I know that some of you are thinking,
“WHERE to I apply the oils?”
“How many drops of each?”
“What next?”  

The reality is that it really does not matter where you apply the oils – just APPLY them!  My personal choice is always over my heart because that feels so nurturing to me.  However, apply them wherever YOU choose to apply them – and they can be in all different places on your body OR on the same location.  After applying, do be sure to INHALE EACH OIL DEEPLY 6-8 times with your hands cupped over your nose before applying the next oil.  

I also am a “floor person”, so I love to sit on the floor as I apply the oils.  I line the bottles up and just use them one at a time . . . and ENJOY! 

I am also aware than many may ask what I think about as I apply each oil.

I INTEND that the tiny molecules go wherever they need to go to bring about PERFECT BALANCE and HARMONY in every part of my physical form and energy being.

These thoughts are often in my mind as I layer the oils

Sacred Mountain:
INTEND to be totally connected with the Creator above and below and anchored to the very core of the planet upon which we live.

INTEND to identify your Authentic Self – the being that you were created to be.

Sacred Frankincense:
INTEND that as the molecules move throughout your being, they support you in ACCEPTING yourself and others AS YOU ARE and allow each your journey.  (This may be the most difficult thing we do as it is so tempting to attempt to “change others to make the better” when we each truly must learn from our own experiences.  When we deprive others of their lessons, we may be holding them back.  In addition, we often choose to focus upon OTHERS because it is “easier” and “less painful” than to look at our OWN lessons.)

INTEND to let go of all that is no longer serving you.  Often we hold on to fears, worn out beliefs, and attachments that are holding us back – preventing us from becoming the magnificent beings that we were created to be.

Inner Child:
Picture yourself as a young child – before the age of “responsibility” – just having FUN.  (If you do not have “happy childhood memories”, imagine something that could be a happy and joyful experience for you.  You can imagine and visualise ANYTHING that you choose.)  

Present Time:
INTEND to bring the JOY and HAPPINESS of the childhood experience into the PRESENT time.

INTEND to infuse every aspect of your being with the BELIEF that you can BE your Authentic Self and that you can accomplish whatever you were created to accomplish in this lifetime.

Then just allow the balancing frequencies of the essential oils to move wherever they need to move to bring about peace and harmony throughout your being. 

Breathe in deeply, and INTEND to ENJOY every moment, ALLOWING the FLOW of  the experiences, understanding that all is in Perfect Timing . . .