[00:00:05] Good morning and happy Sunday again. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. It’s been another interesting week for us and I’m just happy to be here. [00:00:20][15.1]

[00:00:21] So I’m going to begin during these few moments before the top of the hour, just as I have been doing each week playing our beautiful Tibetan bowls. This week, I’m going to be playing three of the bowls and one of the bells. So, it was interesting because when I brought the bowls home after our last play day, following my dental appointment, I found that we actually brought home two bowls that are the same note, very different bowls. However, they are the same note and that I found out later that my Tibetan bowl that I had bought in Lhasa in 1998 is exactly the same tone, although while it may be the same note, the tone is different. So enjoy as we prepare to reach the top of the hour. I hope it’s a beautiful day or evening if you’re in the Western atmosphere, wherever you are, that you’re having a great moment and I appreciate you being here with us. [00:04:33][252.1]

[00:04:34] This is always a very special time of the week for me and this week, the topic came to me much earlier than usual because it was seven days ago I thought we could need to talk about masks because this is a huge topic right these days. The masks, do we wear masks? Do we not wear mask? In my opinion is about masks, because there are different things we have. We can wear physical masks in many different ways. We have emotional masks. There are mental masks. There may be spiritual masks and energetic. So, we have a lot of different levels that we’re actually using masks every single day. [00:05:42][67.9]

[00:05:43] So one of our friends posted something on Facebook and it really brought it together for me because she posted a picture of herself with a black mask covering her nose and mouth, sunglasses and a black hat. And she said, I never thought that this would be appropriate attire to wear into a bank. And I thought, wow, she is absolutely right. However, as I mentioned, we are utilising masks every single day. Some of you who follow me on my personal page may have seen a post that I did of a couple of days ago, which was showing the bloom. I had just received my convention order because it has to go to Singapore and then it takes a while to get here, especially now with cargo not travelling quite the same way that it did when we could just fly over. So I just got it and I was so excited because I opened it and had the two convention blends and one of the things that excited me most was Mother Nature’s crown. [00:07:14][90.5]

[00:07:15] So I just popped it on and I thought I should take a picture of myself, and let me tell you, I had done something that I didn’t think I would ever do and that was that I had washed my face earlier. This was late afternoon. I had washed my face much earlier and there was no makeup on at all. I did have just a light dusting of a savvy lip colour because I was having dinner with my honey and I liked to look my best when I’m with Steven. So I had done that but I had done nothing else; nothing to my hair, nothing to my face,nothing on the eyes so I had literally taken my mask off. No makeup and posted it on Facebook. [00:08:12][56.3]

[00:08:13] To my amazement, I did receive Bloom in my convention order. However, I had already been using it for four weeks and I did not post A before, which I still recall. This is important for me to find one of my before pictures. However, this was without makeup, this was with my mask off. [00:08:37][23.8]

[00:08:38] Today, I’m actually going to ask any of you who would like to participate and put a comment up there, because I have been using this savvy ever since it came out and I love it. And I received if a liquid foundation in my order so I decided this is very Frances and that is to decide to do one of them on one side of my face and the other on the other side of my face. So right now I have the powder foundation. The eyes were done the same. I only have the powder. However, I have the powder on one side and I have the liquid on the other, if you can see a difference. Let’s call this side with less hair, because I have it push this way, number one and this side with more hair is number two, if you see a difference. I would really like your opinion. So just put a comment one or two and I will kind of pay attention. [00:09:53][74.9]

[00:09:54] I love to do things by comparison. How many of you like to do things by comparison? I just think it’s more fun to really do it my own little test. Steven has already registered his opinion and he scrutinised me not just a picture but he came upstairs to the office to check it out. [00:10:25][31.1]

[00:10:27] So back to the whole idea of masks, how do we use our masks? Those of you who have been following me for the last over two years on our Gary series, Grow Actively Refining Yourself, know that we are constantly working to refine ourselves, to take off our masks, the masks that keep us from seeing who we are. How often do we truly confuse ourselves, not only others, but ourselves? We forget mentally; physically we can put in our makeup is a mask, isn’t it? It’s hard to take that mask off sometimes and see what’s really there. We have our emotional masks. These are some traumas from way back that we may have covered up and we forgot about because they’re buried so deeply. [00:11:52][84.1]

[00:11:53] However, every single thing that has happened is registered in our bodies and it can come out as a physical symptom at a later time. So as we uncover more and more of who we are, we are taking off those masks, understanding more of who we are and becoming more authentic. [00:12:21][28.4]

[00:12:23] How can we possibly accomplish what we came here to do if we are not who we were created to be? First of all, I used the blend Awaken, to awaken to what is really important, to awaken to what does not require any input from me. The understanding that we can truly only control ourselves. What others do, we have no control over. So gaining Clarity may be another blend. I used that this morning as well to become clearer; clearer and my intent, clearer about who I am. [00:13:24][61.3]

[00:13:25] So as I came up here, I had already done my cards, my journey of the glyphs this morning, as always. That’s the first thing I do when I get up. But then I take my physical cards when I come up here with the intent, first of all, of creating my sacred space because I choose to be in that sacred space when I am and asking for any guidance and to select the two cards. That might be the most helpful today for me to talk about. [00:13:59][33.8]

