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[00:00:05] Good morning and happy Sunday. [00:00:07][2.3]

[00:00:09] It’s almost time to begin and of course, I’m standing here just playing with all the things I have in front of me. I hope that you have had a wonderful week. [00:00:23][14.0]

[00:00:26] Some of you may have used a lot of Stress Away, you required that. It’s been a stressful year for many of us, hasn’t it and has required alot of Valour. Well, guess what? That is about to change. This new full moon that we’re having is really going to give us an opportunity to take a look inward and really choose what things we are going to let go of and to really focus on inwardly what is most important to us. So I am excited to be here. Are you super charged? I think it’s probably close to eleven o’clock right now. [00:01:15][48.3]

[00:01:16] Maybe not quite. So we’ll give people another chance. It’s so nice to see some of you already here and I can’t wait. [00:01:29][13.0]

[00:01:29] I’m too excited today to wait it longer. Everyone will catch this on replay. However, this is the first time that I have done this particular subject in a while and I will be doing it. What precipitated it was the incredible gift that the Apec Young Living members are able to receive free for their orders this month and that is the Northern Lights, Black Spruce and the Rainbow flourite. I’m going to open mine for the first time in just a little while. So I will show you what it looks like and then what I’m going to do with it and I am particularly excited because this anchors what you’re Rainbow Healing System is all about, and that is creating our sacred space. [00:02:33][63.6]

[00:02:34] For those of you who’ve been following me, you know that this is that focus that making the connection with the source, your concept of whatever your concept is, that the creator and making that strong connection, clearing out a space where you can push the distractions away and head inside close to you with a barrier between those distractions and that chaos, a safe place for you to grow and to heal. So that’s what it’s all about, I’m a very repetitious person, so I like to do things over and over again because it ingrains it in me. And I’m not one who likes to skip steps. So I’m going to tell you first of all, why I’m wearing the colours I’m wearing. I don’t know if any of you notice that I sometimes I will wear the same colour over and over again because colours have frequency. [00:03:42][67.6]

[00:03:44] Every living thing has a frequency. That frequency can enhance your own or it can take away things that are synthetic, do not have any frequency. They are really dead. [00:04:02][18.2]

[00:04:03] So this is why the young living essential oils are such an incredible asset to have around you no matter what oils you are choosing to use because they are living, they have the potential to support you in every thing that you do, no matter which oil you happen to pick up. So crystals have the same potential because they are also living things. And this to me is just another way that we can enhance our lives and we can enhance them on a daily basis. [00:04:48][44.1]

[00:04:49] Now with the Rainbow Healing and those of you who know, you might be able to guess what cards I chose today because I selected as my focus glyph, the compassion glyph which is that turquoise colour. Hence, I have on something with turquoise, I have on my aquamarine ring which anchors that frequency. I also selected the loyalty to the hologram, which is a combination of that compassion along with the freedom and the leadership glyphs. So we’ll talk more about those if I have time and if not, we’ll pick up next week where we left off. First of all, what do we do when we are going through the journey of the glyphs? Well, the very first thing we do is to clear the blocks. As I mentioned, colours have a frequency and the colour has its colour because of the frequency that it holds. [00:06:09][80.4]

[00:06:10] These glyphs have their shape because of the frequency inside the crystals. I have mine right in front of me, whether you have the first glyph, which is all about clearing the blocks so that you can begin that process. This is important if we skip clearing the blocks, then no matter what we do next it’s like pouring something into a clogged drain. If the drain is clogged up, nothing is going to flow. So we first clear the blocks and who knows what the essential oil is that anchors this energy? Geranium and also the Rhodocrosite. [00:06:59][48.9]

[00:07:00] This is a little piece of a slab. One of my students in 2003 was in Australia and found a piece Rhodocrosite about this size and through my many moves, I now have multiple pieces of this Rhodocrosite which I rub with the geranium essential oil to enhance that frequency. I also am very fortunate to have a Rhodocrosite sphere that I have had for many, many years. I think I got this back in 2005 or 2006 and I love to hold that sphere with the geranium on my hands intending that this sphere, this crystal well anchor that energy to assist me in unblocking where ever the blocks are, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels so that I may move forward. So don’t forget to breathe in your oils as well. [00:08:10][70.7]

[00:08:15] I’m not sure what I mentioned earlier that I am doing a zoom call for Young Living Singapore on Tuesday evening. So in two days I will be doing a zoom call on this same subject. So I’m going to attempt to separate the subjects although there may be some carry over and I will on my Facebook lives be incorporating all of the information over the next few weeks. So don’t feel left out if you don’t get on the zoom call. And for those of you who follow me know that my Facebook live videos remain on Facebook. They are also uploaded to YouTube and also uploaded to my website where they will remain on and on. So you can look, if you want to bench watch on Frances, you can look at the last two years on my website and enjoy. [00:09:13][58.6]

