[00:00:09] Good morning. I’m so excited I may be starting a little bit earlier today. I’m not sure. Just playing up here, here in my office and I see someone is already online. Thank you. There are several of you. I’m going to start with several things. [00:00:30][20.7]

[00:00:30] While I was standing here preparing. I was looking at some of my mauve fluorite crystal ones that were totally talk. I removed them from the box. A few months ago, I guess it was March and April. That is a long time ago. And just to show you what they look like today, I was astounded. I have them sitting on crystals of orange calcite, which are anchors that frequency of rebirth, the breath of life, of change and change they have. [00:01:07][37.0]

[00:01:09] Let’s see which one is this? [00:01:11][1.2]

[00:01:11] This was really the first one that I opened. And I don’t know if you can see all these beautiful colours that are in it at this point. This was the second one. Look at the clarity. How much clearer this one is. Here is the third one, which again, this to me is incredibly clear. Now, where is it? Was it one time? Quite, quite dark. And then this one has totally different from all of them. This one is very pale blue. It almost look. [00:01:54][43.2]

[00:01:55] It looks almost like the colour of an aquamarine. [00:01:58][2.1]

[00:02:00] So we’ll get started now and I’m going to start with the bowls this week. Steven and I hit another play date, and it’s usually because I have a dental emergency. And then we are close enough to the Tibetan bowls shop. So I’m going to begin first with a bowl we got a few weeks back and then two that we got on Tuesday at our play date. So just enjoy and use your favourite oil. I have used a number of oils already this morning and I’m going to use Present Time to support me in remaining in present time. Is that is a that is a difficult thing for me. Often I seem to lapse off into the past or into the future and miss the beauties, the gift of this moment. So I am intending to be here in this moment with every one of you and just grab whatever essential oil you have with you, whatever one makes you feel really, really good and happy. And we will get started. [00:03:25][85.8]

[00:05:43] And once again, good morning and happy, happy Sunday. It is always exciting for me to see so many of you online ahead of time. And this week, this topic that I chose. I usually end up hearing just kind of getting a message of something to talk about a title this week, being me. And I thought, what am I going to talk about being me? So I went to my Rainbow Healing card, as always. Actually, I use the app, which all of you can have the app on your phones, and I use the app and then I use the cards too, because I happen to like different different things for different situations. [00:06:33][50.1]

[00:06:34] And I selected unity consciousness and I got to thinking about this. The little the concept of this hologram at the bottom is understanding the unique contributions of each. And I also selected just additionally, what kind of things what kind of attributes skills would be helpful for me. And I selected the Artisan, the creative flow. The artisan is at their best when they allow things to flow through rather than when they’re consumed with doing things a particular way. And I also selected Freedom, which seems to go right along with that, because it’s all about release, letting go of our preconceived notions about who we are, how we must do things and just allow things to flow through us. [00:07:46][71.9]

[00:07:47] Now, for some of you, this may be very easy. For me it was not. It is not. Let’s put this in present time because I’m not a I’m not a finished product. Not one of us is a finished product. We are a process. We are on a journey. And as I began to meditate on this idea of unity consciousness, I realise that it’s all about understanding who we are. I was raised at a time in perhaps some of you also, even though I’m older, some of you may also have been taught that we must do everything. We must be able to do everything and be complete, be whole and complete an island unto ourselves. And as I spent much of my life attempting to be that way, to be perfect in every thing that I did and to be able to do it all. [00:09:02][75.3]

[00:09:04] And guess what? We each have so many beautiful gifts to share. And when we work together with each person, with doing those things that they are genuinely designed to do, then it is so much more can be accomplished than just each one of us attempting to do things all by ourselves. I see this every single day. Now, when I’m going over to the villas as we’re building the fuller life villas here in Bali, and it is so beautiful to see all of these craftsmen working together in harmony, there are many, many, many people working on that project all at the same time. And yet they manage not to get in one another’s way. [00:10:09][65.0]

[00:10:10] And even when I come, which I am in everyone’s way, because I want to see it all and everyone wants to make certain that Frances does not slip and fall and that that they get to stay out of my way. But to watch how they do work and coordinate things. So that really has made an impression on me. I love being there and watching this because I personally learn so much. Does this mean that I’m going to go out and do woodcarving? Does this mean I’m going to be building beautiful walls the way that Llanos and his team do? And perfect, perfect roofs and course, the statues. The sculpting of the statues is so fascinating to watch. I don’t intend to do all of these things. I just love seeing how it does come together so rapidly when people are working together, when they are using their true knowledge and abilities. [00:11:27][76.8]

