Post credit: Sarah HarnischAfter a year and a half of work, THE 102 THIEVES PAGE IS OFFICIALLY LIVE! **And it is FREE.**! On the new live page, you will find:-a professionally designed COMPLIANT media-driven Powerpoint to make your leaders look good (the class runs about 1 hour 15 minutes with all the media. I just play it on my laptop, or hook an HDMI cable to a tv if you have more than 5 people). -blank slides to make it their own-a full demo of the class in video format that they can also send to their people-the 102 Thieves SCRIPT, which flawlessly matches the Powerpoint for them to print-a TEXTABLE CLASS, recorded in a professional studio, for your leaders to share with people who are unable to come, or for after the class is over for them to listen to again and again-and GRAPHICS to market classes.Check it all out here: [](