[00:00:12] Good morning. I am really excited this morning. So happy to be here and to see that there are already some of you online and I had anticipated talking about quite different things until I awakened this morning. [00:00:33][20.8]

[00:00:34] First of all, I was going to ask, has it been a great week, an up and down week, stressful week or happy week, a harmonious week? What kind of week have you had? Well, as I said when I awakened this morning and saw that since Singapore and Indonesia both have the most amazing promotions for those who process their essential rewards orders before the 15th of the month at a minimum of 400 pv, they are giving away a ton of oils, but they also have a special box set about the Northern Lights farm and the Northern Lights Blue Spruce and also a Fluoride Crystal that anchors these energys all together and it’s free. [00:01:35][60.9]

[00:01:36] So I am so over the moon right now because the Northern Lights Black Spruce anchors this energy of compassion, of nurturing yourself, this balancing energy that we all require in order for us to be healthy, happy, grounded, effective humans. So, I’m going to apply this is a 5 ml bottle, but we have the opportunity to get 15 ml bottle free. Isn’t that incredible? I am over the moon on this. I had been looking for Fluoride crystals for quite a while and to know that they are coming in with the Northern Lights Black Spruce is just to contain myself. [00:02:36][59.7]

[00:02:37] So let’s take a deep breath. [00:02:40][2.6]

[00:02:41] Now, how can we really make our connections and stay a little stronger? First of all, we’re talking about archetypes today. That was what I intended to talk about. So that’s where we will actually start. Who knows where we will actually go because those of you who follow me know, sometimes we digress just a little bit. However, the archetypes, what are they? Well, let’s first talk about what are the goals of the Rainbow Healing System and the Rainbow Healing Cards? [00:03:22][41.3]

[00:03:22] The first goal is to learn how to make our strong connection with the creator. Whatever your concept is, I call it the source. But that is your key to joy, to grounding, to guidance, to harmony, to every thing in your life. Your connection with the Source and learning to listen to your God. The second thing goal of all of Rainbow Healing system is to become the Authentic Self. [00:04:01][38.6]

[00:04:03] First it’s important to identify the Authentic Self. Do you agree? [00:04:09][5.6]

[00:04:12] The third goal is to refine who you are right now, to polish off those edges, refining yourself to become more and more of your authentic self living in harmony. [00:04:25][12.9]

[00:04:27] So those are three very lofty goals. However, these are what the tools this is what Rainbow Healing System and the Rainbow Healing Cards are all about, just giving you another tool to accomplish these three or four goals if you want to put the harmony in there as well. [00:04:49][21.3]

[00:04:53] This week I have done a lot of thinking and so first I have done other videos talking about the archetypes, which are the picture cards, because every single archetype has positive and potential challenges associated with who they are. And it’s just a way of beginning to play with and think about who we are ourselves and who the people in our lives are. So for those of you who have the App or journey book or the cards themselves, you can play with them in any way you choose at any time. [00:05:43][50.4]

[00:05:44] So one of the things that I like to do as far as the playing with these archetype cards are to actually first make absolutely certain that I am grounded and I have connected with the source that my sacred space is intact. So that Earth grounding is something that came up for me quite a bit this week. I I’ve selected this card more than once and I have written it in the book because we tend to forget the little things from time to time. So I read, I opened my book from the cards, it’s also in the in the App but in this it’s in paragraph form and you have to have pages on it. [00:06:43][59.2]

[00:06:44] There’s a question in here about this particular hologram and it’s about choosing to work with the element of earth, one will deepen the healing process allowing the things that are no longer needed to gently slide away. It may be necessary to examine the manner in which fear of one’s true power is manifested. [00:07:21][36.6]

[00:07:23] How do you participate in the dance of self sabotage? How many of us do participate in that dance? [00:07:34][11.3]

