Jared Turner wrote these beautiful and passionate words 3 years ago about the movement of which we are all a part…We are so blessed to have Jared’s leadership along with that of the rest of the corporate team – a team that is so in tune with the vision of Gary and Mary Young.

What makes Young Living different?

From the founder of the company and the essential oils we share, to the members in the field and the corporate team supporting them; we share something vitally important in common: Authenticity. This authenticity comes through in the vibrant purity of our oils, the raw and farm-schooled wisdom of our founder, and the transparency between corporate and the field. Gary knew it all those years ago with that first quarter-acre “field of dreams” of lavender he planted in Spokane, Washington. Distill it and they will come. Well, we’re distilling on every continent now (but Antarctica!) and they are coming— to the tune of almost 60,000 people last month!

That vision is now legendary, as the movement grows more every day. We’re a purpose-driven people, and we attract others who are chasing transcendent purpose in life.

And we stand behind this authenticity:
If you want to see us distilling oil, come join us while we distill at one of our global farms. Really. Come. Anytime.

Want to see our fields? Come, see them. Really. Anytime.

Want to hear our farmers and scientists discuss Seed-to-Seal? Come and visit.

We’re open, transparent, raw, and as authentic as our oils.

That’s the Young Living difference. That’s why WE are leading the wellness #revOILution.

Forget the petty distractions from other people and “me too” companies clamoring for attention by attempting to copy the original. Purpose can’t be copied, only superficially mimicked. Mimicry is flattering to us, but ultimately unfulfilling because it distracts the world from the power of purity. Focus on your passion and our collective vision for health, wellness, and abundance for the whole world. Focus on Young Living.

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