data from the equipment?

The order given on Young Living’s description is not alphabetical, which is the way I normally “think”. However, it is possible that they are listed in the order of the amount of each oil in the blend, so that is the order I am using . . .

Sandalwood, with its high concentration of sesquiterpenes, stimulate the emotional center and is a frequency of expansion.
Lavender can be calming and is one of the most complex essential oils known and is a frequency that allows us to create the perfect energy flow for building strong cells and energy field that is perfect to our unique being.
Ylang Ylang promotes harmony and balance in every portion of the being, supporting all parts in working together.
Frankincense stimulates the emotional center of the brain and is a frequency of acceptance – acceptance of self and acceptance of others.
Orange is a frequency that increases our passion and moves us into action.
White Angelica supports us in brings back memories so we can release any negativity surrounding the experiences.
Geranium is a frequency that clears blocks on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic. It also supports a healthy cardiovascular system and may be helpful in opening the heart to loving relationships.
Hyssop may be balancing for the emotions.
Spanish Sage is high in d’limonene which is important for healthy immune function.
Spruce holds a frequency that is grounding and encourages nurturing of self and others and finding the perfect balance of giving and receiving.
Coriander has been studied for its positive effect on digestive functions.
Bergamot is both uplifting and calming.
Lemon holds a frequency of release – letting go of fears, worn out beliefs, and attachments that are no longer serving us – and the freedom that results from letting go of those things Jasmine
Roman Chamomile may support the body in releasing anger, bringing about more calm and peaceful feelings.
Palmarosa may be revitalizing for the entire body.
Rose has the highest frequency of all essential oils and anchors an energy that supports us in clearing blocks to healing at all levels. The frequency may attract true love.

Think about this . . .
With every single application and breath of HARMONY blend, you are likely offering your body thousands of different compounds that may have the ability to bring about harmony and balance!

Can you imagine receiving the benefits of all these single oils every time you apply and/or inhale HARMONY blend??? Will everyone around you appreciate the frequency that you emit?

Now, WHY do I also mention using STRESS AWAY?
Young Living recently began distilling VANILLA essential oil, and this blend is the only blend which contains it!  Vanillin has been studied for many things, among them the fact that it appears to numb food cravings along with reducing stress levels as it seems to affect the brain receptors that affect these things.

Of course, Stress Away also contains CEDARWOOD, LIME, and YLANG YLANG essential oils – a powerful combination! Most people find the aroma quite pleasant and upifting.

So, there you have it – the perfect way to enhance the feelings of HARMONY and JOY in your life experience . . .