[00:00:36] I see that there’s some of you already online. I’m so happy to see you. I’m just using some oils in brushing over my field while we’re waiting for the top of the hour. Hope you’ve had a really wonderful week. May have been an up and down week and that’s okay. I’m using my White Angelica right this moment, and I’m going to use a little bit of sound healing as well. I’ve been using that already so the frequencies are in this room and I’m feeling highly energised at the moment. [00:01:16][39.7]

[00:01:17] So I’m just going to give you a little update on my fluorite crystals because I was actually a bit surprised. I have been playing with them but the last few days have been quite busy and I had not really looked at them. This is one that I received later and I’m going to hold it up. It was almost black when I received it and you may be able to see some of the colours that are in it. I’ve been rubbing it with oils and putting it with my other crystals and doing sound healing around it. [00:02:03][45.7]

[00:02:04] The first two that I received, the very first one that I unboxed was fairly dark and not much clarity to it. Now, I don’t know if you can see that the colours that are in it is much lighter and much clearer than it was last Sunday. As a matter of fact, the little the rings are kind of 45 degree angle. I recognise this one because they are all different. This is the second one that I’ve received and it is the most surprising to me of all because it is very clear. You can see, these horizontals rings where the colours change, which is very beautiful in a fluorite to have the purples and the turquoise and this one goes all the way up to the top now. So if you have any doubts as to whether your oils are increasing the frequency of your crystals, try this and really pay attention to the way they look. [00:03:21][77.3]

[00:03:22] So it looks like it is about the top of the hour now. [00:03:26][4.3]

[00:03:29] Today I plan to talk about: Are you a reflector, a deflector or an absorber? We’ll talk about what those means. The fact is we are all a combination. The Asian cultures have known for thousands of years that there’s the yin and the yang, and that is important to have the balance. Generally speaking, females are more yen and males are more yang, meaning that the female has a natural tendency or is wired to receive and unfortunately, we are not always wired or are prepared to receive only positive things. Whatever frequency is coming in is what we likely choose just to allow to come into our fields, which is going to affect our frequencies, energy, emotions in every way imaginable. [00:05:00][91.0]

[00:05:04] As the female, it is extremely important for us to pay attention. Similarly, the males are more wired to be the giver, to give out energy so they are less likely to take on things from others. However, they are also potentially can be giving away their own things that are they require. [00:05:40][36.2]

[00:05:41] So, there has to be a balance and to me, the most important thing that we can do is to understand that this is constantly going on, this taking and giving of energy. So it’s okay for us to focus on letting in those things that we choose to allow and keeping out those things that we choose not to have in our field, because each one of us in becoming who we were created to be, every single one of us was designed, totally created to be perfect with a perfect set of knowledge and abilities to do something special. And it’s when we allow other interference in, we lose our ability to be effective as who we are. Am I making any sense? So how can we do this? Well, the first thing is that awareness that is extremely important to be aware. To focus, awareness is one thing. Focus on what we’re doing is extremely important. It’s key. They have to work together and to work towards that balance. [00:07:24][102.8]

[00:07:28] Last week I challenged each of you to write in your journal every day to spend a little time really going within. Paying attention to work on that retirement list. Pay attention to it every day. Look at it. Understand which are the ones that are the most important for you to focus upon on that day and really pay attention to how you’re doing it and to write that checking in is all part of understanding and focussing on what’s happening in the moment. Our energy can change in heartbeat. It truly can and what we are allowing in we may have taken a lot of time and energy to make our home a harmonious place where we can exist, especially when we are all kind of confined these days. [00:08:47][79.1]

[00:08:50] The people in Singapore were all primed to be able to go out again and to lift this period of quarantine for the first of May and it is going to go on another month. This is a death blow because we we have an expectation of something happening and you’ve really worked hard to keep your your spirits up; your emotions balanced in everything around you. It is so important for us to allow ourselves to have some space, to realise that through no fault of our own,this is going to go on for a while longer. [00:09:44][53.7]

[00:09:45] So it’s okay not to be happy about it. It’s okay to have some moments that are less than positive. I have been described as the voice of positivity, and Steven reminds me that I live in my flower world. However, every moment is not perfect for me either. The key is what are we allowing? How are we allowing other things to bring us down? Paying attention. [00:10:21][35.8]

[00:10:22] So this all goes back to boundaries. Would you agree? Boundaries are something that for many of us, particularly women who are wired to receive things all the time. Boundaries are uncomfortable. However, it is important for us to give ourselves some space. I have talked about what I had challenged each of you to do this past week, to take that time, to spend some time alone, whether it has to be at three o’clock in the morning that you get up, to be alone and journal, spend a little bit of time journaling. [00:11:06][43.6]

[00:11:08] Well, guess what? Frances didn’t journal every day. It would be very easy for me not to admit that. It would also be easy for me to pretend that I had done it to myself, but I didn’t. Why is it that I could not find the time and the focus to sit down and write for a few moments in my journal? I wrote but it wasn’t in my journal and it wasn’t my feelings. So I have a choice now. I can either judge myself harshly or I can move on and say that is like the four agreements. [00:11:59][51.6]

[00:12:00] We always do our best in each moment. When we do our best in each moment making the choices that we feel are the most appropriate way to spend that moment then we have no regrets. By the way, Geranium essential oil is a great oil to help us with that judgement, to release that judgement. We also have different things that we can focus on that don’t have to take a lot of time. Last week, I talked about the pairing of the ways which Steven loves to do. This can be done anywhere. You can do it with your children, whoever is in the confined in your house with you. It’s kind of fun to sit there, use an oil. I love to use the Sacred Mountain because it anchors that energy of the sacred space, which is that harmony, that harmony inside the chaos and the distractions outside and the boundaries. [00:13:16][76.0]

