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A Truly Unique Tea Blend

Slique Tea is a delicious, rare blend of natural ingredients chosen for their health-boosting benefits. The tea starts with Ecuadorian ocotea leaf (Ocotea quixos), a member of the cinnamon family that is traditionally used by natives for health and wellness. We then add an exclusive Ecuadorian cacao, meticulously sourced from the Amazon, plus pure, proprietary vanilla essential oil.

Key to this unique blend are premium jade oolong tea leaves, highly sought after for their rich aroma and antioxidant content. These leaves are handpicked from the high mountains of Taiwan which is known for producing some of the world’s finest teas. All of these ingredients are enhanced with Omani frankincense powder, an exclusive ingredient from Young Living’s distillery in Salalah, Oman.

This exotic blend is formulated to help you obtain your individual weight goals when combined with diet and physical activity. It is rich in flavonoids, a dietary compound generally associated with maintaining healthy body functions. It also contains polyphenols that may be useful for weight management when combined with a healthy diet.

Slique tea is unique blend of 5 healthy ingredients that are not found anywhere else!

Did you know there are 17 varieties of Oolong? Even Oprah has touted the benefits of Oolong tea, but the question is which variety is the most powerful for improving health and well being?

Oolong tea has long been a favorite health tea for many, and of the seventeen varieties of Oolong tea only three are considered effective for metabolism and stimulating our immune systems.

Young Living sent two researchers to find sourcing for the best oolong and consulted with the Director of the Tea Research Institute.

The Director of Product Development at Young Living, Mark Schreuder, was the key researcher for the raw dark cocao and special vanilla.

H.K Lin and Mark went to Taiwan to research Tea for the Young Living Tea product.  They worked with the esteemed Dr. Chen, the Director of the Taiwan Tea Research Institute.

Dr. Chen has devoted his entire career to tea research. Young Living hired Dr. Chen as a consultant and they began looking for the finest source of tea with the most health benefits for the new product. They spent days researching tea at numerous tea houses and they refined their tea pallette with the finest growers in Taiwan.

Young Living chose the island of Taiwan because it is known as the Formosa “beautiful island” and has a reputation for making world famous tea. This island does not allow genetic engineering of any variety. They have very stringent rules for growing tea and farmers can do cross breeding but they can not do any genetic engineering of any sort. Different varieties of oolong taste different.

The jungles are 2000 meters above the sea level. The mountains extend from there. The higher the mountain the more precious the tea because of the mist. The tea tree can absorb the moisture from the mist and it produces much better flavor and better properties. So tea prices depend on where they are grown. Young Living made a contract with the mountain growers from a very particular farm.

There are hundreds of tea farms. The reason Young Living chose this farm is it has won the prestigious tea competition 10 times. There are 5000 entries each year from around the world for this coveted prize. This prize for the farmer are desirable for not only the status but also a competitor in a world market. First prize sets a price for his tea for $7000 (U.S. equivalent) per kilogram. Young Living has a contract with this award-winning farm.

Dr. Chen said his country invests $15 million per year in tea research. Taiwan is committed to knowing more about the benefits of tea and how it can postiviely impact the side effects of chemo and radiation, our metabolism, diabetes and several other medical conditions.


1. Jade Oolong tea: see notes above.
2. Vanilla essential oil: Most vanilla in the world is extracted using hexane or benzene which are toxic. Young Living didn’t want to source it like that so they decided to create their own. Young Living creates their own vanilla essential oil in Brazil using undenatured grain alcohol. Then they create a vanilla paste.
3. Ecuadorian cacao powder: dark cacao is psycho active so it combats cravings. Most cacao is processed at 210-260 degrees and cooked 6 hours. Young Living found that cooking only 2 hours at 140 degrees and using vacuum dehydration, the chocolate maintains more active antioxidants, maintains 98% of the boswellic acids from the Omani frankincense and maintains active vitamin C.
4. Ocatea leaf (cinnamon family): excellent for digestion, cardiovascular because it reduces inflammation, good for reducing blood sugar, anti-fungal.
5. Arabian Omani Frankincense. Boswellia Sacra

Dr. Linn asked to know how you feel on this Slique tea because he is looking for a research project. So let me know if you have a few friends who would like to do a weight loss challenge together.

Simply drink one cup a half hour before each meal. Focus on whole food cooking. Monitor your sugar intake and monitor our high glycemic foods such a potatoes. The tea supports metabolism so you will see the benefits.

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