[00:00:01] Good morning, happy Sunday and we will start right now. I have a lot to share today and I am really excited. Over the last two weeks or three weeks, we’ve been talking about integrating the crystals and the rainbow healing. I have my rainbow healing crystals right along here in front of me. I keep my humble stones in this beautiful glass, hand blown glass here from Bali, and I have them right around me. One thing I will caution is that please don’t bring crystals into your home unless you are choosing to give them love and attention because crystals have the ability to anchor beautiful frequencies. They do require attention. [00:01:37][95.6]

[00:01:38] That’s one of the beautiful things about our essential oils that they have been given love and positive energy from the time that they were seeds, before they were even planted in the dirt in the farms that were so beautifully loved and cared for. And they were cared all the way along the way. [00:02:02][24.0]

[00:02:03] So I’m going to get out my rainbow healing oils. First, this is the time of our upgrading of our upating ourselves. Would you agree? How many of you thought on January 1st when you were bringing in the new year, the new decade, how many of you thought that you would be living the way you are right this minute? Probably not many. Would you agree? [00:02:40][36.7]

[00:02:41] So, this is one of the gifts that we have because during this time we can upgrade and update ourselves and our habits. That’s what the new life journey is all about and we are excited right this minute. We are extremely excited because first of all, the third edition of my journal has just gone to the printer. It’s actually being printed as we speak and our Rainbow Healing app has just been updated with lots and lots of new information. [00:03:25][44.0]

[00:03:26] So, we will begin by saying, what is the new life journey? What is the new life challenge? What’s the difference, the 30 day transformation? Well, 30 day transformation is to get you started on your new life journey. Not making sense? 30 days is a commitment, so the preparation is, first we all should download this app. It is Free! So, no commitment there other than downloading it. [00:04:10][43.4]

[00:04:11] Join our private group, The New Life Journey. [00:04:15][3.5]

[00:04:16] It’s going to look kind of like this and it’s going to have that same background because I love it. It’s my favourite background, see? Then we’re going to get a journal and it’s a special pen to write with, make your special journal. If you happen to have this or choose to get the new one, please feel free, use that. I’m loving it because it has so much information. It has all the steps right there and then gather the eleven oils of the Rainbow Healing. [00:04:53][37.0]

[00:04:54] You may have them already, you may not have them already but these we’ll put on your next list of things to get. The first one is the Sacred Mountain, which anchors that sacred space. The thing that we’re all choosing, that is one of the great goals of the new life journey, to remain in our sacred space which is where I visualise it, is like this. Shown it many times with that connection to the source, inside without boundaries, pushing all the stuff outside. It’s like getting rid of the virus, isn’t it and having the positive harmony inside. So, that is what I choose to do to live in my sacred space. Then, the fifth thing is to start thinking about what it is that you choose to have in your life and what it is that you really do not choose to allow to be in your life. Now, it may be long, it may be short, it doesn’t matter. This is our initial thing that we’re doing. I add to to mine, in fact, I have mine in my journal. It’s the very first part in on your app. You can either press the refinement list here and get started or we can go back and we can check up on my journey and you’ll have a new menu here, that is in a much more user friendly sequencel. The refinement list is right down here, this pink colour. You can press on that and start writing your refinement list. This is the key to understanding who you truly are, to understand what it is that gives you passion, that gives you joy and what it is that prevents you from living the life that you were designed to live. So take a deep breath. I’ve got my oils here, the oils are listed on here on the app because I was a little late this morning since I was sitting here, thinking and for some reason, that alarm did not go off to remind me to get started. So use your oils, gather them, whatever ones you have use and just make that commitment to get the rest of them as you go along. Understand that this is developmental work and it requires commitment and consistency. [00:08:18][203.7]

[00:08:20] That is what the 30 day transformational experience is all about because it’s 30 consecutive days, most of us will find something that prevents us from doing the process one or two days. It’ll just creep in there, you’re tired or busy or something although right now, we have with our social distancing the opportunity to set our schedules the way we would really choose. It’s as if the universe is telling us use this time to really transform your life. That’s what makes this time so exciting. I love that I have more time to talk with Steven because we can share our ideas. That’s how we move forward for he and I share, sometimes it’s a little bit confrontational sounding because we have different ideas but the fact is that this is how we understand more about each of us. So, the next thing is to do this every single day. The first step is to make that commitment and to do the new life process, the daily process for 30 days. [00:09:57][96.7]

[00:09:58] The second step is to do it again and to keep doing it again and again and that’s what makes it the new life journey rather than just a 30 day process. It becomes a habit and we learn more and more about ourselves as we go along. [00:10:18][20.0]

[00:10:19] So What is the daily process? Well, it’s going to be written out on your app. Have fun exploring the app this afternoon. It’s also in my journal, it’s going to be all laid out there for you but it consists of two things. The Awakening Enlightenment and the Evening Integration. [00:10:43][24.9]

[00:10:48] So I will go over the steps and press the new life journey, and there it is, all of this information comes up along with some videos to show you how to do them. In the interest of time. I won’t go through all of that. So what is our awakening alignment? First thing in the morning, when you wake up, review your refinement list. Now, I have found in the recent months that I like to write down on a separate page or in my app the first three things I think about. What are the three priorities, the things that I choose most to focus on this particular day and write them down. Also, the three things that I choose to not deal with today. One of those things just just so you know what? What types of things I’m talking about? Guilt, deception, dishonesty, trust, struggle. [00:12:22][93.0]

[00:12:22] Those are things that I’d just do not choose to have in my life. I push them out. They’re part of that. That junk that’s outside my sacred space. [00:12:34][11.7]

