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Posted by Frances Fuller on Saturday, 18 April 2020

If you did not manage to catch Frances Fuller LIVE on this topic, we’ve got you covered, watch here.

[00:00:20] Good morning, it is nice to see some of you already online. Thank you for being here. We’ll wait just a moment while I’m applying and breathing in my oils, although we can go ahead and start now because I know we’re all at home doing a lot of things that we never did before. And one of the things that young living Singapore has done to make it fun for us is to create all sorts of fun games and things. And one of those was exercising to your favourite oil. [00:01:01][40.4]

[00:01:02] So, I thought when I read their exercise program, first of all, I didn’t know what half of them were. Secondly, I sensed that I would not be able to necessarily do them. So they came out with a beginners version as well. Well, I decided I would take my favourite blend and who knows what my favourite blend is? If you guessed, Believe, then you’re right. So I took my favourite blend and I decided I would think of things that I could do that involved my favourite blend. So believe the B, what does that stand for me right now? To breathe, breathe in, breathe in the joy, breathe in the moment. [00:01:59][57.1]

[00:02:00] Breathing is one of the greatest simple things that we can do, an exercise that can totally change everything in our reality in very short order. When we breathe in an essential oil, any oil, grab whatever you have next to you, breathe it in and apply it, just cup your hands over your nose and breathe it in. That’s going to enhance your frequency tremendously and it will make a change, I guarantee it. Then, the L, we’ve got B and the E, the L listen, listen to your guidance, listen to what you innately know, your true guidance from the source. Then, that I is inner child, let your inner child come out and play. So, I have the inner child right here to apply. This can be a time of joy, of fun, of allowing that inner child to come out and play. [00:03:18][77.5]

[00:03:19] Today when I looked for my inner child, I couldn’t find it. It was nowhere to be found and I finally I looked over on a table and there it was next to Fun. So I’m going to apply Fun because I associate that with a child. It’s something I did learn to do as an adult until just in recent years and it’s still a fairly difficult thing for me to do. So, we’ve gotten to inner child and the next one I have is we’ve got another E! There are three E’s in Believe. [00:04:00][40.4]

[00:04:01] Well I had decided this E would be to exercise. Now we can exercise physically, which is what many of us are attempting to do. We can exercise mentally. We can exercise our energy and of course, energy could have been that second E. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me. Then,V, Value, I am intending to value this time, to value who I am and to allow this particular point to move me forward. And then that final E is to enjoy every step of the way. So, I have Joy blend here to use and I’m sure that I have talked more than the three minutes that we were on early. So it just gave me the opportunity to apply oils and talk rather than sitting around waiting for these awkward three minutes to come. [00:05:15][74.0]

[00:05:15] So, here we are. It’s past the top of the hour. Good morning, happy Sunday or happy Saturday night if you’re in the Western Hemisphere. So happy and grateful that every one of you chooses to watch, to have watch parties, to share these videos. I’m astounded when I look at the numbers each week, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My intent is that you will gain something. Everyone who watches will gain something from the experience. So let’s get on with the topic today. [00:05:55][39.7]

[00:05:57] What’s in your space? This was prompted by a video that I watched about what we’re supposed to do with packages and deliveries and things and it got me to just thinking. OK, Frances, let’s talk about this. We’re all spending more time in our homes right now probably more than we’ve ever done before. Would you agree? And we’re discovering all sorts of things. [00:06:31][34.6]

[00:06:32] How many of you have discovered that there’s a lot of stuff that is collected in your home. How many of you understand or find that, that even though you’re there and you’re not bringing in extra stuff, stuff still keeps accumulating there. I found that to be the case. It’s kind of like coat hangers in the closet, you know, extra stuff that’s there. How many have you discovered that the dust and dirt collects in your home as well? Even though you’re really very few of us are opening the door to the outer world. [00:07:15][43.7]

[00:07:17] So, this brought me back to almost twenty five years ago when Steven taught me, Frances, when we go out into the outer world, the first thing we should do when we come in, is to go in and take a shower. Don’t don’t walk in, take off your clothes at the door and you may not choose to go that far. I was living alone, but go in and take a shower immediately. Don’t even go into your living space bringing any of the energy and stuff from the outer world to contaminate, to bring in negativity, to bring in things that don’t belong there. [00:08:02][44.8]

[00:08:03] Pay attention was the real message and what are they telling us to do now, to constantly be washing our hands. Do you agree? Well, the more we can wash our bodies, whether it is physically washing or energetically washing, the better off we will be. There comes a point where you can’t take so many showers. Would you agree? However, we can energetically clear ourselves, and that’s what we’re really going to talk about. [00:08:42][39.9]

[00:08:53] It’s all about taking a moment to assess. Now, in the past few weeks I’ve talked about this checking in list and things to do before we go to sleep at night. The reality is, the more often we check in and see what’s really going on in our energy field, the better off we are. Would you agree? [00:09:23][29.6]

[00:09:24] So it doesn’t take but a moment to mentally or I love using the muscle testing to see where we are and the first thing we can check is, am I clear? That’s easy. Am I clear? I’m either clear or not, if I’m clear, wonderful. Move on. Am I clear? Well, right now, I’m grateful to say I’m clear. If I were not, I would ask what do I need to do? Do I need to drink water? What is required? Breathing, using an oil? Always! That’s the quickest thing to me. Breathe in that oil and intend that whatever is not clear, become clear. I picked up Sacred Mountain because that to me anchors this energy of the sacred space. [00:10:25][61.5]

