Someone asked question about her fractured toes. This is my response:For all my fractures I have layered the oils of Raindrop Technique on the bottoms of my feet 2-4 times daily and layered my “Magic Oils” either on the fracture or as close as possible multiple times daily.

“Magic Oils”(Layer in this order) BELIEVE, COPAIBA, PAN AWAY, DEEP RELIEF and NINGXIA RED (minimum 180ml daily) SULFURZYME, BLM and SUPER CAL. With the last two major fractures, AGILEASE was also available so I added that. Gary Young always said, “If you don’t have what I say, use what you have!”NOTE: in keeping with what I learned from Gary himself, I would LAYER the oils and NOT make a blend.People really should understand the VALUE OF LAYERING rather than creating blends.