[00:00:00] Just completed on the first Sunday in February of 2018, we began our Facebook class and I was petrified. I still am not totally at ease in front of the camera. [00:00:16][16.9]

[00:00:19] However, we managed to do this for two full years and we are now in our third year. Let’s see if this will work for a while. I don’t know whether it will or not. I’m not seeing anybody yet online, so I’m going to use some oils. Hopefully this is recording somewhere and I will be able to put it online even if it is not right now. I don’t know how all the technical details of this. [00:00:53][34.1]

[00:00:54] However, I’m going to put some stress away on any of you who’d like to join me with that. Please feel free and I’m going to intend to gain some clarity. [00:01:16][21.8]

[00:01:22] I’m excited about using Clarity. I was talking about the fact that this is a special day to me because we are actually in our third year of our weekly Facebook Live Sundays with Frances and I am getting more comfortable and I’m loving sharing with you. I truly appreciate those of you who are here each week and look forward to sharing with you. So happy Sunday! it’s a rainy Sunday here in Bali but that is just clearing out the air of all the little impurities and making the flowers and trees much, much more beautiful. So as we move along today’s topic is connecting the dots. And I have talked about a lot of things which may have felt like isolated processes. I tend to be a process type person where I like to learn how to do different things. Remember, I was a Maths Teacher. So as we learn different operations, different things to do. It’s nice to know how we put them all together. To me, what are we attempting to do? Well, this is our Gary series and back in 2018, Steven and I woke up one morning and started talking about acronyms for Gary and we came up with a few. And while I was recording the leadership series in July 2018, I heard myself say, grow actively refining yourself. And that was like the light bulb moment that that is what everything is all about, that we are working daily to refine who we are and become more and more authentic. [00:03:41][138.9]

[00:03:42] So I have always felt that, number one, the most important thing we can do every day, every week, every month, everything is to make our strong connection with our creator. And each one of us can make this connection and learn and get better and better. [00:04:03][21.6]

[00:04:04] Hearing your unique guidance from your creator only to be truly know why you’re here, that you and the creator, and it is important for you to understand and gain trust in the guidance that you’re receiving. [00:04:24][19.6]

[00:04:25] So that’s number one. Number two is to clear out that space where you can be vulnerable and all the stuff that’s not helping you. I call this the sacred space and to clear out all of that stuff so that you can be at peace and have a space where you can listen and not be under stress. [00:04:55][29.9]

[00:04:56] Well, we might choose to use more Stress Away. We might also choose to use more Clarity. I love using a lot of the blends. Although with my journey of the glyphs, which is the first thing that I do every morning, is I use the single oils and you can go back and watch some of the previous videos or go to my website Fullerlife.com and see all of these things. But basically in my mind, what do I do when I wake and every morning? First thing is, am I connected with the Creator? Do I have my little sacred space? I just visually close my eyes, take a deep breath. Sacred Mountain is one of my favourites for creating my sacred space. If I had only one oil beside my bed, it would be Sacred Mountain because that to me just brings that visual of the sacred space of me being safe. Then, I quickly go through that journey of the glyphs. Now we’ve gone through this in great detail over the past few weeks and this is the first clearing. [00:06:24][87.9]

[00:06:25] Am I clear with the blocks and I am beginning to run my own energy, my unique energy to build the strong, healthy cells and molecules, get rid of the illness and disease and build my authentic self. And in order to know what to build, we have to take our masks off and kind of look at ourselves and then nurture ourselves, which is something that many of us have kind of forgotten to do through the years. We get busy and we forget that we deserve to be nurtured by ourselves and find that perfect balance of giving into receiving and taking that first breath of life that allowing ourselves to change. That is the key. Nothing is going to improve or change unless we do agree to change. And then embracing whatever comes as those changes are happening. Releasing. Letting go. Finding that freedom of letting go of the fears and beliefs and attachments that have not helped us in the past. Bringing back all of our true abilities and working with the source to reweave you exactly as you were designed to be and you and the source working together to get everything to work in harmony and then just being who you are, being there to positively impact others, does it take a minute to visually go through these things? You can take longer if you choose, but that’s the basic idea. And then before I even get out of bed, I like to reach over. [00:08:27][122.1]

[00:08:27] I have a post-it note beside my bed that has my refinement list on it. And before I look at it, I like to think of what is it that I choose to have most in my life or will not allow to have in my life? And I think of those and they do change from day to day, I promise you they change. Those of you who have our My Journal, have the outline. You can put it anywhere but on the very first page after the inside, you have the place for the refinement list. [00:09:10][42.6]

[00:09:11] And I write my refinement list and add to it. But what I’m finding now is a real key to refining, to polishing the edges of who Frances is, is to rewrite my refinement list each day and then compare it to what I wrote before. [00:09:33][22.0]

[00:09:34] It will change, I promise you it will change. And it’s important for us to understand just where we are with each thing. Sometimes things that are very important to us at one time really may have no importance for us at another. So this is a way of checking in with ourselves, finding out what it is that really gives us passion. My belief is that we are here for a purpose. Every single one of us has a reason for being here. And when we find our true passion, what really gives us excitement and joy, then that is going to lead us right into our true purpose. When we are just going through the motions; maybe because we are good at it, maybe because we feel we need to do that. That’s not part of really fulfilling upon the purpose for which you came and again, you and the source are the only ones who know that. I love using Awaken blend because I intend when I apply this blend to awaken to the possibilities, to awaken to who I was created to be. And as I focus more and more upon the refinement list, I feel that I am understanding more and more about what it is that truly I came here to do. [00:11:35][120.6]

