[00:00:02] Good morning, we’re in that three minutes before the hour and I’m just going to sit here and play with my oils and get ready for us to get started. So hope you’ve had a wonderful, wonderful week and I’m going to begin by getting grounded with my Sacred Mountain. [00:00:25][22.6]

[00:00:29] I’m excited. Gretchen, it’s so nice to see you on and early. Thank you for being here. As you can see, I’m still in Bali and I am upstairs in my office where I love to be and I’m excited to have the bright view everywhere with all the foliage. It’s really gorgeous here. So I’m waiting for the alarm and two more minutes but we’re going to just have fun today, hopefully. I brought luck, as I said, lots of oils. I have all of the oils that the 11 oils of rainbow healing and I have a few others to apply just for my own benefit. [00:01:16][47.6]

[00:01:18] So I’m going to start right now before I get started on what we are talking about with Awaken, because to me, this is all about waking ourselves up, finding out who we are. So I’m going to apply this beautiful blend that it was always one of my favourites when I lived in Florida back before 2000. It was it’s an older blend and I just have always loved it but I kind of forgot about it. Do any of you ever do that where we have certain blends, certain oils that we really love, you get in the habit of using other ones and kind of forget, well, Awaken is one of the most magnificent blends. It is a blend of five different blends. [00:02:14][56.8]

[00:02:16] So, I just I’m really enjoying playing with Awaken now. Looks like we have one more minute before we actually get started and I’m turning off my alarms. Good morning and happy Sunday and hope you’ve had a wonderful week filled with lots of happy surprises. We’ve certainly had a lot of celestial things going on. So to me, the first thing to do that we can do, we’re going to just have fun and I brought my Fun blend today. So I can use that, if you haven’t tried it, you may choose to try Fun because we make life so difficult at times and what we can always choose to do instead is to make it fun. [00:03:23][67.8]

[00:03:25] So that’s what we’re here to do today. We’re going to play with the Rainbow Healing app. If you haven’t already downloaded your app, please do, it’s free. No problem for both IOS and Android. If you do have a problem, let us know because we will attempt to refind that issue. In fact, we are refining it at all times because this was the original app that we just put out came out in October. So we are refining it as we go now. [00:04:02][37.2]

[00:04:03] I’m going to hold up my phone. This is a new experience to do things in different ways but when we press on our Rainbow Healing app, we will get this and there are lots and lots of options. We will not cover all that today, don’t we? I could probably start talking. I’ve actually set an alarm for 11 30 to be sure that I don’t go beyond that. Hopefully I usually try to keep it around 20 minutes or a little bit under. The journey is the big thing and then there are some others. If you click on About, you will be able to read all about Rainbow Healing. In a nutshell, Rainbow Healing is my journey and it’s just kind of a process that I have gone through over since 1998. Can you believe 1998 I began doing this process and refining it as I go along? [00:05:09][65.6]

[00:05:10] I’m still refining it, so I probably never will complete it but it will tell you a little bit about what the things are. There are some frequently asked questions. There are lots of questions here, there is no right or wrong way to use your app or to use the Rainbow Healing cards. What do I love most about the app other than the fact that it’s free, I always have my phone with me and I can play with it at any time. I’m really loving that aspect and I’m making myself while I have certainly the cards to play with. I don’t always have the cards with me, but at always hit my phone. [00:06:01][51.0]

[00:06:01] So one of the things I do want for those of you who aren’t really familiar with Rainbow Healing is that I talk about intent a lot and the word intent is is used often. What does this really mean and why is it in uppercase letters? Well, when someone intends something, we are putting our energy, our will, our passion behind making it happen as opposed to just asking, which puts us in a past. [00:06:42][40.1]

[00:06:44] So that is a big deal thing to me to make that distinction, that this is a process that we’re involved in and every single one of us is different, every one of us. So you may not be at all like man. [00:07:02][17.9]