[00:13:18] I had mentioned, the Reflector; if you focus upon reflecting back those things that are not supporting you, making that intent to put a mirror around you that just reflects it back away from you. This is going to support you in many ways. It can move you forward just simply by not being bombarded with a lot of negative energy. Where does a lot of negative energy come when we’re confined in our homes? The doors are closed, nothing is coming in, where does most of the energy that is disruptive come from? [00:14:14][55.7]

[00:14:17] If you thought the phone, you’re probably quite right. I’m finding that that’s been my big distraction. So it is a real challenge for me since we’re all online more and more. I know you’re watching me right this moment but just to make certain that we intend that nothing harmful would come, no frequencies would disrupt the balance and harmony in their own field, be allowed to come in. This is not harming another. It’s merely making sure you reflect those back into the phone that they don’t come into your space. [00:15:08][51.3]

[00:15:24] Many times, after my meditation and my journaling, my energy would be so strong. I feel harmonious, balanced, happy and excited; full of energy to meet the world. And since we are not going out, how do we meet the world? We turn on our phones. We look at the news. We read things that are dragging us down. It’s as if red, black, green, purple or whatever energy is just bombarding your field. Energy which is likeyly not raising your frequency. So, if we take just that moment to brush over our phone and intend that nothing come out of the phone or the computer, that is going to be disruptive in any way and then focus upon inside making our harmony and balance so that we can keep that chaos outside. That’s what the sacred space is all about. [00:16:43][79.7]

[00:16:45] Now Steven tells me I’m not a martial artist. Fighting is not part of who I am. However, Steven has said that in martial arts, they teach that the way you get your greatest strength is not necessarily about the force of the blow or certainly not by receiving too many, but by turning slightly to deflect the things, the strength of the opponent. In this case, the opponent would be the energies that are not supportive of you and your purpose. So if this is just another little way thing that we can do to think about, to remind us and to constantly check in. [00:17:43][58.1]

[00:17:44] Checking-in is important, first thing in the morning, checking in is importat last thing before we go to bed, but checking in is also important throughout your day. Taking a few deep breaths, applying your favourite oil. I’ve been using a lot of Northern Lights Black Spruce, which is the energy of nurturing because it’s that energy of balance, balance between giving and receiving so that we do not allow ourselves to take on more negativity than we can handle. We don’t give away our positivity more than we can handle. It is that perfect balance of giving and receiving. [00:18:38][54.9]

[00:18:40] So as you go through this week, I’d like for you to pay attention. You may want to set an alarm since we’re not often work in offices or anything. We can set alarms every hour or every two hours. Many of you know that for years, we’re talking more than 15 years, I have set alarms on my phone for five minutes past the even hour. Now, why did I make it five minutes past? I’m not really sure except that, I just did. It’s the even hours, all day long through till I get ready to go to bed to ring an alarm, reminding me to breathe and to intend to integrate my true knowledge and abilities. So now my alarm actually says breathe and integrate. Now, if you use an essential oil, that’s going to make it more powerful, isn’t it? [00:19:47][66.5]

[00:19:50] I love to use the Lavender and Cedarwood. I use them probably eight or 10 times a day because Lavender holds that frequency of developing and running your own energy, your energy signature. When we have our own energy signature, we are powerful beings and we are creating our cells and our molecules exactly the way that they were designed to be. The healthy cells, healthy molecules, so that we will be strong, healthy beings; at the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and the energetic level. And I love to use the Cedarwood often because Cedarwood is going to anchor that frequency of understanding who we are, of taking off our masks and being authentic. So as you go along, just pick out the oils that you particularly choose to have in your life. [00:21:15][84.1]

[00:21:16] One of the things that comes up on my refinement list daily that I choose not to have in my life is drama and I choose to have in my life harmony. So, Harmony would be a great blend. I often use Ylang Ylang which anchors the 9th glyph, which is about everything working together. So choose your oils carefully. Just select a few each day that you’re going to use and if you choose to set your alarm to breathe, to focus on, asking yourself where is my energy right this moment. [00:22:04][48.4]

[00:22:07] On a scale of one to 10. Is it above a five? Thankfully yes. Is it above a seven? Yes. Is it above an eight? Yes. Is it up to ten? No. So is it nine? It’s probably about a nine right now. It was at a 10 before I started. Maybe I could get it become a little higher by the sound feeling or by using another oil and breathing it in with the intent of raising my frequency, of holding one of my crystals and feeling its energy. That’s one of the things that crystals can do for us when we love them and annoint them with high frequency essential oils and make that intent that they anchor their highest frequency. When we require some additional support, they are there and have the ability to give us that extra support. [00:23:11][64.7]

[00:23:12] So use this time to play, find the ways that are the most comfortable for you. I’m finding all sorts of new ways and as I said, I’m using the pairing of the ways more. Feeling my hands get energised then intending to just brush through anything that is not part of my true authentic self and is pulling me down. [00:23:44][31.8]

[00:23:45] So have a beautiful week and figure out more in your refinement process. If you choose to join our group, we’d love to hear your comments and your questions of the new life journey and I look forward to seeing you again next Sunday. [00:23:45][0.0]