[00:11:36] Now, Steven and I talk all the time. [00:11:41][4.8]

[00:11:41] Sometimes we talk kind of excitedly. Sometimes it’s in different ways. We might say that we’re on opposite sides of the way we think. [00:11:51][10.0]

[00:11:52] The point being, sharing brings us to more understanding of what it is that we truly are choosing to do, what we choose to create in our lives and what we just will not allow in our lives. [00:12:14][21.3]

[00:12:14] That’s going to get rid of a lot of extraneous stuff out there. And that extraneous stuff is where most of us are living our lives. Would you agree? So one of the things that Stephen has taught me is that there’s going to be joy. [00:12:32][17.8]

[00:12:33] We have an oil for that don’t we? Joy, in every moment. Now, some moments are more difficult to find that joy when things are not quite the way that we anticipated. [00:12:44][10.6]

[00:12:46] However, when we really take a step back and really think about it, the joy cannot be there or we cannot find their true path unless we let go of something and letting go is not always the easiest thing that we did. [00:13:09][23.0]

[00:13:10] So if we are assessing ourselves by how much joy we are actually experiencing, this is going to bring us closer and closer to understanding what it is that we truly are choosing to do with our lives. [00:13:33][22.8]

[00:13:33] Why we actually came here? I have my oil sitting here as always my release and it entails letting go, letting go of some of our preconceived notions. How many of us really have those preconceived notions about who we are and what we are supposed to do? And we put on our masks and do it day after day. Does it give us joy? Are we passionate? I think I mentioned before, probably more than once that I was one of these great achievers. [00:14:23][49.1]

[00:14:23] I would set goals. I now find that goals are not something that is part of my life. I hope I’m not stepping on toes when I say this, but I would set a goal, a specific goal. I would achieve the goal and I would feel totally unfulfilled. It was like, OK, this wasn’t what I thought it would be. What’s the next goal? How can any of you identify with that? So it was just a matter of now I’m focussing on what gives me passion, because if I’m excited about something, even after I achieve the next step, then that tells me that something is going right. And I feel that I’m moving closer and closer to why I’m here and fulfilling my purpose. So what does this require? It does require being in the present moment. We can’t be joyful without any other moment. [00:15:33][69.5]

[00:15:34] We can’t have passion. We can be excited looking back on things we’ve accomplished and using the present time and we can have an idea of where we are going. [00:15:46][11.6]

[00:15:46] But the fact is that its the present moment that is going to be the key to everything. Are you enjoying what you are doing in each moment? [00:16:00][13.2]

[00:16:03] That’s for you to think and talk to the source because we all have periods that are not going to be as easy to enjoy. [00:16:15][11.8]

[00:16:16] However, when we take that step back and looking at our retirement list, the refinement list is not about changing who you are throwing out, saying that I am not good enough. How many of us have lived with feeling that we were not good enough most of our lives? It’s not about that at all. It’s just about gently polishing the edges and finding out who we truly are, working with the refinement list is going to assist you in doing this daily. [00:16:59][42.6]

[00:17:03] Steven refers to this as taking a position about what you choose to create in your life and what you will not allow in your life. [00:17:13][10.5]

[00:17:15] And he says that when someone says, what are you doing? The answer should always be, I’m working with my refinement list. [00:17:23][8.9]

[00:17:25] So the importance of that is huge. Now, if you take time to journal a little bit, write down your thoughts after you’ve gone through these first steps. The basic structure is right here in my journal. If you go through those little steps first and take time, even a few minutes to just write what ever you’re thinking. Not for anybody to read, just to write. [00:18:02][36.9]

[00:18:03] You may later learn if you look back on it after a period of time, you will see a tremendous amount of growth and change and it will be almost as if you are just receiving directly or probably is receiving that guidance directly from the source. And if you step back from that, again, that understanding that this is who you truly choose to be. And in actuality, every single one of us has the opportunity to choose what we are going to do in every moment, who we are going to be and we have the opportunity to choose whether we imitate others or whether we listen to our guidance directly from the source about who we are, what our joy is, what our passions, what our knowledge and abilities can be and how we can utilise them. There is no way on earth that I could have dreamed up the life that I have right now. If I had attempted to plan it. Yes, I was one of those who was a great planner. I loved planning things. However, situations change and we don’t know everything that’s going on. When we take this time to do our daily alignment process, which is what we call this doing and going through looking at our refinement list and thinking about it just a little bit. You’ll find some days you have a lot of time and other days you may not have, but just a very brief amount. However, every time we do something in the process, it’s going to become more and more ingrained in us and it’s going to become a part of who we are. And we don’t have to think about it. [00:20:29][146.3]

[00:20:29] It doesn’t require as much energy. At the beginning everything takes a lot of energy when we’re starting something new. So I’m going to challenge you this week to first of all, believe that you truly are here for good reason and that you will get more and more towards that understanding as you were just a little bit every single day. [00:20:58][28.6]

[00:20:59] To me, it is not just the process. It is the consistency. It is doing things over and over and moving, polishing them and moving on. So I challenge you this week to just take a deep breath and work with your refinement list. And I’ll see you next week. Have a beautiful week. [00:20:59][0.0]