[00:13:59] The first one I selected was integrity, the hologram, the combination of integrity, which is all about structure, building our true energy flow. Acceptance, acceptance of who we are, acceptance of who others are and that integrating, weaving all of our knowledge and back and abilities together so that we can truly be the magnificent creation that we were designed to be. [00:14:40][40.9]

[00:14:41] Then, that other card I’m going to say before I go in more into the integrity was acceptance. It’s like double double acceptance because it’s in this hologram and it is also by itself. That is a major focus. So this is what I did, I went to my journey book and I opened it up. You can open your app to the Integrity Hologram to read what it really supports and it says at the bottom of the card, aligning words, actions and beliefs. So having them all lined up so that they really do reflect who you are, what your values are, what your beliefs are. Often we get swayed when particularly when we’re in a group or when we’re perhaps on social media, we get swayed by things that we are are reading and seeing and interacting with. So this is about holding on to who you are, your own true energy flow, your energy signature that is unique to you. No one else has the same energy signature as you. Isn’t that exciting? [00:16:20][99.2]

[00:16:26] In the journey book, there are actually six of these little bullets about what it supports. There are only five, for some reason the sixth did not get onto the app yet. It will! I promise you it will be there. Before I read any of them, I muscle tested. I used my kinesiology to determine which one of these would be the appropriate one and the one that I tested was the very last one. That’s why I mentioned there six in the Journey book and that is doing the right things even when no one is watching. Wow! We all attempt to do the right things when people are watching and sometimes it’s easier to take a few shortcuts perhaps. So doing the right things, it may have more bearing on what we are feeling and thinking. Where are we allowing our thoughts and our energy to go? Are we being antagonistic? Are we truly exploring who we are? [00:17:58][91.4]

[00:17:59] Well, this is where this other one comes in. This is all about accepting who you are, accepting who others are accepting, where you are on your journey, accepting where others are on their journey and allowing things to unfold. It takes the control away and control is something that we do that does require that we accept, that truly we are not the ones in control. Would you agree? [00:18:47][48.3]

[00:18:48] So as we move along, because acceptance showed up in both of these and the hologram and the single oil. I have my Sacred Frankincense, which I have been pouring on me. I do quite a bit, I’m going to use it again my Sacred Frankincense which anchors this energy. And I have my giant haematite ball sphere, which can anchor that energy of acceptance and I have it sitting right here, it’s very heavy because it truly is a metal rather than a normal crystal. But I am holding this and I am really placing my intent upon accepting, accepting those things that I do have control over, which is really my thoughts, my actions, and allowing the other things not to cloud my judgement, not to cloud actions, not to cloud my energy flow, just to pay attention. I also have this beautiful amber sphere that anchors that authenticity. Red Jaspar also anchors this energy. This was the sphere that Steven got about five years ago and it is the only sphere that has managed to get into my complete set of the rainbow healing crystals. I have many sets, but this particular one occupies a very special place. [00:20:55][126.7]

[00:20:56] And what is authenticity all about? It is about taking off our masks, seeing what’s underneath, accepting what’s underneath, and intending to be more and more authentic and every thing that we do. So I have been applying a lot of Cedarwood and Copaiba, both of these essential oils anchor this energy of authenticity and holding the crystals, intending that they also absorb this energy of authenticity and that they were reflected back to me when I require an additional boost. So as you explore who you are begin taking your mask off. It’s not about whether you’re forced to wear the mask. [00:22:04][68.3]

[00:22:06] Now, right now, some of us are required to wear masks, in certain places, when we go out of our house. Some of us are not, perhaps very excited about that. I personally have a difficult time breathing for a long period because it restricts my oxygen. And I’m always intending to oxygenate myself so that they do not age as rapidly. When you’re 77, you learn to do these things. So I put on my mask when I leave my house. I ride in the open air buggy, the golf cart, over to the centre and I have my mask on and which I have my RC and my Peppermint both in my mask. So I’m breathing it in intending to oxygenate the cells of my body and I’m grateful that I can take it off. [00:23:12][65.6]

[00:23:13] Now, some of you may not be that fortunate that you you may have to wear them more often. You do not. I’m here to tell you, you do not what ever your idea is about the physical mask, there is no requirement for you to mask your authenticity, who you are created to be. So as we delve with the refinement list every week, paying attention to what we truly choose to have in our lives and what we will not allow in our lives. Then we become more and more aware of who we are and where we are going. [00:24:02][48.9]

[00:24:03] So have fun this week. Play with your oils, play with the Rainbow Healing app or your cards, if you have them. Really take time to understand, to pay attention where your energy is going. Is it going to the things that you would choose to have your energy go or is it going somewhere else? And are you taking in or taking on energy that you don’t choose to take? It’s your choice. Remember, we always have a choice. So as you go through your week, using your oils, playing with your crystals, breathing them and intend to have a joyful time and filled with many beautiful rainbows and I’ll see you again next week. [00:24:03][0.0]