If you have not tried the blend, SACRED MOUNTAIN, you may choose to try it after reading Gary Young’s description and explanation of his choices of single oils in the blend. Sacred Mountain has always been one of my favorite blends – even before Idaho Balsam Fir was discovered and distilled in 2002. When Gary decided to add Balsam Fir to the blend, the entire energy of the blend was enhanced dramatically. I would hate to have a day without Sacred Mountain. Reading Gary’s description makes me realize just why . . . -Frances

In the physical level, as I mentioned, balsam fir may support DNA repair; it is also believed to encourage bone regeneration. Balsam fir may also support a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

I believe Idaho balsam fir is very powerful in restoring the DNA to its homeostasis. It’s found in both Transformation and Sacred Mountain.

Spruce is also in Sacred Mountain. The North American Native people believed that spruce was the anchor to the soul, to the God of the world. They would use it in smudge sticks, and they would breathe the aroma as the smudge sticks of the spruce would burn, much like the prairie people did with sage. They would anoint their whole bodies and brush stroke the smoke over their bodies, similar to what the ancient people did with the smoke from burning frankincense resin.

The Arabian people did not have conifers, but they had frankincense that gave off a smoke when it burned. They would put this over their whole bodies; they would fumigate their homes with it; they would fumigate their clothes with it at night to kill the ticks, fleas, and pests; and they would use it to get rid of the odors from body sweat and camel sweat.

The ancient people here in America used primarily spruce or sage for the same reason. It is so amazing how this knowledge existed on every continent and every country in the world but that the people used the elements that existed in their country.

So if you haven’t ever used Sacred Mountain, get acquainted with it and incorporate it into your oil usage.
-Gary Young