What is OMEGAGIZE? How can it benefit YOU???

Many thanks to Kathie Fuller for sharing this information and graphic.

An Oil for the AGES…or maybe the Aging: Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter (www.tuftshealthletter.com) reported the results of a recent clinical trial in which omega-3 supplementation was shown to improve the body’s ratio of fatty acids with the slowing of the biological process related to aging, specifically as related to chromosomal time clocks called telomeres. The study supported a 2010 study linking higher levels of omega-3s to slower aging in heart patients. One of the author’s of the study, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn of the UC (San Francisco) likens telomeres of chromosomes to the plastic ends of shoelaces. Basically both entities, if intact prevent unraveling. But just as those plastic ends of shoelaces deteriorate with age, so do our telomeres. With each round of replication of a cell’s DNA genome, the telomeres shorten, thus they make the replication process finite, a kind of cell clock. It’s Mother Nature’s way of preventing replication of an aging genome that carries an increased risk of mutational damage by oxidative stress, for example. The new study was published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity and researchers had tested omega-3 supplements in 106 overweight and sedentary, but healthy middle-ages and older adults. In the randomized, double-blind trial one group received 2.5 g daily of omega-3s, another group 1.25 g. of omega-3s, and the third group, a placebo. After four months, the omega-3 groups showed lower levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, thought to affect cellular aging. Also groups exposed to a higher ratio of omega-3s to omega-6 fatty acids demonstrated longer telomeres, which is significant to slowing of the aging process. Have you had your OmegaGize today?

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