Thank you for sharing this – Faith Teo!

Based on the list of adaptogenic oils below, 5 of the 7 mentioned anchor the frequencies of the @Rainbow Healing glyphs. Another reason to use them multiple times a day 🌈🦋🦄💥Geranium -Forgiveness -Rhodochrosite crystal Lavender – Structure – Amethyst crystalCedarwood- Authenticity -AmberOrange- Breath of Life – Yellow/honey calciteLemon – Freedom – Citrine

From the book The Art of Blending by Debra Raybern: What does it mean when an essential oil is an adaptogen? When an essential oil is categorised as an adaptogen, it means that it can increase the person’s resilience and resistance to stress and enabling the body to avoid burn out. Adaptogenic essential oils aid the body in maintaining homeostasis (balance / wellness) throughout stressful periods. ——-I was actually intrigued when I read the above and did a quick google on which essential oils are commonly classified as adaptogens. So here’s the list: 1) Bergamot2) Cedarwood3) Geranium 4) Lavender 5) Orange6) Peppermint7) Lemon Learn something new today!