[00:00:03] Good morning and happy Sunday again. It’s been a magnificent week, and I hope that yours has been just as wonderful as mine. [00:00:13][10.2]

[00:00:15] I’m going to do what I have been doing the last few weeks, and that is to play some of the bowls while we wait for the top of the hour to arrive. And today, I’m going to start with. Well, today I’m going to use three Tibetan bowls. The first will be one that I got a few weeks ago in Bali on my first outing. After all this time of staying at home. And then the second will be the one that I bought 22 years ago in Tibet, in Lhasa when I was there. And then the last one will be a higher octave of the first. These two bowls are just chose to get together at the same time. So enjoy. I have used my Sacred Mountain first and breathed it in and held my hands over each one of the bowls, intending that it assist the bowls in having that strong connection which will support each of you listening. So this first one is very heavy and I’ll get it out here. And I’ve discovered something this week, too, that by using a little piece of cloth. And this is one of my our little top napkins that it would prevent my ring from creating a challenge. So enjoy. [00:01:46][91.3]

[00:03:44] So once again, good morning and happy happy Sunday. This is quite a special day. High energy. And I thought of the title of this particular video. [00:03:58][13.1]

[00:03:59] Is there a reset button? And yes, there is a reset button. The key is whether we choose to reset. [00:04:14][15.2]

[00:04:16] So I’m going to ask a lot of little questions along the way, as I usually do. These questions are for me as well as for you as we choose to move forward. Uncovering more and more of who we are, refining ourselves as we grow actively refining yourself. So I start always with the White Angelica, making that strong connection with the Source, the Creator. What ever your concept is. Now you may have different blends or single oils that support you in doing this. I find for me that my beautiful fluorite ones and the Sacred Mountain are very, very helpful for me in creating that connection with the Source as we begin to search for our reset button. [00:05:25][69.0]

[00:05:27] I’m going to ask you, what does the word reset mean to you? Reset can have a lot of different meanings. [00:05:36][8.6]

[00:05:37] We can when we push the button on our our computer, we can reset everything if we choose. We have the choice. Now, which would you choose? [00:05:49][12.5]

[00:05:51] Would you choose at this particular moment to reset your life back to a previous time? If so, think about the particular time that you would choose to reset to go back to. If you remember on our computer, we can choose how far back we would like to reset things. We also have the choice to wipe the slate clean, to totally reset where we are and where we are going. Does that scare anyone? It’s kind of a heavy, heavy thing. You may need a lot of your Valour blend as you’re thinking about actually just starting with a clean slate. Today happens to be another full moon today. January. See? That’s how hard and difficult it is for me. [00:07:03][72.0]

[00:07:04] July the 5th in Asia. It’s still the night of July the 4th in the U.S. in the Western Hemisphere. However, the moon, the full moon is either the fourth or the fifth. And this is the eclipse, another eclipse, which is going to make it even more powerful. And full moons are all about letting go. [00:07:29][24.3]

[00:07:29] So this is a perfect time to make that choice. That decision of whether you would like to reset. Is it time to reset and where you would like to be in your resetting? If you could design your life exactly the way that you would choose to have it, what would be there? What would not be there? [00:08:00][30.4]

[00:08:01] Well, I choose to use a lot of Awaken blend to awaken to the possibilities. We all have choices. [00:08:12][10.2]

[00:08:13] It is never, ever, ever too late to make a change. [00:08:18][4.8]

[00:08:20] My goodness, I was 60 years old in 2003 when I decided to leave the U.S. and move to Asia. On the other side of the planet, which to me was terrifying. But it, I knew I just sensed and felt deep down inside that this was important for me to do. Now, if I could do it at 60, wherever you are, what age you are. You can check off the age barrier. It is never, ever, ever too late. [00:08:20][0.0]

[00:00:02] Are we back, it appears that I might be back. It shows that I’m live again. I don’t know whether we are. And I apologise. I’m on a different phone now, so let’s see if this will work. Yes, somebody is. I have a message on here. So somebody is, is there. I do apologise. [00:00:24][21.7]

[00:00:26] I was talking about being inspired and attempting to pay attention to what we would choose to do, where we would choose to be when we reset that button. [00:00:41][14.9]

[00:00:48] I’m sorry, I’m looking at my phone that I normally use, and it says that I’m not. I can’t start the live video, so I hope that we are on live. This is kind of choppy. So I will just quickly, very quickly attempt to end this. And when I have a better connection, come back to it. [00:01:11][23.2]

[00:01:12] So the point being that what we had been doing or those of you who have been following me for a long time, now that our Grow Actively Refining Yourself series is all about understanding who we choose to be. You may choose. [00:01:32][20.2]

[00:01:33] I have a mirror sitting here on my desk at all times and you may choose to look in that mirror and really determine who you would choose to be if you could be any one. [00:01:47][13.9]

[00:01:48] When I say who, I don’t mean necessarily a living person. I mean exactly what you would choose to have in your life. And that is what our refinement list. And very repetitive. [00:02:01][13.5]

[00:02:03] That is what this is all about, really paying attention to what you choose to have in your life. Because every single one of us can have exactly what we choose to have in our life at any time. And we can choose to eliminate those things that we really will not allow in our lives. So as we press that reset button, it’s important for us to be aware of where we choose to be. [00:02:43][40.3]

[00:02:44] Whether it’s in the past. Whether it’s right now in the present and where we are going in the future. Now everything is about change. Everything is about change. I spent the first 50 years of my life attempting to conform. [00:03:06][21.6]

[00:03:08] I was the model of conformity, conservative conformity. [00:03:13][4.9]

[00:03:16] After age fifty two and a half, almost 53. I burst out of the mould and I had been breaking out of the mould, at mould ever since because change is never too late. [00:03:32][15.8]

[00:03:33] And my life at this point is so different from that life of conformity. Flexibility is not easy. That has been probably my most difficult thing because I was a chronic planner. Some of you may be chronic planners. We have to be open to the fact that we’re planning only this moment in reality because every moment things can change. Would you agree? This year has been totally unexpected for most because no one. I don’t think anyone anywhere could have predicted these six first six months of to 2020 to be the way they are. The point is that we can’t go back. We really can’t reset. [00:04:30][56.7]

[00:04:31] And if you do, to attempt to press that reset button, to go back to the way things were, you may be able to do things yourself the way you used to do them. [00:04:45][13.8]

[00:04:46] The rest of the world may not be available to do things the way you used to do them. So this is exciting. It’s not a time of loss, a time of sadness. This is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful time of rebirth where we can do and be anything we choose. [00:05:11][24.3]

[00:05:12] The sky is the limit. So as we are Inspired and Release self fears about doing things differently. We can actually reach our highest potential. So as we are breathing it in. Remember that. Just take a little bit of time to truly think. Every day is what I’m doing right now, bringing joy and happiness and harmony into my life. Or am I doing, choosing something different? If joy, inspiration, harmony is not what you choose to have in your life, then what do you choose? [00:06:09][56.8]

[00:06:10] Write it down. Pay attention daily. Just spend a few moments. And as we move forward. Those things may change. And that’s OK. So have a beautiful week, I apologise for the breaks in this video. I am in Bali and the Internet is not always continuous. And I may attempt to write what I might have said or to record it as a video, and posted a little bit later. [00:06:45][35.2]

[00:06:46] So have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful week filled with gorgeous, gorgeous experiences and lots of happy rainbows. And I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:06:46][0.0]