More on the New Life Journey:

[00:00:16] This morning, I’m using my high ohm and angelic ohm, both of the 432 series, which you can’t hear, of course, while I’m using them. However, the frequencies are still there. And I’m going to do a little more sound healing while we’re waiting for the top of the hour to come around. I’ve got my bowl and I love to to rub the stick in the bowl, and my bell, with the essential oils. [00:00:53][37.3]

[00:00:54] So I’m going to start with the Sacred Mountain which is an older blend not one one of the newer ones, one that was here when I first started using the Young Living oils back in 1999 and 2000 and it just felt perfect to me. It will support you in maintaining your sacred space because it anchors that frequency of the sacred space. So I’m going to just begin. I just rubbed my stricker. And my special bell, which I had rubbed with Lemon this morning. [00:02:08][73.5]

[00:02:09] During the long weeks that I was in bed, I could see it but I wasn’t able to get out of bed and really take care of it with using the oils for greater in those frequencies. Now I feel much more grounded and ready to begin. So good morning and happy Sunday. I hope that you’ve had an absolutely spectacular week. [00:03:03][53.7]

[00:03:04] There still are lots of changes going on and we have opportunities. Do we choose to look at change in a way that we have to fight against it or do we look at it as opportunities? . First of all, I have selected this card multiple times, Creation. Over the last several weeks, this seems to be the card that speaks to me that jumps out at me at least three, four, five times a week. So that is where my focus is Creation, manifesting the dream. Steven and I have been talking a lot about what we are going to do. This happens to be our birthday, 30 days right before his birthday is next Sunday and mine is the following week and it’s a perfect time to really pay attention. As we all began emerging from our cocoon that we have been in for quite some time now, it is important for us to pay attention to what is going on. What are we allowing? [00:04:29][85.8]

[00:04:32] I’m very excited because I just got my orders. My boxes from Singapore yesterday afternoon and it were my new journal and I have been having lots of fun. Steven and I both said that this seems like the perfect time with our new journals to start a new 30 day new life process, new life challenge, and that is that 30 consecutive days of doing the daily refinement process. So we all we’ve all done this. Most of us, unless you’re brand new, you may have attempted it. You understand what it is. It’s on your app. You can learn all about it but the idea is the repetition and is it over in 30 days? No, it isn’t. The challenge is to get through 30 consecutive days and at that point we are ready for the journey to begin because the journey goes on and on. [00:05:47][74.8]

[00:05:48] So I have just had so much fun looking at this. In our new My Journal, which I had not seen except on the computer, until the man arrived yesterday afternoon. We have an extra layer of boundaries and over the next few weeks we’re going to talk about or expand the information that we have been talking about. But this idea of boundaries, I took out my red pen and altered the cover of my older books and of the Journey book, because that is a key part of this new life challenge and new life journey. Learning to hold out boundaries as we interact with others. [00:06:40][51.8]

[00:06:40] Now, while we have been in our cacoon, it has been easier on some levels to really pay attention and it’s been more difficult on other levels because we didn’t have anyone supervising us, watching over us, making sure that we did what was required. So it is a matter of discipline. And as I said, Steven and I had been talking a lot about this over the past week and that discipline, that perseverance truly comes from just sitting down and connecting with your source, with the creator and intending to listen to your guidance and to have that discipline and perseverance required for whatever. Sometimes that discipline and perseverance is not putting blinder’s on and saying I’m going to do this exactly as I always have. [00:08:05][84.3]

[00:08:06] But rather, allowing for that change, the discipline to allow flexibility. [00:08:16][10.2]

[00:08:20] I’ve had so much fun because I re-did in my new journal book. And you may if you don’t have the My Journal, just get a new book to start this 30 days and write you refinement list. I have not had flexibility on one of the things that I choose to have in my life. Yet, that is perhaps one of the most important keys to allow ourselves to be flexible. And many of us that has not been the way we’ve done because we’ve driven ourselves in as we go back, integrating back into other things, going out into the world. This may become more and more difficult to remember. [00:09:16][56.1]

[00:09:17] So this idea of doing your daily process, your morning alignment, your evening integration and one of the most important parts of all of that is the checking in. I’m really good at doing things over and over again. So this hits this process but I wake up and I do the same things. I do the checking in in the morning. I do the checking in at night and if you want to know all the steps in checking in, it’s on your app. If you don’t already have the Rainbow Healing app on your phone, just download it, it’s free. So you will see the steps and each step is in a progression. That’s very important and I have found that I get lazy. Yeah, I did it too and I don’t check in to see where I am throughout the day. That is critical because in the flash of a second, everything can change in your energy. Yet we don’t realise it when we don’t focus on it. [00:10:49][91.9]

[00:10:50] So that is something that Steven constantly reminds me.If you don’t have a Steven reminding you, then perhaps I am the reminder or you can do something else, you can put an alarm on your phone, as I did for many years I had my alarm that would ring no matter where I was, to remind me to breathe, to integrate and to pay attention to where my energy was, to where my boundaries were. So to me, the most important thing that we can do as we begin integrating out into that outer world again is to focus on our authenticity. [00:11:37][47.2]

