Sleep can be one of the most elusive things of all – and lack of sleep wreaks havoc with every aspect of our lives.  Sleep is the time during which our bodies can repair – regenerate and rejuvenate.  Therefore, it is important that the quality of sleep be good.  Researchers will tell us it is quality of sleep rather than quantity that is most important.

Here are things that I have found to be extremely important and effective in overcoming various sleep disturbances . . .

  • FOOD INTAKE AFTER 3pm:  Many of us are used to having heavy meals in the evening, loaded with meats and fats.  Protein takes 4-8 hours to digest.  Therefore, when we consume protein at night, the body must spend most of its energy during the night digesting the food rather than resting and/or repairing itself.  By contrast, vegetables take only 30-45 minutes to digest.  If we consume our protein in the morning and mid-day meals, then it often improves the quality of our sleep.
  • HYPERACIDITY:  When the body is to acidic, it is a very friendly environment for candida.  Candida is most active at night.  (I have a visual image of “them” gathering all their friends and having parties in the body all night long, causing light and interrupted sleep.)  ALKALIME at bedtime is an excellent choice.  Capsules of LEMON or GRAPEFRUIT may also be quite helpful.  And, of course, eliminating the “Three Poisons” – SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY would be important.
  • RACING MIND:  How many of us get into bed and cannot stop thinking about all the things we did during the day or “need” to do the next day?  MARJORAM is an amazing essential oil for relaxing muscles – and relaxing the brain.  I like to apply 1-2 drops over the brainstem (the soft semi-circle at the base of the skull in the middle at the back) and on the temples and cup hands over nose, inhaling deeply 6-8 times.

This is what I have found to be especially helpful for many . . .

At bedtime:

  • VALOR or PEACE & CALMING on bottoms of feet; cup hand over nose and inhale deeply 6-8 times
  • Give thanks for the learning experiences of the day

There are many other things that could be helpful as well – the things listed above are just things that have been effective for many.  For instance, I always find that layering the oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE on the bottoms of my feet, support me in having very deep and restful sleep.  Dropping SACRED FRANKINCENSE into my Crown Chakra and applying a drop over my heart and inhaling the aroma by cupping my hands over my nose and inhaling deeply 6-8 times is something I do almost every single night.

Other oils that I personally find wonderful at night . . .


There are so many wonderful single oils and blends from which to choose.  Don’t limit yourself to only one or two!