Many have reported amazing results in cellulite reduction and even weight reduction when using the following protocol.

CEL-LITE MAGIC MASSAGE OIL works in conjunction with CITRUS FRESH + LEDUM to reduce cellulite. The addition of internal consumption of GRAPEFRUIT VITALITY essential oils in capsules enhances the overall effect.


  • 1 15ml bottle CITRUS FRESH blend
  • 20 drops LEDUM essential oil
  • Remove the orifice reducer from the bottle of Citrus Fresh and add 20 drops Ledum. Gently shake the bottle.
  • Apply several drops to area(s) of cellulite several times daily.
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Apply CEL-LITE MAGIC MASSAGE OIL over area(s) and gently massage.

Many women and men have found that using only one of these does not produce the same effect.