[00:09:14] So we’re clearing blocks. The next step after we’ve done that is to make certain that we’re running our own energy flow because with our energy is going to build our perfect cells and molecules, healthy cells and molecules, the energy of others will not do that for us. The essential oil that anchors this is Lavendar and the crystal is Amethyst and I have my Amethyst sphere, which I love to hold and intend that it hold this frequency of structure that will have that perfect energy flow for me. So as I’m holding these crystals, I can feel that energy coming into me, supporting me. I can also carry a tiny little Rhodocrosite and Tumblestone here too and I love carrying them. You can put them in your pocket. You can just pick them up and hold them whether you put them all in in one little, pretty little bag that you can all hold all of them in your hand at one time. [00:10:40][85.2]

[00:10:41] There’s so many ways that you can enhance your frequency by a little bit of focus. However, I caution you just as we can intend for these crystals to anchor a specific energy. If you’re looking at crystals or receiving them in a store, you may find out that they don’t really anchor the energies that you would like for them to anchor. They don’t make you feel good. [00:11:15][34.1]

[00:11:16] It may be that they have picked up some negativity along the way because they are living beings interacting with every energy that is around them. So am I making sense for those of you who may not have thought I was crazy before you may think it more now, but at any rate they’re kind of like children. They just absorb everything around them. This can be wonderfully positive for us because they can also absorb negative things that we’re all pushing out. Every one of us has some things that are not really positive that we’re releasing and plants do this. This is why the essential oils are so perfect for enhancing your living space and enhancing your frequencies, your body everything about your energy field because they can interact and absorb a lot of the things that are a challenge for you as an individual. [00:12:39][83.5]

[00:12:41] So what is the next step that we do after we have cleared our blocks and begun creating our own personal energy signature? That’s perfect for us. Well, we need to identify who we are to take off our masks. These first four steps in the Rainbow Healing are all about preparing for the rest of the steps. The third one is the authenticity, that sparkling apricot, pale energy and this is anchored by the Red Jasper. I has a lot of red Jasper, spheres and and Tumblestones sitting around everywhere because authenticity is such an important thing for us to be striving to reach. I have a beautiful piece of jewellery that was given to me by Sasha, Amber, which also anchors this energy and I often wear my amber bracelet that was made here in Bali that I dearly love to always have that energy of authenticity around me. Steven found for us this amazing crystal sphere of amber. I truly thought when he told me he had found it, is it real because I could not believe I had ever seen a real amber sphere. So we are very blessed and they are amber spheres and our ambers get to use Cedar Wood an awful lot and Copaibo and I rub them with them. [00:14:38][117.4]

[00:14:39] I put the oils in my hand, breathe them in myself and pick up these crystals, holding them, just intending that these frequencies will permeate and their entire being allowing them to hold that frequency of authenticity. [00:15:04][25.5]

[00:15:08] Essential oils are a little bit different from crystals because crystals are constantly interacting with everything around them. So they can change and they may change to a way that’s not as good, not as appropriate for you. Whereas the essential oils have already seem to have that frequency just locked into those little bottles. They have been loved. The soil in which the Young Living plants are grown at the farms is loved before the seeds are ever put in. The seeds are loved, the plants are talked to and loved the entire time. So they are receiving this frequency of love continuously and as they are distilled, it seems to lock it in. That does not mean that it does not change as we travel, Gary Young found that not only do the oils when you fly or go through scanners, their frequency drops drops as did his. However, it tends to come back up by itself. Once it’s put in an environment where it is more compatible and more favourable for the essential oil and for you. [00:16:36][87.3]

[00:16:37] So moving along that fourth step is to have compassion, to nurture ourselves. This is something so many of us forget. We forget to nurture ourselves, to create that perfect balance of giving and receiving and this is anchored by the crystals of the sphere won’t come out of its stand. I have some blue tack on the stand so to hold them in this particular aquamarine does not choose to come out today. However, I know because I’ve held my beautiful aquamarine already this morning that it’s happy to come out and play. I also have on my aquamarine ring because this carries that frequency with me. And today when I selected this particular glyph, the compassion, I am reminded every time I looked down at my hand to focus upon creating that perfect balance of giving and receiving and which the essential oils anchor this energy. [00:17:52][75.7]

[00:17:54] Well, this is the Idaho Balsam Fir which is now being renamed to Grand Fir the Idaho Blue Spruce and what was not available when I wrote the book, the Guidebook for the Rainbow Healing Cards, the Northern Lights Black Spruce. So this is that beautiful energy that is so important when we get out of balance on that nurturing ourselves. Then I’m going to rub my crystals with this when we get out of balance. Then everything begins to fall apart. So as I said, these first four steps are all about preparing us for that next amazing step, which is to get into action, to activate, to take that first breath of life, the breath of the new life journey. And this is so exciting and it is all about the orange, the Mandarin and Tangerine Essential Oils anchor this. And this is a calcite sphere that I have had for a long, long time. Calcite is very delicate. It also becomes quite cloudy if it’s soaked in water. Many crystals love to be soaked in the saltwater. I used to take them out on the beach in Florida and pour the salt water over them. They love the full moon energies as well. [00:19:40][106.0]

