[00:00:02] Good morning. I am excited to be back and we’ll just talk for a few minutes before we get started before the top of the hour and I’m going to use some STRESS AWAY first. Has anyone had a stressful week? So while we’re waiting for people to get on we’re just going to reduce stress. [00:00:25][23.7]

[00:00:30] As many of you probably know, one of the major factors in all illness and disease anything where we have physical or emotional, mental or energetic pain is stress. So whatever we can do to reduce our stress is going to improve the overall picture. Stress away is a great essential oil to keep with you and to use. We have it diffusing throughout the centre at Fuller Life Bali and we use it in every appointment because there is no one who is immune to stress. Would you agree? [00:01:15][45.1]

[00:01:16] So at any rate, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about the background of why I actually developed a way to work with others with the Rainbow Healing. I had been using it for myself for a long, long time and I never had really thought in terms of using it on another until a beautiful lady in Florida contacted me with two major health issues, blocks in the heart and spots on the liver. And when she came, I thought, I’m going to try something a little bit different because she came the day before she was to go in for her heart surgery and so I used what I’m going to tell you now, The Rainbow Healing in the way that I will tell you that I used it for her and when she went in for her surgery with the the test right before the heart surgery, they found no blocks and sent her home. Her husband called me in tears that afternoon when she went back for more tests for her liver. Same thing! Nothing was there so at that point, I realized there may be more to this than I had thought about. So, what do we always do first? [00:02:58][101.4]

[00:02:59] First it’s eleven o’clock. So I say hello and happy Sunday and I’m so happy that you’re here to share with me. I’m excited about sharing the information today. If I talk too long, we will extend it to next week. I’ll try to do my best to get finished in the within 20 minutes. So basically, what do we do with Rainbow Healing? We pour ourselves. We go through the journey of the glyphs every single day and I have my oils, all of the oils that represent the journey of the glyphs and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you’re new to Rainbow Healing or if you just choose to have a bit of a review, perhaps you will watch the videos from the last two weeks, because we went through a very detailed journey of the glyphs on both of those weeks, the first five glyphs and then the second five glyphs. [00:04:05][65.9]

[00:04:07] So at any rate, what is the first thing we do before we do anything? As I said, we do our own journey of the glyphs, whether we’re working on ourselves or whether we’re working on someone else. And we first make certain that we are grounded and connected with the source. [00:04:33][25.7]

[00:04:34] Whatever your concept is of that which created you and everything. I feel that creating our sacred space, which is what I see, what I think about on the front of this, our Journey book, our having that great connection with the source through the crown chakra at the top of the head all the way down through the core of Earth into the source below. [00:05:05][30.5]

[00:05:05] So, we have fully connected above and below and then we carve out, we intend that there be a cylinder around us that will give us a safe place where we can push out all of the stuff that’s outside, all of the things that could interfere with what ever we are intending to do and we place our boundaries around the outside and then intend to create harmony. Now that is key. So I what oils do I use, for me and for every person that I touch. [00:05:46][40.9]

[00:05:47] Well, at Fuller Life Bali, we use Sacred Mountain in every single session, whether you choose Grounding, Sacred Mountain, Higher Unity, Valour, whatever your feeling is about the most potent grounding or you may choose to use all of them. I’m going to use my Sacred Mountain again just to intend and make certain that I am fully connected with the source and I am going to intend to remain in present time because all healing does takes place in present time. It doesn’t take place in the past. It doesn’t take place in the future. It takes place right this moment. And if we’re working on ourselves or on another person, it is very important that we are focused and in this present moment. Would you agree? [00:06:50][63.4]

[00:06:52] Our goal is to create Harmony throughout whether it is for us or for another. I’m going to use the Harmony blend, which I carry with me quite often because harmony means that there is no competition between the cells and the molecules, between the organs, the systems. No competition anywhere. Everything is working together in harmony. When there is disharmony, there is dis-ease, there is pain at some level, the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level when there is not harmony, these things creep in. [00:07:44][52.2]

