Good morning. It’s Sunday again, and I’m excited to be here. It’s bright and sunny today, so hopefully the Internet connection will hold up throughout this entire video. So I hope all of you have had a wonderful, wonderful stress free week. It’s been stressful. Maybe you would like to use some more stress away. I’ve already used man several times and diffused it all night long.

So isn’t it wonderful that we have so many different options of the essential oils that we can use for every single equation? Every single thing that might happen? SITUATION, not equation. I was thinking of mad. So today what I’m choosing to do is to bring more clarity. Over the last two years, we have been doing a lot of different things. We’ve been talking about different tools to put in your tool box since I am a visual person and I visualise this giant tool box. And as I learned something new, I can put every tool into my tool box and this will give me options for when I require particular things. So does that sound like fun or does it sound like work? The idea is that the more tools we have in our box, then the better equipped we are for each situation. So I am going to right now before we really get started, I am going to use ROVs. Now, how many of you have ROVs, essential oil?

[00:02:14] I’m asking that question because I have had roads, essential oil for almost 20 years, not the same bottle. But actually I’ve been a member of Young Living for over 20 years and it took me a while to purchase Rose because I felt like I didn’t deserve it. And then it took me a while longer to use it. Can anyone identify? So this morning I’m choosing to use my rose. I’m going to use a lot of rose because I do deserve it. And every one of you watching also deserves to use your rose. To have it. To use it. To enjoy it. Breathing in these beautiful, beautiful molecules that will support you in becoming who you were created to be in valuing yourself. So now I’m going to get started with what my topic, my real topic for today, which is connecting the dots. Now, last week we started because as I mentioned over the last two years in our Gary series, our grow actively raise responsibly and re-assessing yourself and redefining yourself. So this is all part of that refinement process. And we gave we talked about the refinement list and its importance. I put that first because it is the key. If we don’t know what we are choosing to have in our lives and what we are choosing not to allow in our lives, we have no idea of who we are. So it’s all about working with that refinement list, creating our sacred space. So we have a place in which to to heal with all of the stuff, the distractions outside of our sacred space, with our boundaries up, where we are connected with the source and also connected with the earth, the planet upon which we live, and that our journey of the day lifts, which is a daily or many times multiple times daily for me too, is really a pet every mander to pay attention. Most of the time when I get into trouble, it’s because I’m not paying attention. Stephen would agree with you on this. With me. Excuse me. So we talked a little bit about the using the holograms last week. We’re going to continue talking about these things so that you may see them in a slightly different light. Today, we’re going to go back to something that Stephen introduced a few weeks ago, which is words. So, first of all, I’m going to use my awaken gland to wake up, to awaken to new possibilities and new ways of doing things, new things to do. And and in terms of these words that Stephen talked about before, he gave you eight words, I’m going to expand upon the words and maybe even add one or two more. So the idea of these is to pay attention to where we are. Do we have any blocks? Well, this morning when I drew my my cards, I came up with the earth element, which is all about that grounding. And I looked at the cards, the glyphs that make up the earth element. And I thought, source. Thank you. You have told me exactly what we’re about. Focus should be today because the earth element is all about clearing blocks and that is the key clearing the blocks. We all have blocks. Every single one of us has blocks. It’s just a matter of recognizing the blocks and doing something to clear them. Would you agree? So when I think of this, this is the very first step on the Tarmy of the glyphs. The forgivness glyph, which is that golden pink, that warm pink energy two on the block and it’s anchored badge uranium. I also have my wrote a crosseyed sphere that I’ve had for now 16 years, 17 years. I’ve had this beautiful wrote Crosseyed Could Spear, which this is to support me, and layering the blocks, getting rid of them at whatever level. So I’m going to apply a lot of uranium. Think I’ll put that behind my ears, under my nose, it on my hands and breathe it in. All the while intending that these little molecules and the. G The frequencies of this road, a cross-eyed sphere, support me in getting things started. What we’re really trying to do, we’re too attempting to become more authentic. So I have these oils around, too. So first, though, I’m going through these words that Stephen gave because it’s really important to understand that these words have on an order and that to pay attention to each one. Because if we have a block on one of them, we’re not gonna be able to move forward. So the first one is I can. So I muscle test. I learned this from Stephen or use the pendulum. What ever it is, how ever you manage to and