[00:00:04] Good morning! I cannot believe it is Sunday again and today I thought I would do something a little different during these three minutes before we actually get started. I thought I would show you what I do to get ready for the Facebook live every Sunday morning or before I go on live. [00:00:32][27.6]

[00:00:32] As most of you know, my goal is to remain in my Sacred Space with all of this stuff (chaos) outside and harmony and balance inside. That is my intent and to get there, I’ve already used all the oils of the Rainbow Healing, the single oils and the blends to get myself in that space. During these three minutes, I thought I would show you what I actually did. I have oils all around me. I have the oily oils of the Feelings Collection, which we will talk about later. [00:01:33][61.4]

[00:01:34] I have my crystal of spheres. What I have been doing mainly is, last week we talked briefly about pairing of the ways – Steven’s favourite way of clearing his energy out quickly and raising his frequency level. So I’m going to just to remind you, because I’m doing it for myself as well. I’m going to use White Angelica on my hands first. [00:02:07][32.6]

[00:02:10] As many of you know, White Angelica is a blend that Gary Young created, especially to provide protection. So I’m going to breathe this in at least three times. I personally prefer to do it six, eight or ten times because that is going to get oxygen throughout my system and raise my frequency right there. Then, just moving the hands, you can do this with me whether you have an oil or just doing your hands until you feel the tingling in between them. And when you feel that tingling, you may want to move them a little bit farther apart. When you are ready, then we’re going to rake over from the crown to the back, the crown down the face and on the sides at least three times on each place. Then you may feel that the tingling is gone. So let’s repeat this. I like to repeat it about three times. [00:03:27][77.8]

[00:03:28] Steven always talks about our energy when things come in to lower our frequency, it’s usually through the crown, through the head and we pick up stuff just like we last week talked about the sacred space and keeping our home, keeping all that stuff out of our homes and stuff collects there. Well, it collects on us as well. So, we just clearing this out a little bit before we get started and brushing over our field. Already I feel lighter. I feel like, wow, it has really created a change. Those of you who can see energy may witness actually the visible result of doing this. [00:04:27][58.2]

[00:04:28] So what am I going to do next? I’m going to spend a little bit of time. I thought I would use the Northern Lights Black Spruce, just one drop. Rub my hands and breathe it in and I’m going to use just a little bit of sound healing. I’m going to rub my striker. It’s wooden, it doesn’t have the fabric over it, which makes it easier to play a bowl. [00:05:02][33.9]

[00:05:03] This is a a bowl that actually the Mangku gave me and it has a beautiful sound, it changes according to the energy in the room. So we’ll see what comes up today. I like the run up and down my body as well. Sometimes I would do this for 20 or 30 minutes. I also have a beautiful bell. That is actually gold inside. That Mangku carved out for me as well. Many, many years ago I’ve had this bell for over 10 years and ringing it is going to improve the frequency. And now I feel that I’m ready to actually begin. [00:06:15][72.7]

[00:06:16] So happy, happy Sunday and I hope you have had a wonderful week discovering what’s in your space that you did not think was there. I certainly have had that experience and all of us are in a period of gigantic change right now. Most of us may have started out really strong feeling, I’m going to make this work. Some of you may have been a little angrier that you had to make such massive changes in your life. Some of you are getting to the point where later this week you’re going to be able to go back out and spend more time with others in the physical, as opposed to just online. We had a jolt. [00:07:14][57.4]

[00:07:14] Those of you in Singapore had a major jolt probably on Tuesday night when the Prime Minister announced that instead of the lockdown, the circuit breaker ending on the 1st of May, it was being extended another month. This may have really brought you down quite a bit. I know it was, we look forward to things and when we have that disappointment, sometimes it is more difficult than if we just kind had our mindset on it to begin with. [00:07:55][41.8]

[00:07:56] However, change is what life is about. Change, flexibility; the ability to be flexible in all situations. Again those of you who follow me know that these first four glyphs of the rainbow healing are all about preparing you for change. It never gets too old to go back and remind yourself that the first thing we must do is to get rid of blocks. Well, this pairing of the ways is going to assist us in getting rid of blocks. Then we must choose to run our own energy, not to take on energy from others, but to really understand and to really move our own energy the way it is supposed to be, the way we were created to be. Then, that third step is to really look at ourselves, to take the masks off and pay attention and then to nurture what ever we find as we are removing these masks. [00:09:18][81.7]

[00:09:20] As we do these steps and if you’re not familiar with the steps, you can download our app and understand what I’m talking about. But, as we are doing these steps over and over again, we’re preparing ourselves for what ever changes are there. [00:09:39][18.6]

[00:09:42] Most of you know that I am the voice of positivity at you. Steven tells me I live in my flower world, which I love my flower world. I love being in my sacred space. However, that does not mean we do not have barnacles and things coming in from time to time that we have to deal with and our emotions on where we are feeling these things. So that’s why we are doing the Feelings Collection today. [00:10:13][30.4]