[00:11:39] We’ve had this opportunity of a lifetime over the past weeks to really uncover more of who we are. I’m holding onto my amber sphere. I have an amber bracelet on and the Cedarwood right in front of me. Use your Cedarwood. Carry it around with you. Remind yourself to be authentic, to become more and more of who you were created to be. So as we start going out, we will have less and less time to do those things that we may have had while we’ve been confined and in order of importance, as far as I’m concerned, is that first thing to make that strong connetion with the source through your crown chakra, through the base chakra and really focus upon listening. Take time to listen to your God. [00:12:47][68.5]

[00:12:48] It’s the more often that you step back, take some breaths, and really intend to understand that guidance that is continually coming through to you from the source, from your creator. The more you will trust it, the more messages will actually come into your consciousness and it may not be eloquent. It may have nothing to do with anyone else. It has everything to do with you. However, you may not feel, you may not really understand on this level. That’s not the important thing. Understanding on this level, the heart level is what the important thing is. The more often you go through your journey of the glyphs and you can do this slowly, quickly, whatever time you have. [00:13:52][64.3]

[00:13:53] I like to take time in the morning, in the evening and during throughout the day, I will just take a few breaths and go through that journey of the glyps because it is going to be the very central focus of what you do next. So we’re making that connetion with the source. We’re going to clear out all of the blocks at all levels. It’s not going to happen at one time. So trust me, we think about again and again as we experience more things, especially if you noticed how many emotions have been coming up recently because we’ve had more time to pay attention than we’re going to run out all energy. [00:14:43][50.2]

[00:14:45] We’re going to figure out exactly who we are, how our energy flows so that we can be healthier, stronger, able to do what ever we came here to do and we’re going to learn more about who we truly are by taking off those masks, with the authenticity. How this means we’ve applied if you’re using your oils. We’ve applied the geranium to clear the blocks, those Lavender to to establish our true energy signature, the Cedar Wood and/or Copaibo for understanding more of who we are. The Balsam Fir Blue Spruce and the wonderful Northern Lights Black Spruce, which I am in love with. With this compassion to nurture ourselves, most of us have never been taught to put that at a high priority. We felt guilty when we did. So this is all about nurturing ourselves, finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving. [00:16:06][81.6]

[00:16:07] So these are the four preparations and skipping over them to virtually eliminate the risk, the ability to do the rest. So they are the key ingredients. Unblocking, establishing your energy flow, understanding, becoming more and more authentic and nurturing yourself. Then we are ready for that massive change to activate, to get into action, to really emerge from our cocoon, to be open to what ever is next and of course, is the orange essential oil taking that first breath of life. As these changes occur, we’re all going to find times that we think, Oh! I want to go back. I really want to go back. This is not what I signed up for. [00:17:15][67.4]

[00:17:16] However, there is no turning back. It’s only forward movement and we accept who we are, where we are with that Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense that we intend to let go, to gain more freedom by letting go of all of those things that are waiting us down. The beliefs that really no longer have anything to do with where we are now, the attachments. This is what I have. This is my personal thing that is a challenge for me because I allow things to attach to my field and I forget to really pay attention to severing. That sounds harsh in many ways, probably. But to really sever those attachments to stuff, to things, to what ever is no longer serving me. It’s so easy to look back and right now we have this opportunity as we are emerging from our cocoon to totally do things differently. [00:18:43][86.8]

[00:18:43] So multiple times I find that it really important for me to sever, I’m big on visuals, to actually take the innerfire and burn those attachments because stuff burrows in and that is going to drag us down. [00:19:10][27.6]

[00:19:11] The more we are out in the rest of the world, we are going to have adjustments to make. Some of those adjustments will move us forward as we work together in harmony. We’re going to have to learn to pay attention to our priorities. That is why checking in is so important and as we integrate more of who we are, then we become stronger and stronger. We are reweaving ourselves back together the way we were designed to be and allowing everything to be in harmony so that by being who we are, we absolutely can positively impact others. When we are not who we were created to be when we are attempting in some way to do things like others, we are not at our most powerful. [00:20:25][73.6]

[00:20:26] So every time you go through the journey of the glyphs and check in to see where your energy level is, then you will become more and more powerful. It will be easier to manifest your dreams. I had planned to go through the things that this creation, this manifesting your dream, what it really encompasses and over the next week, that’s what I think we will be focussing upon. The checking in and the understanding where we are in manifesting in understanding that our dream may change as we move forward. Everything is in motion. Everything is kinetic. Nothing is static. Nothing stays the same. [00:21:35][69.2]

[00:21:36] So as we use our oils, use our crystals, run through our journey of the glyphs, just pay attention and intend to really focus on your refinement list. My refinement list is very long, but I do pay attention to the three or four things that I feel are the most important each day and take time to journal. That journaling is something that I personally sometimes don’t do. I just don’t take time to do it and I’m finding that that is really holding me back because I take time to meditate. I take time to think but there is no record of it. When we particularly write in our own handwriting, it is sending a message to the universe. It is out there, but it is also there for you to reread and to really watch your progression. [00:22:55][78.5]

[00:22:56] So have fun, enjoy writing whatever you are writing in. If you are writing in my journal, you’ve got a lot of information just sitting on those few pages that have print on them. So I hope you will just enjoy everything that you do this week and breathe. Use your oils and remain in your sacred space and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:22:56][0.0]