Lavendula Agustifolia is the botanical name for what is considered “pure lavender” and can be found throughout books on aromatherapy from all models – English, French, and German. There is no such classification as “French Lavender” – it is a NAME as reference of the place from which if came. There are also other varieties of “lavender”. Lavendula Agustifolia was the “original”. Lavendin is a hearty hybrid that is often called “lavender”. However it does contain a different chemical profile and also contains camphor that may create skin challenges.

Lavendula Agustifolia is grown at ALL of the Young Living lavender farms – and the lavender produced at ALL of the farms originated from the seeds that originally came from France over 20 years ago.

However, the actual chemical profile of the plants grown every year differs slightly and the profile of the oils from EACH farm differs due to the different soil composition, growing conditions, and the elevation as well as the date of harvesting and distillation.

Distillation of plants is a very complicated process which requires education and experience combined with patience and the ability to fully test the results to provide a therapeutic essential oil. We are blessed in Young Living to have the ability to control the entire process – and Gary Young does not hesitate to reject any oil that does not meet his demanding standards no matter where it was grown.