[00:07:37] All of us probably because we will get very close to what it is that we truly are attempting to achieve. Then we do something that will put a roadblock, will keep that from actually happening. So, I’m going to apply these essential oils the Geranium, the Copaibo which keep Cedar Wood, Copaibo and Hong Kuat all three anchor this frequency and the Ylang Ylang frequency. I also have beside me the cystals of Rhodorcrosite which anchors the forgiveness, the first glyph, the Amber which anchors the authenticity and the rose quartz which anchors unity, that harmony and collaboration. [00:08:43][65.8]

[00:08:45] As I am doing these things, I’m going to intend to make that connection with the source, make absolutely certain that I am connected above and below to the source, and intend to listen to that guidance. There are only two beings that truly know why you are here, who you truly are, your authentic self and that is you and the source. So it’s imperative that you increase that strength of the connection so that you can push all the things outside that are not supporting you and learn to listen and trust the guidance that you are receiving from the source directly. This is coming in all the time. We’re receiving messages on many levels and we forget to pay attention. Probably many of us are not in present time so I’m going to use this particular blend. we have so many wonderful essential oils and blends that Gary Young created that can support us in moving forward and that’s what this is all about. [00:10:15][90.1]

[00:10:16] The whole Gary series, Grow Actively Redefining Yourself is all about gently becoming more and more of who we were created to be of learning to live in harmony, remaining grounded and to have fun. Allowing our inner child to play so that we are not always working. For those of us who are workaholics or have been much of our lives, that is a really key factor to allow ourselves to enjoy things. Well, Steven keeps giving me more and more bottles of fun. We must have 12 bottles of fun opened so I’m going to use that because it seems to appear on every surface that I have. Every blend every oil wil support you in some way and what happens when we just apply something that isn’t really necessarily what we require at that moment? Does anyone know? [00:11:37][80.5]

[00:11:38] Is it harmful? No. Everybody will accept what it requires at that moment and it will eliminate anything else. So as we are joyously applying these oils, breathing them in don’t forget about intent because we intend that the frequencies that we require at that particular point will support us in moving forward. We’ll be in those little bottles of oil so what ever oil you’re applying oil or blend, single or blend, know that you can intend that whatever frequencies are required be available to you. So breathe them in, have fun and before we start selecting and playing with our cards of the app, we are going to talk more about the archetypes today, I’ve found that I’ve played with him in many different ways. [00:12:50][71.9]

[00:12:53] One of the things is that I feel that really and truly everybody was designed to be one or maybe two of these particular archetypes because every one of them has many positive attributes and they are the things that are part of our true authentic self. Our gifts, our talents, our knowledge and abilities and there are also some potential challenges, which are the lessons that come along with who we are. So as we begin to zero in on who we truly are, these little cards can help us. [00:13:39][46.3]

[00:13:40] First of all, as I said, I really personally believe that each one of us was designed to be one of these archetypes and maybe possibly two but the reality is that most of us are so mixed up in having attempted to be like others and taken on things and given away our own talents, push them down that we truly don’t know who we are. So this is all about it. Once we are fully connected and as I’ve been applying these oils, it’s truly important to focus, to pay attention and then to create that intent. [00:14:27][47.4]

[00:14:29] Many times, I will choose, there are times I do know which my archetype is now because I’ve polished to the point where I feel that I am beginning to understand my authentic self better. However, there’s still always more room for improvement but we can shuffle them up and with that intent to select the card, which may be who we are authentically. This is not really what I recommend doing. I said that was something that you could do. More often. [00:15:12][42.8]

[00:15:12] I’m finding that is very helpful for me to focus upon which attributes or potential challenges would be helpful for my focus on this particular day or at this particular moment. So that is my intent because it as we focus on particular attributes that may be helpful for us or potential challenges and begin to recognise how we allow these challenges in our lives. Then we can going through the journey of the glyphs and our refinement list, we can put this information together so that we better understand who we are. [00:16:08][55.5]