[00:10:15] As we are attempting to be positive, many times we are stuffing down the actual emotions. Would you agree? I know that I have found that to be the case for me because I do not choose to put negativity out into the world. Sometimes I start looking at things a little deeper, but I don’t continue. Now, while we are living differently, we have an opportunity, that has not happened before, to really get down and look at what is causing what are we truly feeling? [00:11:04][49.1]

[00:11:06] The feelings collection that Gary put together 25 years ago was actually twelve amazing blends. However, as the oils became more expensive, he found that people were not really using all twelve of them. So, he really did a lot of study and a lot of meditation and his messages, he whittled it down into just six blends. Although any of you who know Gary Young know that he rarely stopped at 6. That’s kind of the basis. That’s just the very minimal to to use. [00:11:59][53.5]

[00:12:02] Today we are going to use those blend. He had many different orders that he would do them and never did them all the same way every time and neither do I. He also had many different applications. So, today I’m kind of combining his oils, the feelings collection, with the neuroauricular technique which he taught, only we’re going to do it on ourselves because we are available to ourselves. The first time that I taught this in Singapore and about 2007 to right after he had whittled down the collection to only six blends. It was an amazing session. Everyone had amazing things just because they focussed on themselves and breathing in the oils and applying them. [00:13:05][63.4]

[00:13:05] So today I’m going to start the way that Gary usually started his sessions with valour. This is the valour too, that happens to be in the blend in the collection that I have right now and I’m going to just apply it on my hands. Breathe it in, dip my fingers into it so it’s all my finger tips and I’m going to put it around my ears. The ears have so many reflex points. You can go through, you can pick up a resource and read about where the different acupressure points are on the ear and catch them all or you can just do the whole ear. It isn’t important for you to know exactly which point you’re hitting. Just hit them all. If you find a place that is a little tender, you may choose to rub it out a little bit longer. [00:14:17][71.5]

[00:14:18] I’m going to take off my earrings because I kind of forgot that I would be rubbing my ear lobes and I don’t choose to have them in the hard point right now. I do love having them because my earrings are some that have the ninth glyph which is the harmony glyph and I love having that harmony glyph to live right up here in my ears next to my head. [00:14:45][26.8]

[00:14:48] These are silver, by the way. Apply this oil if I’m not talking. I am intending to have the courage to dig deeper because so often we do stop before we really get down to the root, to the emotional root. Everything in our whole physical and energetic body is related to emotions. Our physical form is a history of every event in our lives, of every emotion that we have attached to those events. So, as we are digging deeper, it may not be easy. Fortunately, we’re still kind of social distancing. So we have that opportunity to be alone. You may say “There’s no way I can be alone in my house. I have children running around, my husband, that we have lots of people confined.” [00:16:00][71.8]

[00:16:01] Somewhere, you can find a place to spend 20 to 30 minutes by yourself. If it’s in the bathtub or wherever it is or if you have to get up in the middle of the night. There was a time when I used to get up in the middle of the night just so I had some alone time when no one was pulling at me. Now I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to create my alone time just about whenever I choose. [00:16:34][33.2]

[00:16:37] After getting this courage to begin this, the very first step, just like the first glyph in rainbow healing to me, is to get rid of the blocks and this is the glyph of forgiveness. And guess what? Forgiveness is one of the blends in the feelings collection. So, I’m going to apply it at right over the brain stem, I put it here and I’m going to suggest that if you started your ears along the base of your skull and go into the centre, there’s a little soft place right in the middle, that is a little semicircle. It is up in the hair. I’m so happy my hair is short now so I can reach it easier. So I’m going to use both hands. You can use one hand or two hands. I use both fingers and I’m going to start at the ears and I’m going to work my way in and I’m going to do little circles. This is not circles like this, it’s holding it and moving the tissue. As you do this just intend that whatever blocks you have facing those emotions be cleared. [00:18:06][89.4]

[00:18:08] I like to visualise the colour of pink because this is the colour that anchors that frequency and I’m going into the centre. Then, I’m going down the sides of my neck just a little bit. You will also begin to feel you can do this right along with me. You will begin to feel those muscles relaxing, that tension leaving or at least getting less and as you are breathing in this oil, intend to forgive yourself for what ever you have done or have not done in any situation. Each of us has a part in every interaction. So it is important because most of us judge ourselves harshly and we sit there and say, Oh, I shouldn’t have done this. I wish I’d done that. I wish I had not done something else. The fact is, it’s over. It’s already past. The forgiveness is what’s going to unclog the flow through you of new things coming in so until we have that forgiveness, nothing else will happen. [00:19:34][86.3]