[00:07:02] You may not agree with everything that I say and that’s OK. My goal is to get you to make a connection with your Source that whatever your concept of the Creator is. I like to make it through this crown chakra and then through the base chakra and the bottoms of each foot going down. So I’m connected above and below. [00:07:33][30.4]

[00:07:34] I have this visual right here of being connected with the source because each one of us has that ability to to listen, to learn and understand our God is directly from the source and no one else knows exactly what is right for you but you in the source do know that. So if you don’t agree with what I say or feel. Wait a minute, something is not right here. Then listen to your guidance and trust it. That’s a key factor to learn to trust your God. [00:08:14][40.0]

[00:08:15] So after we’ve gone through the frequently asked questions, I’m going to press on my home button to get me back to this page again. There’s something about shopping now. We do have lots of different options or tools. We have the journey book, the colouring book, the soon to be journey, too. We have my journal, which I am going to talk a lot about today and the cards. It’s not essential, You can do it all from the App. [00:08:46][31.4]

[00:08:48] It’s not a Santa and by the way, every thing that you do purchase through our website is a donation, including the shipping, lead to our foundation, Fuller Life Bali, which serves the local people free in Bali. [00:09:08][19.5]

[00:09:09] We welcome others to also come to our our wellness and vegie centre for a an awakening and transformational experience. [00:09:27][17.1]

[00:09:28] I’m going to click on the journey and this is what’s going to pop up. I love this page where we can start and go around in this barrel. [00:09:37][8.2]

[00:09:37] We started the centre at the inside because we are not attempting to smooth things over. I was thinking this morning about how if someone calls and says they’re going to come by in our home in a few minutes, what do we do? We rush around and straighten the things at the outside but we don’t get deeper. Would you agree? [00:10:02][24.5]

[00:10:03] So Rainbow Healing is about starting at the inside and rebuilding ourselves, awakening ourselves and restructuring ourselves the way that we were designed to be our authentic self and that is a key because most of us have been attempting to be somebody that we are not. We put on masks for everyone and we forget who we really are. Every single one of us was created with a magnificent package, a perfect package of knowledge and abilities to do something. It’s just that, most of us attempt to do things that are not what we were really designed to do. And those things don’t give us the joy. They don’t give us the passion and we’re really never going to be as good at doing things that are not part of who we truly are. [00:11:13][69.9]

[00:11:13] So, the first step is to get rid of our blocks. Now, this is the journey of the glyphs. We can go through, we can click on glyphs and it’ll tell about it. Then we can click on view glypsh and we’ll get to see all 10 of the glyphs. This is what I do every single morning and I often do it several times a day. I call it the journey of the glyphs. It is a definite order to it and you can actually press on each one of these cards and get the larger version and swipe to the left and you’ll learn something about that glyph and it has the essential oil that anchors it with another one. [00:12:06][52.5]

[00:12:06] So going back, I’ll click back that first step forgiveness and forgiveness has the Geranium essential oil. It anchors that energy, but forgiveness is about unblocking it. There’s lots more to it. There are many levels to the energies here, to the information. But basically the one word that I associate with it is unblocking. It gets everything started because when we’re blocked or we are blocking information from coming in, we are preventing ourselves from growing. [00:12:48][41.7]

[00:12:50] This entire process, which I dedicated to Gary Young, is growing actively refining ourselves. So just happens to be that beautiful acronym Grow Actively Refining Yourself, Gary, constant reminder to me. [00:13:11][21.4]

[00:13:12] So as we get become unblocked, we go to the next step, which is structure. Clicking on that, I get this and learn about structure and structure is about building, building ourselves our own unique energy flow, which will allow us to have healthy cells and molecules to go all the way down to the DNA to integrate our unique energy signature right into our own DNA. So as every new cell is formed, it will have the correct information. What is the illness and disease? When every cell in our body is regenerated, its brand new within seven years? Why do we still have pain and trauma from things that happened far longer ago? It’s because our DNA was changed when we had that trauma and we are forming our new cells with the wrong information. This makes sense. [00:14:33][80.9]

