There are often questions about how much Sulfurzyme is safe to take.  Dr. Peter Minke stated in his presentations and in his cd’s, “There is no upper limit to the amount of Sulfurzyme that one can take.

Sulfur is in every cell of the human body, so it is quite impossible for anyone to be ‘allergic’ to Sulfurzyme.  It IS quite possible to be allergic to synthetic sulfur – or pharmaceuticals that are called “sulfa drugs” – because they are not plants.  In addition, many brands of “organic sulfur” contain sulfur in compounds that are not easily absorbed by the body.

For instance, 17 years ago, I was told that I needed to take organic sulfur.  I took an internationally known brand for over 1.5 years with no visible benefits.  When I began using the Young Living essential oils, I noticed that there was a supplement called SULFURZYME.  I decided to try Young Living’s supplement since I was seeing so many positive benefits from the essential oils.  To my amazement, within three weeks, the pain in my arthritic hands was totally gone!  I have been using and recommending SULFURZYME ever since.

Gary Young taught us to begin with the “maintenance amount” that is on each bottle of Young Living supplement.  After a few days, increase the amount.  After a few more days, increase again – until one of two things occurs:  either your symptoms disappear or you have a digestive upset.   If you have a digestive upset, then drop back to the level where you last had no issue.  If your symptoms disappear, then hold at that level for 30 days.

Dr. Ronald Lawrence, the author of “The Miracle of MSM”, and Gary Young have always said that once you reach the level where your symptoms are gone for 30 days, you may choose to decrease along the same schedule as you increased it.  NOTE:  THIS IS NOT FOR ANY “DETOX” BUT SO YOU CAN FIND THE LEVEL YOUR BODY NEEDS FOR BALANCE.  If your symptoms begin returning, then go back up to the level where your symptoms were not there.

I have on occasions been traveling and did not have enough Sulfurzyme with me.  I have NEVER had any negative response from not taking it for a period of time “suddenly”.  In fact I often stop taking it when at my home in Bali because there is so much sulfur in my natural well water there.  (However, after my spinal fracture in June 2011, I have made certain to always take Sulfurzyme because I feel it is quite important for my body.)