[00:00:11] Good morning and happy Sunday. While we wait for the top of the hour, I have so many oils lined up to utilise right now. Happy Sunday, happy rebirth. This is a time of moving many across the entire planet are talking and thinking about moving, celebrating, moving from the darkness into the light. This period of rebirth in the northern hemisphere. This goes right along with the season of spring, which is that rebirth. I’m here in the southern hemisphere, but very close to the equator where we have a period of rebirth all year long, with very little difference in the amount of sun and the amount of darkness each day. I love it that way. [00:01:31][80.1]

[00:01:31] However, while I’m waiting for these these few minutes to go by for more people to come on line, and it’s so happy to see so many of you here already. I’m going to just think about this as an awakening and I’m going to apply Awaken blend with the intent that I’m awaken to all of the gifts, the possibilities, the joys that are available to me and I intend to gain clarity. Clarity on my messages, from my connection with the source, which is becoming stronger every single day through my intent and repeated connections. I’m also going to apply Unity. If you don’t have all these oils, that’s OK. In case you wonder, cause I have my oils of rainbow healing sitting right here and I’ve already used them once and we’ll talk about them again. I’m going to also intend to remain in present time. Why is it that we choose to look back at the way things were or attempt to plan the way things will be? [00:02:59][87.4]

[00:03:01] Reality is, we have this present moment and what we do in this present moment is the most important thing that we can possibly do. I appreciate the fact that every one of you is here in this present moment and choosing to share with me and the others online with their social distancing, this moment, moment of joy, this moment of change. Speaking of joy, that is another one of the blends that I’m choosing to apply today and use a lot to increase the joy in my life and to reach my highest potential. Of course, I may save this for the end or I’ll use it again. Guess what this one is? if you guessed, Believe you’re absolutely correct. So, let’s actually get started, it is after the top of the hour and how we’re trying not to keep you too long. [00:04:17][76.7]

[00:04:19] We have been talking over the last few weeks about the difference between the term 30 day transformation and the new life journey which Steven and I kind of created. Me, as being the former maths teacher loved to have a little bit of structure, a routine, a way of doing things repetitively, because as we do things repetitively we ingrain them in our process and we just begin to do them without having to really think about what comes next and what we have last week, we talked about the first four glyphs. [00:05:18][59.2]

[00:05:18] Those first four steps for forgiveness, structure, authenticity and compassion as being the preparation. We used our oils of Geranium to unblock any of the blocks that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Then, we started building our own unique energy signature. Our energy flow that will allow us to be the very best that we can be and then we began looking to see taking off our masks with the Cedar Wood and Copaibo but the authenticity to begin really looking into who we are and to have compassion in nurture, that energy of the Northern Lights, Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce and Idaho Balsam Fir which will soon be Grand Fir. This energy to allow us to nurture ourselves. [00:06:37][78.8]

[00:06:39] All of these steps have been preparation for this greatest moment of all which is taking that breath of life, that changed that moment where we move from the darkness, from the past into our new life. This is the energy of Orange essential oil and the energy of the Calcite. I have here with me my tiny little tumblestones of the orange calcite. I also have with me the biggest rock, the crystal of calcite that I could have and I have it next to me to allow me to embrace that change. We don’t know what is ahead. We know that nothing ever stays the same. Would you agree? This moment is not going to be the same as the next moment. [00:07:49][70.8]

[00:07:50] So, as we embrace the changes, allow the changes, we can then move forward. If we are holding on to the way that we used to do things, we are going to fight. It’s going to be like, I talked about riding the wave, it’s going to be like fighting that huge wave that comes up. You will be buffeted around. [00:08:19][28.9]

[00:08:21] If we change and grow with every single day, that’s what this new life journey is all about. Last week, I talked about the daily process because this is just a little structure to follow and I gave the awakening alignment and the evening integration process and little steps. Now, I’m going to confess to you right now. I had to write them in some order. I’m reminded of when Gary Young was was caught to finally do a video of of the raindrop technique. It took them six months and so many takes on the video before he got to the point that he said, OK, we’ll use this one. Is that would he continue to use every time? Absolutely not. [00:09:26][65.3]

[00:09:27] So, if your steps are interchanged, I have found out, I have on my list because I wrote it down from what I said last week to review the refinement list. Write any additions and changes. Write the top three priorities in your journal. And then number four was construct the sacred space. Well, this week that hasn’t felt like the right thing for me. [00:09:53][26.8]

[00:09:54] The first thing I have done upon Awakening is to create my sacred space, to create that connection, to make sure that that connection with the source was there and to put up my boundaries so that the chaos, the distractions are out of the way and to create that harmony and that balance inside so that I can begin my day with that in that state and using all of my oils on the journey of the glyph, which I had written as number five. But it really is all in with number one, which is creating the sacred space and my breathing is part of breathing in the oils, the new breath of life. [00:10:49][54.3]

[00:10:50] So I am not doing mine in the order that I gave and it’s important for you to play around with what is the best order for you. It’s just important to get to actually do it and then last was writing in the journal. That’s the most difficult thing for me generally speaking, because I am so tempted to look at Facebook and answer messages and look and see what others are doing. That will take me away from this base that I choose to begin my day and to remain in. If any of you found that it really does change you when you start reading all these things of other people, because it’s like so often if someone else is not in a good space, they are dumping that into the message that you’re reading and if your boundaries are not up, if you’re not in your sacred space, it may rock you quite a bit. [00:12:01][71.0]