[00:14:34] So what we’re doing is going all the way down to the core and restructuring ourselves as we were truly designed to be. And it’s important for us to understand that each one of us has our own unique energy flow. What’s perfect for me could make some of you sick and what’s perfect for you might make me sick. So it’s about understanding that it’s our energy flow that’s important, not others. [00:15:07][33.1]

[00:15:08] Then we move to the next one which is about authenticity, taking off those masks and identify who we truly are. We have those masks on for so many months, years, days, whatever, that we truly have forgotten who we are and then the next step is all about nurturing ourselves as we learn who we are. Finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving and nurturing ourselves and others. [00:15:47][38.3]

[00:15:49] Having compassion for that fifth step, which I really love, this one is the breath of life. The breath of life is all about activating getting into action. This is activating, the life, the fire of your life force. How many of us forget to have passion in our lives? Our life force, over time, we get used to doing things in a certain way and we just move through the motions. Our life force is diminished but now there is a catch here because fire can destroy, it can also regenerate. That’s the positive, exciting thing because we can’t get rid of all the things that are not supporting us and we can get rid of all of the pain, the illness or disease with that life force because it can burn away literally getting rid of all of the things that do not really fit with who you are. [00:17:10][81.0]

[00:17:11] So as you read more and more about these and I’m not going to spend the whole time going through this whole journey, we’ve gone through five of them. The next one says as you click on them, you’ll find out more and more about them. I have all ten of my oils actually eleven. I consider that there are eleven oils because I like Sacred Mountain for making that connection with the source. You may choose to use Valour, you may choose Grounding, you may choose whatever oils you feel, assist you in making your connection the easiest. So after we’ve gone through this journey of the glyphs, I’m going to go back. [00:17:56][45.3]

[00:18:03] I was actually on a Facebook live, so I’m going all the way back to here and I’m going to come down, there’s a place it says select cards. We can go through all the archetypes. It’s going to tell you about them, go through the wholeholograms will tell you about them. There are 11 archetypes and 22 holograms to select cards, there’s the 30 day transformational process, which will tell you what what I kind of feel is very important. We have a calendar in a sacred space. Right now go to select the cards. This is something that I love to go through all the time. So clicking on it and I come down here to select cards and click on that. Now, when I press refresh, they’re all going to start wiggling. [00:18:57][53.2]

[00:18:58] Now, what I suggest that everyone do first is to click on one of these of the single glyphs and I ended up with leadership, which is the tenth bullet just now. So I would go and click on that card and see all about leadership and use the oil and focus in and determine why would I have selected that? What are the things about that particular glyph that could be helpful to me at this particular moment? Breathing in the oils, the leadership is Sandalwood. Breathing in the oils will help you integrate. [00:19:47][49.3]

[00:19:52] Now, if you want to really have more fun, see which one of the archetypes might be the thing. Well, I ended up with Crusader. Read about the Crusader. What the positive attributes. Every one of the archetypes has positive things associated, wonderful gifts and knowledge and abilities that are associated. They also have because of who they are, potential challenges. [00:20:23][31.5]

[00:20:25] So I like to use muscle testing to determine whatever way you do things. What I use the kiniesology of life of not using my muscle strength in my fingers but whatever some people use the pendulum, Steven loves to use his pendulum. Whether it’s the attributes, whether it’s some of the potential challenges that would help me to focus on, to help me move forward on this particular day. It doesn’t mean that’s who you are all the time? It does mean that there are attributes and/or potential challenges that could be helpful as your focus for this moment. Then if you want to get to a more advanced state, we would check and get one of the holograms. This will give you an overview. [00:21:23][58.4]

