[00:00:02] Good morning. I cannot believe it is Sunday again. [00:00:06][4.4]

[00:00:07] It’s been an incredibly wonderful week for me and I hope it has been for you as well. I have all sorts of things that I’m going to talk about today and before we get started as usual, I’m going to use my own oils, something that I have chosen to use today. And I keep drawing this card Clarity. It came up again this morning, so I am choosing to use a lot of the blend Clarity. [00:00:43][35.5]

[00:00:43] It seems that it might be a good one for today and while we wait for the top of the hour to actually come, I’m going to do some of the sound healing. People said that they really enjoyed seeing the rainbow crystal bowl and today, I’m going to begin with that. Then I’m going to use my two bells, the larger one that Mangku just gave me a few months ago and the smaller one that I’ve had for over 10 years. So just enjoy listening to the sounds and use what ever oil or blend you happen to have close to you, your favourite, what ever you choose just use that, breathe it in and intend to connect with the Source, the Creator building your true energy signature. [00:01:44][61.1]

[00:03:41] Once again, good morning, happy, happy Sunday. Today the title came to me. You may not realise this, however often a title will come to me before I really have a clue what I will be talking about. In fact, often, including today, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say until I’m standing right here in front of the camera. That is kind of scary to me in some ways. However, I’ve learnt to trust the information that does come through. So today, let’s talk about words. Words can be empowering or they can be diminishing. Often I know I have blurted out words which mean one thing to me however, they may be received by another in a totally different way. So, it is very important for us to pay attention to the words. The potential words are energy. Words can be symbols when we see them written, the letters themselves may have a symbolic meaning for many or a symbolic meaning for the universe. [00:05:20][98.7]

[00:05:22] Steven constantly reminds me that the word I. Or the letter I is really the symbol of connection with the Source, the Earth and the Source and you in between. That’s what the capital letter I truly is, it’s a symbol. Whenever we write that and what follows the I is extremely important. That’s why we are going to talk a lot about over the next weeks. We will be using the words, those eight words and talking about how we can clear the blocks. We may get to that today or we may not. However, I’m going to start because this came to me as I was standing here preparing this morning. I’m going to start with giving you some words. [00:06:24][61.8]

[00:06:25] Now, first of all, if you haven’t already applied an essential oil or a blend, please grab one breathe it in and just intend to hear these words and to really go within to connect with the Creator, then to go within and pay attention to how they affect you. As I said, when we say words so very frequently, we are intending them in a particular way when in actuality they are received. The person or persons receiving them may have a totally different effect. [00:07:11][46.6]

[00:07:13] So, the first word is forgiveness. How does that word affect you emotionally? Is it a trigger? Is it a positive one? I’m holding my essential oil bottle blend of forgiveness. Are you thinking in terms of forgiving others because they have done something that you didn’t care for? Are you thinking of forgiving yourself? In actuality, each of us has the ability to control our own actions, our own beliefs, our own thoughts and our thoughts do create our reality. [00:08:10][57.5]

[00:08:12] So we all have that opportunity and as we forgive ourselves for some of the things that we have done or perhaps have not done in a particular situation, things that we wish we could retract and do differently. The fact is its over. So we move forward. We’re always moving forward. Nothing stops for us. We may think we can stop and stand back and do something over. [00:08:49][37.5]

[00:08:50] However, that’s not possible. It’s kind of like this video. Once it’s out there, it’s there. I cannot retract it. To me, this is has been quite intimidating initially, although I’m looking at it differently because I am perceiving it differently. My attitude has changed and I now I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to say exactly whatever comes out at any given time with the intent to forgive myself for whatever it is and the intent to make it clear and not to create challenges for others. In other words, to make it gentle, to pay attention to how it may affect others. [00:09:51][61.0]

[00:09:53] I’m going to ask another. I’m going to say another word. And I’m holding. I love the essential oil blends that Gary Young created because they just say so much, Release. How does this word affect you? Is that something that you get excited about releasing, letting go? Or is it something that kind of strikes fear inside because when we let go of one thing, we’re heading into the unknown. When we jump off of the cliff, we’re heading into a new experience. [00:10:37][43.7]

[00:10:40] Last week when we talked about breaking out of the mould, it can be painful we have been encased in cement. This was a cement sculpture where we had been rigidly encased in whatever our fears, our beliefs, our experience, our perception has been. And it takes a little bit at a time and some of it may be painful. However, the end result is freedom, absolute freedom. A break from all of the constraints of the past. [00:11:23][43.5]

[00:11:25] So, I have another blend in my hand. Present Time. How does that affect you? Close your eyes and think about it for just a moment. How does the blend of the two words, Present Time affect you? The present time that we have been experiencing over the past weeks is quite different from most of the present times that we have experienced in the past. Would you agree? What we do in that present moment is truly all we have because the past is not going to return and the present is going to create that future. Whatever the future is. However, again, that present being here in this moment, is that frightening? Does it make you excited? What emotion is triggered by those words? [00:12:39][73.8]