[00:07:44] When I am working with another person, I first go through my journey of the glyphs, as I said, and make sure that I am fully grounded in present time and that I am in harmony and focussed. The next thing if I’m working with someone else, is to intend that for them. In other words, I’m not going to assess anything that is not going right with them. That is not my goal. [00:08:20][35.7]

[00:08:21] My goal is to assist them in connecting with the creator in creating their own sacred space where they can heal if they are choosing to do so. And I’m going to use my power of intent throughout. This is extremely important, when we intend something, we are putting our will, our desire, our passion behind making it happen. We are truly focussed and we are sending loving energy towards supporting whoever we are working with. Whether it is ourselves or anothe r in making that choice to get better, to have harmony. So we’re gonna choose for them to awaken to the possibilities. And as I said, to create the harmony, I have my oils here, kind of a reminder to myself and we’re going to intend that they reach their highest potential. [00:09:34][72.7]

[00:09:37] Now, what do I actually do after doing the journey of the glyphs for myself? Then for the person I’m working with, I then do it a little bit more intensely because the first thing that I do is to hold the bottoms of the feet, whether it is my feet or someone else’s, and go to the bottom of the feet. and I visualize this glyph, this forgiveness glyph and may apply the Geranium again to the bottoms of the feet of the person that I’m working with, visualizing that warm pink energy, visualizing, moving up. [00:10:24][47.0]

[00:10:25] Now, on the lady that I’ve talked about in Florida, this was almost 20 years ago. When I was holding the bottoms of her feet, it felt like that pink energy I was visualizing that pink energy, filling her entire physical form and energy being and I visualized because I am a visual person. That glyph just twirling and going where ever it needed to go as it filled her entire sacred space with this beautiful pink energy and it seemed to go in very nicely. I could feel it and she is very intuitive and she said the same thing, which made me feel a little bit more confident. But I thought, wow, this is easy! [00:11:21][56.3]

[00:11:22] So, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to go to her head and put my hands on her head and ask her to ride along with me to visualize this pink energy. She did not know what the glyphs looked like because at that time, I didn’t have the cards. That was something that took me 11 years to actually bring into reality. It took me until 2011, but I was working with myself, my hand drawing cards that I made and had them laminated. [00:12:02][39.8]

[00:12:04] So I ask her to visualize that pink coming in through the top of her head, coming all the way down and as I took a breath, I felt it being stuck a little bit. It was much more difficult than coming in from the bottom. She said, I can’t, it’s stuck and I asked where is it stuck? She said, it’s stuck at the bottom of my throat. So we worked for a few minutes on just intending that this energy flow start from the crown chakra coming down this beautiful pink energy. [00:12:44][39.8]

[00:12:45] Now, who remembers what the concept of this glyph is all about? It’s to unblock at all levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. So, as I applied more geranium essential oil, which anchors this energy, we kept intending that this energy moved down to wherever it required, wherever her body required it and eventually, after a few minutes, we both felt that there was a release and that it was flowing much more easily. Well, think about this, Geranium essential oil is very supportive for cardiovascular system. Wow! I didn’t even think of that at the time. It also, as I said, is that energy of on blocking. It is also very supportive for balancing hormones in every blend. That is an emotional type blend. Almost every blend contains Geranium which is that emotional balance required. When our hormones are out of balance we are out of balance and nothing really happens. That’s positive, would you agree? We get normally tend to be more and more unbalanced. [00:14:26][100.9]

[00:14:26] So just thinking of this particular glyph and that warm pink energy can really unlock a lot of things. The next thing that I’d always do now, I’d attempt to make certain that I first clear those blocks and then I love holding feet. You may not like holding feet, but I love holding the top of the head or a great thing to do for yourself and others is to put your one hand on your forehead and the other at the base of the skull, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. This is a very healing and very powerful position and when you do this with focus and intent that all of the energies be running smoothly and in harmony. You may find that amazing things happen. [00:15:33][66.5]

