This is a common complaint and often quite simple to overcome, but it can be important to determine WHY you are fatigued.
Part of the solution is definitely going to be NINGXIA RED as it supports ALL systems of the body. (It is my “secret” for seemingly unlimited stamina.) It is important to drink the full 180ml (6 ounces) each day for at least 4-6 months.
At that time you may be able to cut back and still maintain the same level of wellness. Some have found that they can maintain at 120ml (4 ounces) a day after they have built up their reserves.
However, it requires the extra amount to rebuild what has been deteriorating over time. My personal feeling is that I feel so good that I have no thought of decreasing – I would consider INCREASING, but certainly not decreasing!
Are you getting enough OXYGEN?
ALL essential oils – particularly those high in sesquiterpines
(CEDARWOOD and COPAIBA are about 98% sesquiterpenes))
Are you getting ENOUGH sleep?
WHAT is keeping you from sleeping?
Is your sleep INTERRUPTED?
RUTAVALA has been helpful for many. RutaVaLa comes in 5ml bottle and also in Roll-On. It can be applied over the brain stem.
Are you too ACIDIC?
ALKALIME can be taken at bedtime and will assist you in alkalizing the body, making it a less friendly environment for candida, bacteria, and viruses. Candida is especially active at night and can cause very light sleep rather than restful deep sleep.
LEMON and/or GRAPEFRUIT can also be used throughout the day.
Don’t forget to eliminate the “Three Poisons” – SUGAR, CEFFEINE, and DAIRY PRODUCTS.
Is some discomfort keeping you from deep sleep?
Are you WORRIED about something – difficulty in “turning off the mind”?
MARJORAM and/or PEACE & CALMING applied at bedtime has been helpful for many.
How are your emotions?
JOY, VALOR, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT have all been shown to elevate moods. Gary Young has also often suggested layering VALOR + JOY + HARMONY + WHITE ANGELICA for depression.
Do you have to go through a cleanse?
INNER DEFENSE, THIEVES, PURIFICATION, or IMMUPOWER will take care of most infections. Layering the RAINDROP TECHNIQUE oils on the feet each night at bedtime can be an amazing boost.
Do you have nose related ailments?
LAVENDER, RC, RAVEN, PURIFICATION, BREATHE AGAIN are remarkable for most with allergies (along with eliminating the “Three Poisons”).
Do you have DIGESTIVE issues?
5-DAY CLEANSE and/or SALT FLUSH could be just what your body needs to jump-start its balancing process.
As you see there are MANY options. You certainly would not use all at once, but you could do more than one. For sure, try drinking NingXia Red in the morning and early afternoon and taking either Lemon, grapefruit, or Alkalime at bedtime . . . and lavender or Valor or Peace & Calming right before bed.
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