NingXia Red’s astounding SOD score makes all other nutrient drinks pale in comparison. But why the concern and worry over free radicals? The reason is that the distresses and ailments of aging are hastened by the attack of free radicals on every cell in the body. Halt free radical damage and enjoy vibrant health for many more years!

We will include just one study for illustration. Gerontologists at Peking University found that a miniscule amount of wolfberry (0.025 percent) in a culture medium allowed an increase in the number of times human lung cells could divide from forty-nine times to sixty-one times. 1 Quoting Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood, “Using wolfberry in the nutrient broth, researchers effectively increased the lifespan of the lung tissue by 22 percent.”

In addition, there is also an ingredient synergy at work in NingXia Red as the raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranates in the juice are also potent antioxidants. Even the essential oils of orange and lemon in this powerful juice contain the antioxidant d-limonene.

Why no juices listed on the ORAC Scale?
ORAC Issues.
We chose not to list ORAC scores for various juices for two reasons:

1. Each time juice ingredients or processing changes, the former ORAC score is rendered irrelevent and misleading.

2. When ORAC became popular, many companies started manipulating the test by using isolated/manufactured ingredients that were of questionable health benefit yet spiked the ORAC score of their juice.

We have found that a comparison of SOD activity paints a much more accurate picture as to whether the goodness of the original fruit is retained in the final product.

The Hometown of the Wolfberry
The Xinhaua News Agency reported that the Ningxia variety of Lycium barbarum “is far superior to ordinary Chinese wolfberry in both tonic effects and economic results.” Due to their superior quality, some of the medical studies done on the wolfberry have specified the use of the Ningxia wolfberries. As with other plants, the Chinese wolfberry has a number of species or varieties. Of the eighty different species of wolfberries worldwide, the Lycium barbarum from Ningxia has by far the highest levels of immune-stimulating polysaccharides.

Ningxia’s Perfect Geography for Wolfberries
The Huang He (Yellow) River originates in the Himalayan Mountains and flows through the Ningxia Province. This river creates a unique, mineral-rich, super fertile silt-water flood plain found nowhere else on earth, producing incomparable wolfberries. The beautiful Ningxia region is called “China’s herbal medicine valley” and is renowned for meeting all of the stringent rules to be awarded the prestigious “Green Certificate” , the equivalent of the USDA’s Organic Certification.

Ningxia Wolfberries Win Prestigious Awards
The Ningxia Wolfberry Group takes great pride in the nine national and international gold prizes won by its famous wolfberry. The Ningxia wolfberry has won three gold prizes in the China Agricultural Fair and a gold prize in the Malaysia International Food Fair.

Simply stated, “NingXia” is an Anti-aging fruit drink.
Scientist and physicians are realizing as never before that what we need is a massive nutrient infusion. The lack of nutrients is robbing millions of the health and energy necessary to enjoy life. But now, for thousands of users, NingXia Red means lasting energy, extra immunity and more youth. Drink it every day and give your body what it needs to move your health and your life to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.


NingXia, China is an extraordinary place where mineral rich soil and pure glacial water assist in producing one of nature’s true miracles. This miracle is the superior NingXia Wolf berry. The wolfberries that come from NingXia, China are widely known as the most nutrient-dense food one the planet. It is amazing that for centuries, very few people benefited from its nutrient power.

NingXia is a region as culturally rich as the entire area south of the Yangtze River, continues to be admired for its resplendent cultural heritage garnered from the long river of history. The national census in China recently reported that the number of Ningxia residents living more than 100 years exceeds the national average by an amazing 400%. It is no wonder that Ningxia, China is legendary for healthy people, little did they know the secret to their health was in the locally grown wolfberries.

It’s true, not all wolfberries are the same. The 3 most potent berries in the Wolfberry family are Chinese Xinjiang wolfberries, Tibetan Goji berries, and Ningxia wolfberries.

These wolfberries have been used in traditional Chinese culture for over 5,000 years!

Wolfberries have been renowned for their wide range of health benefits by Ancient Chinese medical texts. The people who consumed the wolfberry fruit lived free of common diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes, as well as increasing their average life expectancy to over 100 years!

Wolfberries have been rated the food with the highest antioxidant ability, registering in at an amazing 3,472 ORAC units per fluid ounce. As a reference point of some of the other highest forms of ORAC are Vitamin E oil at 3,309, Pomegranate fruit at 3,037, blueberries 2,400 and raspberries 1,220.

Scientists have discovered that NingXia Wolfberries are a Powerful Immune-Supporting Agent, agents, as verified by modern scientists. Ningxia wolfberries have been found to have extremely high levels of immune-stimulating polysaccharides. Ningxia wolfberries are also an astonishing 16 to 17 percent protein by weight.

PROVEN, not pretending. NingXia RedT not only claims to be one of a kind, it has the numbers and the research to prove it. After all, your health is too important to trust with products only pretending to be something extraordinary.

S-ORAC measures a product’s ability to destroy the most dangerous amongst the free-radicals – Superoxide. Free radicals are linked to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and asthma. Our bodies spend a lot of energy defending themselves from disease, outside poisons, toxins. superoxides.

These so-called “popular drinks” don’t compare to NingXia Red’s

But what does that all mean? To get the same benefit as drinking just 1 oz of NingXia Red.
a.. You could drink one and a half bottles of Via Viente
b.. Eight bottles of Xango
c.. Nine Bottles of Noni;
d.. and a whole truck load of Goji Juice

So you choose? What would you rather drink???!!! antioxidants. htm 
Info taken from the above web site.

For more information see:
Discovery of the Ultimate Superfood by Gary Young ND, Ronald Lawrence MD, PhD, Marc Schreuder;  July 2005.