[00:15:34] The next thing I like to do, I like to focus on the third glyph, which is authenticity because as we are allow ourselves to be less than authentic is we take on things from others or give away our own things. It often can change what is going on and bring it into a place where it is less than positive. So, Cedarwood and Copaiba and Hong Kuai anchor this particular energy. I called it that golden sparkling apricot energy, that pale apricot peachy colour energy and it’s anchored by Amber crystal and Red Jasper. I’m wearing my Amber today because being authentic is so important to the healing process. [00:16:41][66.5]

[00:16:43] The next thing, I would hold if there is a place in the body, whether it’s the feet or whether you’re doing it on the head, sometimes I do all the places. We know Frances has a real propensity for injuries. When I fractured my spine in two places in 2011, I stepped off the two and a half metre wall, crushing my right leg in 2016 and then falling in the airport in Bali last August, five months ago, fracturing my hip and irritating the leg that had already been messed up quite a bit. So I used this and I love to hold for parts. Also, that where the pain is because it seems to make that energy move more smoothly and the pain go away. [00:17:45][62.1]

[00:17:46] The next thing and this is key is the fifth glyph. So we’ve used number one, number three and number five. And this is the breath of life that’s anchored by that Orange essential oil and I visualize that breath of life, that very first breath that creates the change, the transformation. I visualize it as fire because fire has that ability to burn away things that are no longer needed. It has the ability to transform. It can totally destroy but it also has the ability to renew, to rejuvenate, to regenerate. So if you’re looking to heal a particular area in your physical form or emotional, mental or spiritual being then visualize this fire going to that particular portion of the body as well as the entire body in flames. And breathe it in just like the baby in that first breath that creates that transformation. Then afterwards I visualize and I go through all of these slowly, but these particular ones to me, for any kind of pain or illness or disease are key. [00:19:28][101.5]

[00:19:28] The first glyph forgiveness to unblock, the third one, authenticity to intend that things be the way they were created to be. The breath of life, to allow that change to move forward and the harmony glyph, the unity glyph which is all about bringing everything together. Now we skipped some of the other ones, but we don’t skip them when we’re doing our journey of the glyphs. We continuously use all ten of the glyphs in creating that sacred space. However, focussing on certain ones may help. This is where all of the combinations in your Rainbow dealing cards come in because they are combinations of the first 10 glyphs and they can assist you in your understanding which which ones do what and how do they work together to bring about harmony in the entire form. [00:20:43][75.2]

[00:20:44] So as I mentioned before, we are going to intend that there be the person you and the person reach your highest potential in every moment. And what your highest potential is in one moment does not have anything to do with what your highest potential may be in another moment because we are all changing at all times. There may be times when our energy is not 100 percent and our highest potential may be down here. Ideally, we are all away up here all the time. Practically that’s not going to happen. [00:21:32][48.2]

[00:21:33] We’re going to be somewhere in between the very high and the very low and. As we continue to do our journey of the glyphs and they are focussing on our balance and harmony. We can raise that middle level higher and higher until we may be able to exist way up here at all times. So I’m going to close by saying lets always use Believe. This is why I use it all the time because our belief has a lot to do with the outcome. [00:22:11][38.1]

[00:22:13] Now, the hardest thing sometimes when working with another person is that we may think we know what the highest potential is and we may choose to push them in what we consider the right direction. However, the reality is there are only two beings who know exactly what anyone of us, the perfect thing is for you or for another, at any given time and that is you and the source. [00:22:56][42.8]

[00:22:59] Make our thoughts be the reality for another, we’re depriving them of the opportunity for them to connect with the source and to actually become who they were created to be. So, I hope you have lots of fun playing with yourself, working with the glyphs on yourself and perhaps on others. I’d love to hold my heart because my leg has been such a challenge for me over the past three years. I put both hands around my leg and just focus on moving these particular energies, all 10 of them actually but also really focussing on that forgiveness, that peak energy moving through, that authenticity, the apricot energy, the fire, the golden orange energy of breath of life and that pale pink, beautiful energy of harmony, of unity. [00:24:09][70.0]

[00:24:10] So, have fun, as I said, and let me know how things are going and I look forward to spending time with you next Sunday. [00:24:10][0.0]