[00:10:26] That beautiful space and I show it almost every week because it’s my visual and it may not be your visual, but it’s my visual to have this great harmonious place where everything else that doesn’t belong is outside. And I may show that again later while we are talking today. So we’re just going to check, as I said, to see if we’re clear. If we’re clear, we can move on. Next thing is, where is my energy on a scale of 1 to 10? So often it can fluctuate in a heartbeat. So it’s important for us to pay attention to where it is. I’ll check. Is it above or five? Thankfully, yes. Is it above a seven? No. My energy was at a 10 when I started talking. It’s now at a 7. So what can I do? One of the things I can do is, again, breathe in an oil and intend that my energy be 100 percent at a 10. Completely a 100 percent. [00:11:40][74.1]

[00:11:42] So I’m going to take another couple of deep breaths, which is going to enhance my energy flow. Now I’m going to test again. Is it a 10? Yes, it is. Any reason to doubt that? No. So it’s at a 10 now. I will confess something that this is a reminder I have multiple times daily because Stephen does not allow me to walk up the stairs or down the stairs unassisted or unaccompanied at this point. And before I take that first step up or down, he reminds me because he knows that I require reminders. [00:12:24][42.7]

[00:12:27] Remember, you need to be at 100 percent. He says one hundred and ten percent and I know from being a maths teacher, there is no such thing. So as I intend to be at 100 percent and take a deep breath, because when we’re focussed on having our energy at 100 percent, nothing is going to take us down. Its accidents tend to happen when we are not focussed and our energy level drops. [00:12:58][30.5]

[00:12:59] The next thing to ask is is there anything in there that doesn’t belong? Because we pick up things just like that dust gathers in your home and all these extraneous things. Even if you have something delivered into your home, you’re bringing extraneous energy and we’re focussing on the energetic part of who we are right now. So just ask, is there anything that doesn’t belong here? Well, I’m lucky because since I went up to 100 percent, to that 10 level on the scale of 1 to 10, it probably pushed out some of the things that may have been creating challenges for me. Every time we’re on social media, some of the things that you read will inspire you. Others will create fear and we’re all utilising more with our phones and computers than probably ever before because we have more time. [00:14:13][73.4]

[00:14:14] So what is it that you’re feeding? What is it that you’re bringing into your energy field and what better what can you do about it? That’s what I’m saying, what’s in your space? We don’t know what’s in your space unless we pay attention. That’s what these little steps, little things that don’t take but a few seconds to do, what that can do to support us in keeping the the things that are going to bring us down out and fear is probably the lowest frequency that there can be and there is a lot of fear. I’m not immune. I’ve found that when I was spending more time reading things, I fell into that trap too, and my energy level dropped, I began having headaches.I’m just not feeling right, not choosing to do anything. [00:15:24][69.8]

[00:15:24] Exercise, breathe, use your oils. We have all of the tools that are required. It doesn’t really matter but what oil you pick up will be perfect for you, especially when you use your intent and intent is everything as far as I’m concerned because intent brings our focus. It brings our attention to whatever it is that we’re intending at that moment. [00:16:05][41.3]

[00:16:06] So another thing, who knows the blend that Gary Young actually created as a a protective barrier for our energy field. Anybody know? If you guessed White Angelica and he suggested breathing it in and patting it over your field. So I’m gonna give you another little exercise that Stephen constantly reminds me of. He loves to talk about pairing of the ways. I think of it in my mind is pairing up the waves because I think of waves of things coming in. But this is where you just place your hands apart, not touching them and just move them slowly back and forth until you feel a tingling and once you feel that tingling, you may move them a little farther apart and still feel it as long as you’re still feeling that tingling. Then, when it gets to having a lot of tingling, bring your hands up and kind of rake them over your head. The head is where things enter in that are probably the first place that will be disruptive and then brush them over your whole body. [00:17:50][104.2]

[00:17:52] If you’ve got that White Angelica, you’re going to be doing an extra thing or any essential oil. Now, when you fail to feel any more energy, do it again. We can do this several times.This is something that being home allows you to do without having an audience but if you’re out, this may look a little strange unless you’re around people who are doing the same thing. I’m feeling that tingling again, so I’m going to rake it over because I choose to have my brain, my head, my heart, my entire field cleared out of any of the stuff that is not supposed to be there. [00:18:48][56.8]

[00:18:50] Then I’m going to put up that boundaries, the boundaries for my sacred space. I’m going to move to harmony and the gentleness, extend it beyond my physical form and have that energetic cylinder around me with that shiny silver mirror on the outside to make sure that anything harmful that is directed towards me is mirrored back to the centre, not harming another, but it does not come into my field as well. And then that sparkling golden energy to transmute any kind of negativity. I visualise the sparkling golden energies like electricity, just zapping, whatever and then that red, whether you grab your paint brush and just paint a red boundary around you that is universal stop signal. So we’re in our cocoon. Don’t forget to paint over the phone, too. [00:20:01][71.0]

[00:20:02] We want to make sure that nothing is coming from your phone or computer that is going to be in any way harmful or detrimental to your moving forward and then just intend that perfect harmony and balance throughout every cell and every molecule of your physical form and throughout your entire energy being allowing there to be joy, harmony, fun, every moment of your day. [00:20:40][37.8]

[00:20:41] And I thank you so much for being here and I look forward to your comments and to interacting with you and and I challenge you this week to pick an oil, any oil or blend and think about things that you could do. This is spelling out your exercise program and just do it. Intend to do something different. Nothing can change unless we do something different. [00:21:18][37.2]

[00:21:19] So I’ll look forward to hearing from you this week and seeing you again next week. Have a beautiful week filled with gorgeous rainbows, harmony, fun and play. [00:21:19][0.0]