[00:12:02] So, I encourage you to find the correct order for what you do when you awaken in the morning. Is that truly is the most important time of the day? Immediately after awakening will totally set you for the day. Then as we go through our day, we’re going to pay attention to these next steps and the next step is to embrace after the change begins. It’s going to be a bit different. That’s the only way to think about it. We cannot change and also remain the same. So as we change, let’s embrace, let’s accept who we are, where we are on our journey and allow this process to go on. This is that calming influence of Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense, that silvery energy of haematite crystal. As we embrace who we are, we can take that next step, these two steps after the big change of the breath of life. [00:13:27][85.9]

[00:13:29] These two steps are kind of getting us the finishing polishes, letting the things go and this is that release the freedom that we feel. Once we release our fear, how many have felt any fear creep into your life in this past week or weeks or months? The fear gets she gets us shaken, it shakes our beliefs. How many have you found that your beliefs have been changing as you breathe in the new breath of new life? Things are going to change. There is no way they are not going to change. [00:14:17][48.3]

[00:14:18] So, we can let go of our beliefs about the way they have to be. All those plans we made for so long may not be applicable anymore. So, it’s time to let go. Let go of the fears that the beliefs, the ways of doing things before, the attachments. You know, I laugh and tell you about my attachment to boxes and bags. It’s things that get in our way that clutter our entire being. It’s time to let them go and once we do allow them to be gone. [00:15:02][44.3]

[00:15:04] Applying lots of Lemon and, you know, Lemon essential oil is known for its detoxifying properties. So, I am using a lot of lemon. Now I’m drinking the lemon plus or the vitality in the US. I’m drinking that in my water first thing because I want to get rid of whatever was holding on from yesterday. I want to bring in the new things that are available to me today. So that is that energy. Also, the crystal of Citroën and then this is the most exciting part of all to me because those first four steps were preparation, thent we had that massive change that all of us are experiencing. Would you agree? And then we had this little period of embracing what we’re finding out and letting go of more stuff. [00:16:07][63.8]

[00:16:09] So, now there’s room to call back all of our knowledge and abilities to understand more about how we can move forward. You and the source know this. The stronger that connection is with the source can reweave yourself back together the way you were designed to be. Then that ninth step, that pale pink energy of Unity. This is the energy of Jasmine essential oil. And this is the energy of a Ylang Ylang. These will allow everything to work together in harmony. No harmony there’s going to be trouble. I don’t know about you, but I choose harmony in every aspect of my life. [00:17:07][57.8]

[00:17:08] My refinement list, as I look through it, harmony is always very close to the top on the things that I choose to have in my life and the things that I choose not to have. The things that I will not allow in my life are going to be disharmony. Anything that would bring about this harmony is something I choose to push outside my sacred space. Then that final thing, just allowing the expansion process as we are more and more of who we were created to be, allowing ourselves to radiate outward to our energy, who we are to positively impact others. There’s no real secret to this journey. [00:18:09][61.1]

[00:18:10] It’s just a way of helping us to focus. And I did not even mention the essential oils on those last three. But the divine union is that essential oil of Jasmine, that violet colour, which is also anchored by Blue Lezak. It can be anchored by the crystals of Blue Lezak, Sujilite and Charite and the getting everything to work together in harmony, whether it’s at the physical level, the emotional level, the spiritual level, the energetic level, that is the energy of a Ylang Ylang and Rose Quartz. Then thet final one is the Sandalwood. [00:18:59][49.2]

[00:19:04] I love these flouride crystals that we got in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia last month. Absolutely wonderful and I’m greedy because I got more than one. Just holding these crystals, rubbing them with that energy of Sacred Mountain or any of the energies intending that these crystals anchor the frequencies of harmony and the sacred space. Crystals have that ability to hold energies. They also have the ability to hold energies that may not be supportive for you. So, it is very important to play with your crystals and to love them and to be there with you outside where they can feel, when I say outside, in the air, in the sun, in the moon, so that they can experience rebirth and renewal just as we did, we cannot live without the sun. [00:20:17][73.5]

[00:20:18] Every one of us requires the sun. We also require the energy of the moon, that yin yang interplay at all times. So, as you’re playing with your crystals, they are storing this positive energy, which any time you require it, they can give it back to you. Isn’t that fun? So, as we’re doing our daily process in, all of us do have more time to do things now. Would you agree? This is to me the greatest gift of this particular period, the virus. We have time that we normally were rushing around from one thing to another. You can look at it as a period of confinement. Oh! it’s horrible or you can look at it as an opportunity, an opportunity to do things that were not available to you previously. [00:21:25][67.3]

[00:21:27] So, as I’m looking at mine, looking at my watch, because I never know how long I’m talking. I challenge you to really utilise this time as a time of change. Draw in those frequencies of the breath of life. Get out your app if you don’t have the cards. Look at that card, the shape of the glyph, the breath of life. Read about it, utilise it in your daily process, your morning alarm and in your evening integration and intend to infuse these moments these days, this present time that is creating your future with more and more connection with the source, which will allow you to have greater guidance, more joy, more passion, enter into your new life with excitement. And I look forward to seeing you next week. [00:21:27][0.0]