[00:19:36] The next blend that I am using today and it is not the order I always use, but it is probably the order I use most of all is Release because not only do we have to release those blocks, we have to release our attachment to the way things were. Would you agree? So I’m going to do the very same thing, apply it. I have the role of balls in here and I’m going to put my fingers in here and I’m going to put my fingers together and I will rub them together and I’m going to start again. Now, if you want to do it with all your fingers, then you dip all your fingers. If not, just tap this one, get more. [00:20:26][50.3]

[00:20:28] The idea is to get the oil into your body, you might close your eyes and just intend to release to let go of what ever it is, whether it’s fear, whether it’s beliefs that are worn out that may never have really been right for you or that just aren’t right anymore because change has occurred. Change has occurred for every single one of us in a massive way and we’re all required to adjust to that change. As long as we keep fighting it, it’s going to keep knocking us down because the wave is coming. It has has reached us, so it’s how we respond. Are we responsible in responding and letting go? Releasing those things that truly are no longer serving us? Don’t forget to breathe them in. It’s hard for me to breathe in while I’m talking but the more you breathe in your oils, each oil, each blend that we’re using one after another is going to increase. It’s going to layer the amount of energy that is going into us and the ability to move forward. [00:22:07][99.4]

[00:22:08] So the next oil that I have sitting here today is Inner Child and I’ve found myself using a lot of the Inner Child because playing, being a child was not something that was easy for me. Still isn’t. I am known as a workaholic and it is very difficult for me to just be a child. Many of the challenges that each one of us is facing at any time likely have an attachment; a cord leading to some things that occurred when we were children or when we were much younger. Sometimes it is important to actually understand the original issue. [00:23:11][62.3]

[00:23:12] However, my belief is that whatever we really are required to understand at any given moment is right around us. If we are in the present moment, this is a huge thing for me because I have always been one to look back or to plan for the future. How many of you would would say that your plans; a month, two months, three months ago, would have put you where you are right this moment. Doing the things that you have done in the last week or two. Most of us would not have envisioned this in any way. [00:24:02][50.3]

[00:24:03] So, let’s bring ourselves into the present moment and intend to really pay attention to what is going on around us right this moment; to breathe in those frequencies of present time, intending to remain right here in the moment, to hear the messages that we are receiving right this moment to understand them better to pay attention. [00:24:49][45.5]

[00:24:52] And then the sixth blend is harmony. I don’t know about any of you, but I choose to have harmony in every aspect of my life all the time because that is the number one problem. It is always in the top three of my refinement list. Those things that I choose to have in my life because harmony to me is essential for moving forward. Disharmony is one of those things I choose not to allow in my life because it creates stress for me, whether it is dissonance and interactions with others. Dissonance even in noises, loud noises that clash do affect me. So we’ll probably continue more along these lines in the next few weeks. We’ll talk more about boundaries. [00:26:12][80.1]

[00:26:13] I just happen to have a mirror here to remind me of boundaries. One of the things that I definitely have slacked off. I started out really strong, during the beginning of this period of change where we all learn to stay in a lot more and I would do my journalling, which is part of the morning alignment process and the evening integration. And I was writing in my journal very, very carefully. Actually twice a day because I had more time than I had been having. [00:26:53][40.5]

[00:26:55] After a few weeks, I found that that’s the thing that I dropped off. What did I replace it with? Instead of going into my feelings right after I had applied oils and created my sacred space and made my strong connection with the source, instead of moving that even into a deeper way of digging deeper by writing in my journal. I found myself picking up my phone, looking at Facebook, answering messages, totally getting me out of the beautiful space that I had created earlier. So my commitment to myself this week is to journal every single day. [00:27:54][58.9]

[00:27:55] I’m really excited; this is the second edition of my journal and the third edition which has even more information in it was just delivered from the printer on Thursday. So, I have not even seen it other than on the computer. So I’m looking forward to someday getting it down here to Bali. But, the point is not what you’re writing in, it’s wonderful to have the information. This is why I love this so much because there’s so much information packed in it. It reminds you exactly what to do next, but to just write and writing in your own handwriting will be far more effective in really digging into those emotions and understanding what is going on. Gary always said, write, write, write. The computer is good for getting things done quickly, however, writing in your own handwriting is essential and he always had four or five or six notebooks going at the same time. [00:29:11][75.8]

[00:29:12] I am so grateful because Mary Young found about 150 notebooks that Gary had filled and she is compiling information. So we are still receiving that information from Gary and I am excited about reading what Mary writes. So don’t feel that you ever have to write this for anyone else but do take the time and I challenge each of you to find time, whether it’s three o’clock in the morning or whenever it is that you can spend that time alone to make that connection with the source creating your sacred space, getting that harmony within and then just writing. [00:30:05][52.5]

[00:30:06] I look forward to seeing you all next week. Please message me things that come up good or bad. Anything you would like to share? I’d to read my messages and love to hear from you. So have a beautiful week filled with lots and lots of clearing energy and I’ll see you next Sunday. [00:30:06][0.0]