access your inner knowing. I can. Am I blocked? No. Thankfully, I’m clear on I can. So we’ll move to the next one. If I’m not, I will find more geranium. Pay more attention to this glyph and intend to on block. Wherever the block is likely we later we may choose to determine where this block is. First I like to go through all of them, all of these words and find out which ones have blocks. Although other times I may choose to deal with each one very, very carefully. So I’m going to test. Actually attested that I was clear. If I were not clear, I would test. What level is it at the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level of the spiritual or energetic level to find out to just give myself more information. Am I making any sense? So the second word is, am I am I am strong. I am determines what you are at that given moment, at that present moment. Am I blocked? I hope not. I my intent is always to be clear. So you may test where you are on the third word is. I will. I will. If you’re blocked, you may choose to again go back and pay attention to this particular glyph intending to remove all blocks associated with. I will at all levels later, perhaps in another session. We will also give you some words, some statements that you can make to get to really take a position on these words. This is not a random thing that we’re doing. We’re really going through these things and we’re paying attention because we’re at a crosswords road crossword, not crosswords. We’re standing on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into the fires of transformation. And it’s all about clearing whatever blocks we have at whatever level so that we can become our authentic self. I choose. How often have we said I need something? It’s not a matter of needing. It’s of choosing what you choose. What you will have in your life. And again, this refinement list, which is the first thing we can think about every morning. What it is we’re choosing to do with our day. What it is we’re choosing to bring into our life at that moment. And what we’re choosing not to allow into our lives as we work more and more with the refinement list. I have found that I change. I change what’s most important according to that particular present moment. I like to write my list in the front of my door and keep adding to that those lists. However, I’m also finding that it’s very important for me to rewrite my list without referring to my original list, but to rewrite my refinement list every single morning. It changes, as I said. And it is a marker. It is. It definitely will. Tell me where I am at this particular moment. If I happened to write things that are not on my longer list in the beginning, I will add those things. But it really does help me to zero in by rewriting that list every day. And I’m going to tell you something else that I found that is probably. It may be the most important thing that I say. And that is right in your journal every single day. I’m saying this. Does this mean that I’m perfect? No, I get busy just like you do, and I forget or I think, oh, it’s OK. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I don’t need to write. Writing is the most important thing that you can do because it puts it right in front of you. You may not need to go back and read it again at that moment, but someday, maybe a week or two later, if you go back and reread what you have written, you will learn an amazing amount about yourself. And when I don’t take the time to write, there is something missing. That is when the balance is not really there. So what am I going to do? I am going to remind myself that the refinement list is all about becoming more authentic, understanding who I am, who I was created to be, and making that commitment to become that be. So the essential oils that anchor these are the Cedar Wood and Kobar Able Hong Quat also anchors this energy. So today I’m going to use the Copart Ebo. Right now this is one of my favourite oils and I’m going to pick up my beautiful, beautiful amber crystal sphere that Stephen found for us a few years ago. Now I’m going to hold it in my hands intending that the frequencies of this amber which do anchor that energy of. Authenticity and breathing in the Copart Ebo. I’m going to intend to be calm more and more of who I was created to be. And that is going to be a beautiful awakening for each of us. And as we do become more and more of who we were created to be. This is the third live that makes up the earth element and that is the unity to live, which is all about collaboration and harmony. So I’m going to apply the harmony to lend. Harmony is what most of us desire in our lives. If that’s not something that you desire in your life, then you may choose to re-evaluate. Because when everything is in harmony, what does it really mean? It means that whether it’s at the physical level in your own body, everything working together. So it’s going to produce longevity health wise. Harmony also will produce things, beautiful things in relationships, longevity in relationships. So to me, harmony is one of the most beautiful concept that there is, even to the point that Stephen and I have in our wedding rings, we have the cliffs that make up the harmony hologram and engraved into our rings because that is what we’re each choosing to do to bring harmony into every moment. Now, that is that choose as we move on to the next word, the next where it is hard. Well, if we choose well, we will have what we would choose to have in our lives. Can