[00:21:26] These three things, I like to look at them together. Then I like to come back. I selected leadership, crusader and water just now and I like to read about each one. Use the oils then I like to go back to my first page. I like to come over to the 30 day calendar. Today is the 17th of the month. So I have a hard time starting other than the first of anything. In my mind I go down to the 17th day, whether it’s my first day or my 11th day or whatever, I go down to that day because I can remember it and go to reflections. This is a place that I can write. I can do things. I can do my journaling. [00:22:24][58.4]

[00:22:25] Now, do I personally feel that it’s better to write here in the journaling for the journaling? No, I personally feel that writing in a book with hands is the best option, the most effective option that we can use. We came up with my journal. In fact, this is even the second edition of it because it has so much information right here for you and it it’s really helpful as a reminder every day. Most likely when Journey 2 to comes out, which I’m writing right now, we will have yet another edition. We’ll have even more information in the journal. [00:23:10][44.6]

[00:23:11] However, whatever way you choose to write, the advantage to writing here is that you always have your phone with you. How many of us walk out without our phone? Ever, ever, ever. If you’re caught anywhere and have a few minutes, you can play with the glyphs, writing in your journal and doing something productive. So this is only a 30 day calendar. So, something that always writing up, I didn’t realize I checked, I clicked on my voice translator. So, it’s writing it for me. Oh my gosh! This is the first time I’ve done this. What will happen is, you save it down here at the bottom and it’s saved until you press the reset button. Now, on the very first page of the App, we didn’t have this initially and I realized that this was something we needed to do because it’s important to be able to reset all of this, if you choose to do so. Please don’t click it in here, I have my whole months. [00:24:31][79.6]

[00:24:34] In fact, I have all of October and November in this phone. I’m sorry, I’m holding it the wrong way. So, I want to avoid right now pressing reset. I have two phones, so I press reset on one of them because this gives me the opportunity to go back and have saved just that month. [00:24:59][25.5]

[00:25:03] You can use it whatever way you choose. I’m going to go into the refinement list. This is something I look at and work on every single day. As we mentioned, grow actively refining yourself. We are constantly refining who we are. We’re polishing off the edges. So this is important to pay attention and these are the refinement list and you get write as many in your list as you like. You can reset it every month or whenever you choose, if you like or you can go in and actually remove one by pressing on it or remove that if you choose individually. What I’d love to do, what I found to be very helpful for me is to read my missed many times a day and to add to it, take away according to what the most important things are to me on that particular day. [00:26:24][80.8]

[00:26:25] I record those in the reflections of the 30 day calendar and I go back and I write them because this is something repetition is very important to me for retention. Some of you may have this this instant retention that you remember everything at it once. That’s not who I am. I’m a repetitious type person. [00:26:51][25.4]

[00:26:52] In fact, when I particularly with things that I learned to do with my hands when I went to massage school, I thought I will never learn all those massage techniques because I feel like my coordination is lacking. [00:27:09][17.1]

[00:27:10] However, when I practise, I get better and better and I’ve got to be extremely good doing massage through the repetition. So, if you’re not one of those who requires repetition, you can just look at you a glance at your list and you may not choose to take things away or prioritise them. For me, I’ve found that priority change one minute to the next. So, I am constantly re- prioritizing how I want to spend the next few minutes of my energy. We all have a certain amount of time and energy every single day and how we spend it is important to moving us forward, without regrets. I know that much of my life, I spent regretting that I had done certain things or regretting that I had not done certain things. [00:28:21][71.9]

[00:28:22] So by constantly reassessing, growing actively re-assessing myself, I am making it easier to make every moment count. So, as you play, I’ve talked on and on for quite a while and that alarm in just a moment. Well, I’m going to turn it off or ring to say Frances, stop talking because it’s time for you to get busy playing with your App and please feel free to message me with questions. Message me with the exciting things that you find when you’re playing. Message me with suggestions of other things that we might add or things that we might make some little tweaks on with the App because we would like to make it fun for everyone. [00:29:26][63.4]

[00:29:26] As you move through your week, just remember to have fun and I’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday. Have a beautiful, beautiful, happy, fun week filled with rainbows. [00:29:26][0.0]