[00:12:35] What I choose to have inside my sacred space is harmony, joy, connection with the source, all of the things that will allow me to move forward. Authenticity. To learn more about who I am and to become more and more authentic. [00:12:56][21.6]

[00:12:58] To take off my masks and truly learn who I am so that I might be prepared to fulfil upon the purpose for which I was created. So we are reviewing our refinement list, number one. The second thing is to make any additions or changes and you can do that because what is important one day may be farther down the list. This is why I like to think about the three things because sometimes something that might have been number 10 moves up to be number one. It all depends upon the circumstances surrounding it. So, we going to write out any additions and changes that we’re going to write in our journal these top three priorities. OK. We’re actually going to write them and that you may have already done that. That might be really part of the reviewing the refinement list. Then, we’re going to we’re going to construct our sacred space. That is done through intent and then we’re going to take the journey of the glyphs, going through each one of the cards. Each one of the steps, one by one, applying the oils, the corresponding oils. We’re going to the first glyph, forgiveness to unblock because we all have blocks, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level, energetic level and it’s to get rid of those blocks. And as we breathe in and apply that Geranium essential oil, it’s going to assist us along with our intent in unblocking getting the process started. Then, we’re going to go along to the structure. We’re going to begin to build our own true unique energy flow and then that is going to be the Lavendar that will assist us there. Then, that third step, that authenticity taking off the masks, so that we can see ourselves using the Cedar Wood or the Copaibo or both. Stephen likes to use both. Sometimes I use both throughout the day. I use them all. And then the fourth step, that compassion, the nurturing of self and others understanding who you are is something that does require our accepting and nurturing ourselves. And this is that beautiful Northern Lights Black Spruce and the Balsam Fir and the Blue Spruce. I had been using the Balsam Fir which will now be called Grand Fir. However, now that the Northern Lights Black Spruce is more available to us, I have found that it seems to be just what my body, my whole energetic being is choosing to have more and more of, this beautiful energy that Gary Young spent so much put so much love and energy into creating the farm where these black spruce trees are grown, that is embedded in this bottle. Every time I smell the soil, every time I apply it, I am reminded of all of the love that goes into this particular essential oil. So these first four steps to me are the most important preparation that we can do. So, it may be that you don’t get through all 10 to begin with. It may take a while to get through all of the ten steps and that’s OK. This is not a race. It’s not a competition. It’s a journey and you have your entire life to get through your journey. After we’ve done the journey and intended our sacred space that morning alignment is to do some breathing or movement exercise in your app. You will have some videos of me doing some qigong which goes right along with this process. You can just, as you are breathing in your oils this is going to bring that energy, that oxygen into your body and allow you to begin regenerating yourself to move forward on all levels and to write in your journals. That last step of the morning alignment that is key to write in your journal, not to make a story that anyone else is going to read, but just to write, whatever your thoughts are at this point. For however long you happen to have, then that’s the first step of the daily process. The second step is the evening integration. Last thing before you go to bed to take the time once again to review your your refinement list and to write any additions or changes and then to check if this is a key. [00:18:57][358.8]

[00:18:58] The checking in is right here but the first thing that we need to do when we’re checking in is just to find out, just to see what’s really going on. Sometimes throughout our day, we forget that we’re interacting with every energy around us, no matter what, whether it’s coming from Facebook, whether it’s coming from your children, your husband, emails, whatever, when we are going out, anything in the outer world. So, we need to check in and see what’s really going on. So the first thing is, is my sacred space intact? And let’s check yes or no? If it isn’t, intend to create your sacred space again. Simple as that. Next, am I clear? Yes or no? [00:19:57][59.1]

[00:19:59] If you’re not clear, then what do we do? We breathe in an essential oil and we intend to be clear. [00:20:08][9.5]

[00:20:09] We focus on our connection with the source and we use our oils. We can do the pairing of the ways, which is also on the website, fullerLife.com. it’s on the app. So you have lots of illustrations of this. You can do the qigong exercise, whatever it is, re-check to see whether you are clear at this point. [00:20:37][28.0]

[00:20:38] No pointing going on if you’re not clear. Then check, are my boundaries intact? If they aren’t, we just focus on the boundaries and we will spend some more Facebook lives, more videos on boundaries. I’ve done it before, just as a reminder, all of my Facebook lives are on my website, FullerLife.com, at some point every one of them will be there. So, we’re going to check our boundaries, then we’re going to check whether we are blocked, check our energy level 1 to 10. We want our energy up here, we don’t want our energy down here and if it’s not at a 10, we’re going to check to see what it is that we require at that point to bring it up. All of this is on the app, go over to get it, check some other videos and then we’re going to check on the words that are listed there. Are there any blocks and at the end of that point, we’re going to just intend to have a beautiful sleep and dream gorgeous rainbow dreams, awakening refreshed and in a state of harmony and balanced in everything that we’re doing. So, I think I have gone on and on and I apologize once again, I apologize for being late starting. It just happened. That must be a reason because there’s always a reason. But I challenge you this week to just sit back a little bit, to actually determine first whether you’re willing to commit to making changes, whether you are choosing to really utilise this time to upgrade, to update yourself and to upgrade your information. [00:22:51][132.7]

[00:22:53] So instead of it being a negative thing, this is a gift that we have, this gift of time to do things differently. [00:23:04][11.3]

[00:23:05] So thank you for being here. I really look forward to seeing you and hearing about you next week and talking with you in the New Life Journey Group and have a beautiful week of transformation and wonderful harmony. [00:23:05][0.0]