“I am concerned about all the information that I read about not using essential oils too frequently”

Here is my response… 

There is a LOT of confusing information on the Internet and in print.  The information with all the warnings is NOT about Young Living’s essential oils and supplements.

Young Living’s essential oils are truly 100% plant based.  There is NO ingredient in them that is not from a real live plant.  That cannot be said for ANY other brand with any assurance of validity.  Therefore, there are many warnings about using essential oils.  If there is ANY synthetic ingredient in a product, then it is totally different.

Young Living has farms all over the world, and they totally control the seeds, cultivation, harvesting, and distillation of the essential oils.  Even the few that are not actually grown on the Young Living farms are tested in more than one laboratory for the chemical profile.  This testing includes sophisticated equipment that can detect the presence of any synthetic ingredient at all.  Not only is the equipment quite expensive, it takes many years to learn how to interpret the data that comes out of the testing.

You can feel confident that EVERY bottle of Young Living essential oil that is purchased directly from the Company is 100% plant and 100% “pure”.

If you purchase the essential oil from an individual, it may or may not truly be a Young Living product as it has been found that Young Living bottles have been used, filled with other things, and then capped with a new cap that makes it look exactly like a sealed Young Living product.  (Yes, I know it is frightening, but it has been done.)

Young Living essential oils can be used every 30 minutes in an acute situation, but normally it is not necessary to use that often.  ONE drop applied more FREQUENTLY will bring better results than many drops used at one time.  This is due to the fact that the plant-based products are eliminated from the body rapidly.  This ensures that there is no risk of “build up” in the body.

WINTERGREEN was mentioned – and the fact that it contains methyl salicylate.  The PLANT does contain a high percentage of methyl salicylate, but the methyl salicylate is BUFFERED by the other naturally occurring molecules in the plant.  Unfortunately, most wintergreen contains SYNTHETIC methyl salicylate, and it CAN build up in the body.  Again, this is why I constantly say that everything I I teach is ONLY about the Young Living essential oils.

You can safely apply THIEVES, RAVEN, and RC to the bottoms of your children’s feet.  I teach NEVER to apply THIEVES topically anywhere else on the body as it can cause skin sensitivity.  However, all three can be used at the same time, and many find it effective to DIFFUSE one of the blends while applying the other two.