[00:19:41] I have with me I can’t I’m not introducing this yet to the rest of these crystals that have been together for so many years but I’m going to work with this when Sasha brought this for me, this beautiful orange calcite that I am in love with just looking at it. So I’m going to play with it and love it, just like you were a child and get it ready to be introduced to the rest of my crystals. Then once we’ve taken that first breath of the new life journey, then it is very important for us to embrace who we are, to accept to ourselves. This is all about the Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense essential oil and the spear, the crystal of haematite, which is really a metal. This is very heavy and I’m hoping that I will not drop it. But this will help to anchor that steely, great energy of acceptance into every cell and every molecule as we anchor these frequencies into our being. [00:21:09][87.9]

[00:21:10] They affect positively every cell and every molecule and our DNA becoming more and more in harmony. [00:21:24][13.6]

[00:21:26] When there is harmony, there is no illness or disease. So this is so important. [00:21:33][6.7]

[00:21:34] And if we are accepting and embracing who we are after we take that first breath of life, of our new life, then we are able to move to the next step, which is to achieve the freedom that comes from letting go of the rest of the things, the fears, the beliefs, the attachments to the ways of doing things, attachments to things themselves, places, what ever is not supporting us. And this is that energy of Lemon essential oil and the crystal of Citroën. This is a crystal chunk that I’ve had for many years. I have had some leser small spheres, but this one is the one that speaks to me and I love to hold it, rub it with the Lemon essential oil and just intend that it support me in releasing what ever fears I have, whatever beliefs that are no longer serving me and whatever attachments. I am ready to let go of sintering, is an amazing crystal and jewellery is gorgeous made out of it. [00:23:15][101.0]

[00:23:16] So once we have really stripped ourselves down, we’re ready to begin building ourselves back up, which are the next two steps, and that is to call back this divine union. This is calling back all of the energies that belong all of the knowledge and abilities that are truly ours and allowing them to be re-woven into the very fabric of who we are. Re-weaving our DNA. Re-weaving everything about us and this is that essential oil of Jasmine and it is anchored by sugelite, blue lace agate and also the charoite crystals. This looks like a rock, actually a sugelite, which I have had for many years and I love again to put the Jasmine on my hands and rub the crystal and hold it, just intending that this crystal will anchor this energy that it will hold with this frequency and will allow it to interact with me to dance in my field as well. [00:24:48][91.4]

[00:24:49] So if you have sugelite, I have some tiny little slithers of sugelite because it’s difficult to find. If you’re lucky enough or the blue lace agate, this is that steely blue violet colour and the colour is going to anchor that frequency as you surround yourself with these colours. They are going to assist you as well. Then after we’ve done that, we are ready to make sure that everything works together in harmony and this is that energy of Ylang Ylang essential oil and it’s anchored by the rose quartz crystal. [00:25:42][53.1]

[00:25:43] Again, holding that rose quartz, wearing it next to you, putting a little stone in your pocket will enhance your ability to be reminded to intent that everything work together in harmony. Then that last step is all about just letting go of just allowing things to be being who you were created to be. And this is that energy, Sandalwood, Sacred Sandalwood and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. I have a little crystal that I have loved for years that has a sheen of the tiger side. I adore this particular one. It has been with me for a long time. I also have some spheres and I love to hold them and rub them love them with the the energy, the frequencies of those sandalwood. Something else that you can then do. [00:26:56][72.5]

[00:27:04] I’m so excited about the Northern Lights. It comes in a box and we have a 50ml bottle of our beautiful Northern Lights black Spruce. As most of you know, that was Gary’s dream to have this particular farm for Young Living. I’m taking it out and it’s it’s been travelling. It actually has the rainbow colours of this beautiful flower wand, so beautiful. When you unbox your crystal, should you have this energy? It’s been travelling a long way and as Gary taught us when things are travelling, they go through scanners and in the this would have been in the baggage hold of the of the plane. It’s going to affect the energy somewhat, which is going to affect the colours. The colours of your crystals can change, if you are not pleased with the colours initially, you may find that as they interact with you and the essential oils, they will become more beautiful every time you look at them. So it’s hard to imagine that this is going to be more beautiful. [00:28:54][109.8]

[00:28:56] However, we will look and see we’ll watch it over the next few weeks. Now, what is the addition to the fact that it came with the Northern Lights Black Spruce? The energy of Sacred Mountain is what I always feel anchors this energy of this sacred space and the fluoride is the crystal that anchors that energy. So as you hold your flourite crystals, I have a tiny little Tumblestone that I’ve carried with me for quite a while. [00:29:34][38.9]

[00:29:36] As you hold to Crystal, just intent that your sacred space be intact, allowing you that beautiful space in which to grow and heal every thing that is going on so that your entire being is in harmony. Then as we are in harmony ourselves, we are able to allow that frequency of harmony to spread out into others, into the entire universe. [00:30:12][35.8]

[00:30:13] So have fun playing with your crystals this week and loving them. Don’t forget to love them and to rub them with the beautiful energies of of the essential oils and I will see you next Sunday. We will talk more about the crystals. Have a beautiful week. [00:30:13][0.0]