[00:11:29] The art is to allows the creativity to just flow through, not pushing it into a box, but just allowing that flow to move forward. And this week I happened to have come across something on Facebook that was posted by one of my friends and it really struck me. I’m going to make sure that I don’t forget any of the five things. But it was about intending to be like a pencil. Well, as a former maths teacher and maths student, I’ve used pencils. I love pencils. And that intrigued me. But the idea of choosing to be like a pencil seemed kind of strange. So I wrote these things down. First of all, a pencil doesn’t operate by itself. It has to be guided by the person using the pencil. So in other words, a pencil could be called coachable. I remember Gary Young talking about when he looks to to add someone to his team. [00:12:55][85.9]

[00:12:56] He’s never looking for the the resumé, but the CV, he is looking to see that the person is coachable. [00:13:07][10.7]

[00:13:09] He said he can teach them how to do anything as long as they’re willing to learn. This is point number one. Very, very important concept that I felt in being me being the very best me that I can be to be coachable, to realise that I do not really always know everything. [00:13:36][27.0]

[00:13:37] Steven would be very happy to tell you that too to agree with me on that, wouldn’t you, dear? [00:13:42][5.1]

[00:13:44] The second point was that pencils require sharpening from time to time. It makes them better. They make it set in the way they may dull down. And as we sharpen a pencil, it’s going to take a little of the edges off, which may be a little bit painful for us as we’re smoothing out their edges. [00:14:12][28.1]

[00:14:16] The third thing is a pencil. The pencil and the eraser work together. The eraser can undo. Any challenges that the pencil may make? In other words, they are not set in stone, and as long as they work together, whatever changes are required can can occur. So we have the pencil and we have the eraser. [00:14:48][31.8]

[00:14:49] As I said, I love pencils because I was a maths person. And then the fourth thing is that with a pencil, it is not the wooden outside that’s important. It’s what’s inside the graphite that is inside and with each of us, every single one of us has an amazing potential and inner potential. And I’m going to use set call this the gift. I have the gift sitting here and I’m going to use it right now to intend, as I apply this beautiful blend that Mary Young created as a gift for Gary. Just intending that you understand what your potential truly is, who you really are, who I really am. [00:15:55][65.3]

[00:15:56] It is not important for you to understand what who someone else is. We’re all working on ourselves and we’re all in this together. So as each one of us works on ourselves and understands, begins to get a clue of what our highest potential is, that sounds like another beautiful blend to use, does it not? Perhaps you will be inspired. This is Sacred Mountain. I’m sorry. I also have inspiration sitting here, which I have used all of these this morning, and I intend to use them throughout the day and throughout the week to be inspired, to be inspired, to understand my highest potential. [00:16:48][52.7]

[00:16:50] And then the fifth thing that I love, these five things enumerated, too, that a pencil does, it always leaves a mark. That is a wonderful, wonderful concept for us to each understand that every single one of us has the ability to make a difference, to leave a mark when we are choosing to use our own gifts. So what this is truly all about is becoming authentic, who we were created to be. [00:17:36][45.5]

[00:17:40] There probably are many, many, many pathways to this. My personal one, of course, is what I share every single week the rainbow healing’s cards in the rainbow healing, the new life journey, which is all about sitting down, paying attention to the things we truly choose to have in our lives. And also paying attention to the things that we choose not to have in our lives that we truly will not allow in our lives. When as we are doing this and as Steven says, distilling our list, we get a clearer and clearer picture of who we are. We gain clarity. That may be another blend. [00:18:35][55.1]

[00:18:36] You may choose to, I’ve got it here somewhere. But that you may choose to have with you and utilise intending clarity as you move through each day, as you go with the end understanding and with that intention of understanding your inner potential, your own true gifts and knowledge. [00:19:03][27.3]

[00:19:04] And of course, we know Frances will never leave out her very favourite of all, which is Believe. Sacred Mountain has always been my favourite aroma. However, Believe blend has opened up more for me than anything I could ever, ever have imagined. [00:19:27][22.6]

[00:19:29] So as you go through this week, use looking at your list of things that you choose to have in your life and things that you choose not to have in your life. Really. Take a few breaths. Step back. [00:19:47][18.0]

[00:19:48] Think of yourself like the pencil, coachable, requiring sharpening from time to time, working together with others, you don’t have to do everything yourself. That’s not a requirement. The requirement is the total job and we each contribute. That is what unity consciousness is all about. Each of us contributing our true knowledge and abilities for the betterment of the whole and then understanding that we must step back, look inside, not what’s on the outside. It’s important that it’s what’s inside. And that if we can accomplish these things, we will leave a mark. We will leave a mark bigger than anything that we could conceive ourselves because we are working together in harmony as a team. So as you go through your week, have a beautiful, beautiful time having fun and understanding more and more about who you are. [00:21:15][87.1]

[00:21:16] And I’ll see you next week. [00:21:16][0.0]