[00:16:09] So I love to daily or many times to select one of these cards or you can go to your app to the select cards, which you can do as many times as you like and there’s one that for the archetypes and see with that intent in your mind. Then if you’re on the app, touch on the card and go over and read about it. I personally love reading Get Out Of The Journey book or out of the guidebook because the guide book that comes with the cards is written in paragraph form where as the Journey book is in little bullet points of things that it will support or potential challenges. [00:17:05][55.4]

[00:17:06] So, whatever you choose to do, check out the attributes and you may choose to muscle test. I use this muscle testing to see is it positive attributes that I would require that my focus would be the most helpful for me for this time. Is it positive? Are there any negative ones? So I would read through all of the positive and negative ones. Testing each one to see which things would be most helpful for me to focus at this particular time and I choose the oils that I would apply based upon what I found. [00:17:58][51.3]

[00:17:59] For instance, if courage was something I would choose to use Valour blend, if grounding was something that might be an issue that focus upon my grounding would be most helpful, I would use the oils of Geranium, Copaiba or Cedar Wood and Ylang Ylang and I would play with those crystals and I would focus in my journalling upon what it is that I can learn from this particular archetype. Am I making any sense? Hopefully I am. Remembering again that refinement is the key. [00:18:45][46.1]

[00:18:54] I’m looking at My Journal book and I’ve got my refinement list right here. I’m rewriting and finding that it’s really helpful for me every single day in my journal to rewrite my current refinement list. That means the things that I choose to bring into my life and the things that I just will not allow in my life. This is very important for our manifesting. [00:19:25][30.3]

[00:19:26] So as we are rewriting and focussing on this refinement list, we are really zeroing in on the things that are important and whatever card you may have chosen of your archetypes, look at those attributes and the potential challenges and see how they can fit into what you choose to manifest in your life, what you will have in your life and what you absolutely will not allow into your life. [00:20:06][40.0]

[00:20:08] Am I making any sense? [00:20:08][0.9]

[00:20:28] Our connection with the Source, that’s our number one priority or goal in Rainbow Healing forming that sacred space. How often do you form your sacred space every day? Are you focusing on the boundaries which will keep the distractions and the chaos outside and focusing on filling your sacred space with all 10 of the beautiful frequencies of the of the tour of the glyphs and really allowing that connection to permeate every portion of your being all the way into the DNA. This is how we can change our DNA actually becoming who we were created to be all the way from the cellular and molecular level. Isn’t that incredible? [00:21:23][55.9]

[00:21:25] So as we form our sacred space more and more and listen and trust our God, it’s that’s our key. Then with that refinement list, as I said, using the journey of the glyphs to help us move through and if you’re using the app or your card, selecting one of these glyphs to the 4 as your focus with the intent as you press that button or as you are drawing shuffling your physical cards, intend to select the card that will be most helpful to you at this particular moment for your focus and utilise the oils along with it. [00:22:14][48.8]

[00:22:15] So, I feel like I’ve really talked probably longer than I should have. I could go on and on. However, I’m going to suggest that as we go through the week, we really focus on our grounding. Steven loves to say that he loves to play with words and earth grounding to earth and also that connection to the Source of love and earth and heart. If you take the last letter of earth and move it to the front, you have heart. So when we are not fully connected with the earth, we are earth broken. We are also heart broken. [00:23:04][49.5]

[00:23:06] So as you move through this week enjoy, play, be in present time, use your oils and so that is the staying grounded in the other two things. Work on your refinement list every single day. [00:23:25][19.3]

[00:23:25] Pay attention. Pay attention if it’s changing. [00:23:29][3.3]

[00:23:30] Pay attention if you’re actually focussing on it and play with the archetypes. Have fun. You will recognise friends you think of. You will recognise people that you think of immediately when you read about a particular archetype. You may also see yourself in many of them. The key is, again, to utilise the information, listen to your God, it’s from the source and have fun. And I’ll see you next week. [00:23:30][0.0]