you see this at all? We blocked on having. If you’re in a state of lack and fearing that you will not have enough, then perhaps this is the word on which you are blocked. It may require that you use something such as valar or another essential oil, whether it’s a blend or a single oil to intend to reduce the stress on having to clear the blocks. And you may choose to go back to the geranium. I’m sorry. I put the geranium back in my pouch to go back to the geranium and choose to clear the blocks. Really focus on that block of not having enough. There is enough out there for every one of every single thing that exists. So it’s a question of our looking inward and clearing the blocks too heavy. Every thing that you choose a life of complete abundance. And I forgot to bring the abundance bland over where I can reach it. That may be one that you would choose to really pay attention to in these next few days as you are going through these words and paying attention to them. The next word is our love. So we’ve got our can and will. I choose. I have. I love. Now, many of us feel that we are not blocked on loving, but we may be blocked on receiving love. If you feel it. If you test that, you’re blocked on love. Then again, you may choose to go back to this geranium and the forgiveness, really focussing and intending to clear the blocks at whatever level they are. Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that are preventing you from having love in every aspect of your life. So then after I can, I am I will. I choose. I have. I love. The next word is I create. I create. How many of us truly create the life of our dreams? How many of us sit back and wait for it to happen and accept whatever does happen? Well, check and see whether you are clear or blocked on the word. I create and again, go back to the direct. Then the forgiveness glyph. There’s a reason why this is the first glyph is the Czerny of the glyphs, because there we can. We come up with blocks on so many things at any point. And it is not just individuals that come up with blocks. We all do it. It’s a question of how quickly we recognise and do something about it. So we are going to create we’re going to choose to create the life that we have talked about in our refinement list. And then the the eighth word is one that often I find that I am blocked off K. I enjoy. We go through all the motions, but we’re not truly enjoying what we’re doing when we enjoy every moment. We are passionate, so we are. And I’m sorry I forgot to give you the joy blend. We are passionate. We are excited and entered. Interestingly, I did get the crusader card today, which is all about passion and excitement and joy and what you’re doing. Spreading the joy. So joy blend might be one that you would choose to use if you’re blocked on enjoy and. Check that one often. So often when we are stressed, there’s no way that if we are feeling stressed that we are enjoying it. Would you agree? So I intend to enjoy. And this leads me to my two additions of words to this long list. I can I am will I choose? I have I love, I create, I enjoy and I have to put my two cents worth in because the next word for me that is key to everything in my life is I intend the difference between intending and asking is that asking put you in a receiving mode, standing here saying, please do this, let it come to me. It’s passive, whereas intending is an active role in creating whatever it is you choose to create. It is putting your will, your passion, your love, your creativity behind making it happen. A blend that I decided to use this morning was is like the fire. Without the fire, the passion is not there. And without the passion, the intent may diminish made dwindle. If you don’t have like the fire, you may choose orange essential oil, which is part of the fire element. It anchors that breath of life. The fifth glyph, the one that is all about initiating change, about standing on the edge of that cliff, jumping into the fires of transformation. And then the last word, the second word that I feel that I just have to. It is not going to surprise many of you to believe, I believe. And so, of course, I’m going to give myself a belief. Shower belief is so much of what we do and what we create. If you believe that you cannot do something, it will not happen. It. Well, I say it will not. The likelihood of it happening is very slim. So as we believe choosing to believe anything is possible, just like the crusader who believes so strongly and what they are doing, that nothing is going to deter you. So believe, believe, believe. You may choose to use ballah to give you the courage to keep moving forward. And of course, I always love to also put in Gary’s favourite blend. Highest potential, reminding me that in every moment I can choose to reach my highest potential and that the highest potential does change from one moment to another, from one day to another. But the intent is to reach my highest potential. In this moment. So I hope this is clarified. The words just a bit for you and I appreciate your being here and watching. I love it to see the heart go by. I don’t get to read the comments, although I do after I finish the recording. And I hope that you will or I would choose for each of you to evaluate where your blocks are on these now. Ten words as you are moving through your week and that you have a passionate week that is filled with joy and all of the things that you are choosing to have in your life. See you next Sunday. [00:02:14][0.0]