[00:12:41] Let’s take another deep breath. The next blend that I chose to pick up,these were already lined up on my table this morning when I came up, I didn’t know how I was going to use them or whether I was going to use them, Inner Child. When you hear the words inner child, what does that trigger in you? Does it trigger joy? Does it trigger acceptance? Does it trigger fear? Does it trigger feelings of inadequacy of being less bad? We all have all of these emotions buried inside somewhere and it’s about bringing them up and paying attention to what they really are allowing them to be because they were. However, it doesn’t mean that those that are not happy emotions have to totally mould your future. We learn from every experience. [00:14:05][83.5]

[00:14:08] The next one that I’m going to bring up is Harmony. What does this mean to you? Do you envision your life in a harmonious way? Do your words to the words that you use when talking to yourself, when talking with others, bring about harmony or do they bring about dissonance; harmony, dissonance, which is it that you choose to have in your life? Which is it that you choose to radiate outward to others? Those words that we use make all the difference, whether we’re talking to ourselves or whether we’re talking with others or whether we’re putting it out on the Internet and we don’t even know many of the people who may hear them or read them. [00:15:21][72.5]

[00:15:22] Are they promoting harmony? Is that your choice? Is that your intent? And many of you know that I love the word intent. I use it often. To me, the word intent means that I am putting my energy, my will, my passion behind making something happen. When I ask for something, I am in a receiving mode, a passive mode. Intent is an active mode. So I love that word intent and I intend to have a positive effect upon others rather than a division, a dividing effect, one that diminishes others and the words that we use may mean one thing to us and quite another thing to someone else. [00:16:38][75.5]

[00:16:39] I would love for each of you to actually go through these oils that I’ve mentioned, these words. I will go back through it: forgiveness, release, present time, inner child, harmony and the final one is valour, courage. What does this mean to you? [00:17:08][28.9]

[00:17:09] For those of you who have been in Young Living for a long time, know that these are the six blensd of the feelings collection. They didn’t get there by accident. They got there because Gary Young chose to put these oils together, these blends to have to have a positive impact upon us as we use them, allow them to become a part of us and as we reflect upon the emotions that come up, as we use the oils and pay attention to the words. . [00:17:56][47.3]

[00:17:57] Gary Young did a whole session one time on a particular word that we often most of us use quite frequently, and that word is try. Steven also will correct me if I ever use that word. I will try to do something. Gary said he stood up on stage and said, either do it or don’t do it, but don’t ever try. [00:18:30][33.6]

[00:18:34] The reality is when we make up our mind and we put our intent, our energy, our will and our passion behind doing something, that is what makes it all possible. Pay attention to your wordings as to whether you are using words that are limiting or expansive or whether they are empowering or diminishing. Truly it’s difficult to pay attention to our words sometimes. How often do you use the word want? I want this. I want something else. The reality, the word want is all about lack. I don’t have it, so I want it. Or how about the word need? Need is definitely associated with lack. Is that the emotion that you are choosing to put out there about you and to put out there to fall on the ears of others? Or again, would you choose to have the words that could go out be inspiring? Inspiring, create joy, create belief in others. [00:20:25][112.0]

[00:20:28] I challenge you this week to sit down and really pay attention. Write out some of the words that truly energise you, that are empowering to you. Choose an essential oil blend. I have already determined that inspiration is going to be that blend with me that I will use every hour this week to inspire me to pay more attention to the words that I am using. I’m going to use Gratitude. This is become one of my favourite blends and I begin every day with gratitude. I’m so grateful for all of the blessings that I received this past week. I’m going to get really leaky ice syndrome over this because this was one of those amazing weeks where so many wonderful things occurred for me. [00:21:32][63.8]

[00:21:33] Some of them were big things, some of them were smaller things, but they all were very meaningful. Some of the comments that people sent to me, I am writing my little list and putting it in a word document or putting it on my phone and my notes and reading over it to inspire me, to encourage me to move forward, to break out of that mould, to really experience life free from the constraints that were there previously. [00:22:13][40.6]

[00:22:15] And Joy is something that I intend to have in every single moment and I intended not only for me but that joy radiate outward from me so that it positively affects others, of course we’re never going to leave anywhere without to Believe shower because your belief in who you are. Your belief in your ability to change, to let go of the way that you did things previously, to allow that change to occur, even though you don’t know where it’s going, can make all of the difference. [00:23:03][47.9]

[00:23:04] So I look forward to hearing from you, your comments, your growth throughout the week. As you choose your oils, you choose your words, you pay attention to the wording that you are using, and, and I’m using the word and because this just is a reminder to me that one of the words I use so frequently was the word, but. Steven will always stop me when I use the word but. As it negates everything that comes before, how often do we say, I will do this, but. Yes, but! How about, I will do this and I am starting right this minute. [00:23:58][53.7]

[00:24:00] So have a beautiful week filled with positive positive emotions, positive understanding of who you are and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:24:00][0.0]