Q: Is Ningxia Nitro a concentrated form of Ningxia Red? What about the caffeine content?
A: NINGXIA RED and NINGXIA NITRO are two completely DIFFERENT products.
Dr. Scott Johnson says that he feels NINGXIA RED is and essential part of a healthy diet as it is a SUPERFOOD.
NINGXIA NITRO is a SUPPLEMENT that would be consumed in addition to NingXia Nitro. It is important to note that the small amount of caffeine in NITRO is NATURALLY OCCURRING in the plants and NOT added!
It is actually FAR less than CHOCOLATE or certainly any type of soda. Young Living is always extremely careful to list ALL ingredients even though they are naturally occurring, and all “warnings” and “suggestions for use” are quite conservative.
NINGXIA NITRO is a very new product – less than 1 year since its introduction in June 2013, and it has been out of stock for much of that time, so not totally available to everyone. Therefore, there is not a huge amount of data from those consuming it over long periods.
The feedback from athletes has been astoundingly positive! Many drink NITRO before, during, and after workouts and competitions with wonderful results.
There have also been quite amazing reports from many who have battled a few internal challenges when they consumed 3 tubes daily.
On a side note, I personally am extremely sensitive to caffeine in ANY form. However, not only am I NOT affected by the small amount of caffeine in NITRO, I do not even feel any change in my energy level. However, I DO consume NITRO every day for its COGNITIVE BENEFITS!!! At 75, I certainly want to give my brain every possible bit of support . . .
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