[00:00:03] Good morning and Happy Sunday. I’m excited to be back again today talking with you a little bit more about change. Last week we did talk about how it is important for us to embrace the idea of change and to surrender to the changes that are inevitable. There are so many things that are not within our control and we do not even know. Most of us don’t have any idea of where we’re really going, even though we resist change, what comes next may be far greater, far more exciting and interesting than what we’re doing right now. [00:00:54][51.9]

[00:00:55] So what we’ve got to talk about today, the card that I drew which is what I usually use as my basis for what I will talk about is magnify your purpose or true purpose actually and magnify your purpose seemed like a really good blend to me. [00:01:19][23.3]

[00:01:20] Does this mean that we’re all going to understand what our purpose is? This is something that unfolds over the whole course of our lifetime. It’s not a simple thing, Oh this is the purpose because as it is unfolding, we are growing and changing, expanding all of who we are becoming more and more of our authentic self. [00:01:53][33.3]

[00:01:54] So it is more a process of the direction in which we are moving rather than what we are moving to. So, where are we going to find our direction? Well, you know me. It’s going to come from you and the Source, no one else understands why you are here. What your purpose is. Deep down inside, you understand and the Source of course knows exactly why you’re here. So, as you become closer and closer in tune with the guidance that you’re continuously receiving from the source, then those messages will become clearer. You will have a greater understanding of what really is required of you at any given moment. [00:03:02][67.9]

[00:03:05] I’m going to focus right now upon the grounding oils and of course many of you know Sacred Mountain is absolutely the one that I turn to every single morning first thing, because to me this really brings things into focus. As I’m applying this oil, this beautiful blend, I intend to create my sacred space. For those of you who do have the journey book, you have this visual where we are making that strong connection with the Source through our crown chakra, through the base of the spine and the bottoms of each foot. Pushing out all of the chaos in the outer world making our boundary here, our cylinder where we can have harmony and the balance inside. [00:04:06][61.3]

[00:04:08] So, as I apply the Sacred Mountain that is my intend, to connect solidly with the Creator, with the Source and to clearly hear my guidance directly from the Source. I found this Higher Unity blend is actually an amazing blend that I’m thrilled that I still have some. So I’m going to apply it as well. [00:04:40][32.3]

[00:04:42] Once I do this and make that connection and intend to listen to my guidance. How often do we choose to learn things but then we choose not to pay attention. Well, we get busy doing other things, that’s OK. Forgive yourself for doing that. Who knows what is the single oil that anchors that energy of forgiveness is Geranium or of course we also may choose to use the Forgiveness blend that’s in the Feelings Collection. So I’m going to use Geranium because I knew exactly where it was in my pouch and I just picked it up. [00:05:32][50.1]

[00:05:33] So as I looked at this true purpose card, looking at the individual glyphs that make up that card, I thought well, perhaps this would be a good way to approach it because the first glyph in there is structure, which is building our own unique energy flow. And Lavender essential oil anchors this energy. So I’m going to apply my Lavender, holding that bottle in my hand intending that the frequencies that I require to establish my strong unique energy signature be present in that bottle and as I inhale those beautiful aromas and they move throughout every portion of my being, I am intending to build my own unique energy flow that will create healthy cells and molecules and stabilize my entire field as we move through so many changes. It’s very difficult to remain using our own stable energies with our field intact. Would you agree? [00:07:09][96.4]

[00:07:11] So many things can just throw us off balance. So as we apply the Lavender and perhaps visualize this particular glyph spinning through every portion of your being, that gorgeous pinkish Lavender colour filling every portion of who you are, just intend that your energy flow be your unique signature. [00:07:42][31.1]

[00:07:44] The energy of others is not going to be healthy for you nor is it healthy for you to give away yours. We’ve talked about boundaries and more will be coming, I promise because as we move forward it doesn’t really get easier to hold our boundaries. That is something that many of us have struggled with from time to time. So, with additional focus and a few additional tips on ways to maintain our own unique energy flow. [00:08:25][41.2]

[00:08:27] We can move forward more gently. Would you agree? So now I’m looking at the next glyph in this particular hologram and that is authenticity, actually understanding who we truly are. There’s no way that we at this point can actually understand the magnitude of the magneficent being that we are. It is an unfolding process of weeding out all of those things that we have been doing or thinking we were or thinking we had to be like. Acting like others weeding out those things and integrating more of who we were truly created to be. [00:09:28][60.5]

[00:09:28] This is ongoing, every time we walk outside most of us have been putting on a mask for others and this is why our journey is our refinement process, growing actively refining yourself, is so important on a daily basis a continuous basis because this is an internal process. It has nothing to do with others and as we go outside we tend to often put those masks back on so that we can be the person or do the things that others expect of us. Now the more that we understand who we truly are, our internal refinement process, then the more that we can truly move forward gently. Am I making any sense? [00:10:37][68.4]

[00:10:38] So, the two oils that anchor this particular energy is Cedarwood and Copaiba. So I’m going to apply both of those; Cedarwood will support us and truly taking off the mask and seeing what’s underneath, our authentic self. Most of us may not be ready to show others who we truly are. We may still put those masks back on as we go outside however it is about first understanding ourselves. Who we are and again this is part of that personal refinement process, that daily process of paying attention. . [00:11:34][55.4]

[00:11:34] I’m going to apply the Copaiba as well; both of these two big trees can be so helpful for us in understanding, keeping us grounded and understanding who we were created to be. As more and more of that happens, we will be able to take off those masks for others as well as for ourselves. However, it definitely begins with us recognizing who we are. [00:12:13][39.0]

[00:12:14] So, inevitably we have to release. That release energy, I like to use both the blend of Release and Lemon. I’m sure that everyone who has ever purchased a Young Living essential oil has lemon and lemon is that energy of letting go of whatever is no longer serving you. Lemon is wonderful detoxification. The plus oils are super we can actually take them them internally. They are the Vitality oils in the U.S, they’re called Plus in Singapore. [00:13:01][47.1]

[00:13:02] So whatever our lemon however we breathe it in, let us just intend that these frequencies move throughout every portion of our being, assisting us in releasing the things that truly are not a part of who we are and the things that truly are holding us back. Because nothing that is a part of your true authentic self will ever hold you back. The things that will hold you back are the things that are not part of who you were created to be. For good measure I’m going to apply the Release blend as well. This is really one of my favorites and it’s one of the six blends in the feelings collection. [00:14:01][58.6]

[00:14:03] I’ve talked about the feelings collection a lot and I will continue to talk about the feelings collection because this is one of the greatest group of blends. If you’re not sure what to order, get the feelings collection. It is a life changing thing. I’ll use the single oils that anchor the glyphs of the rainbow healing every single day. I also use most of the feelings collection every single day because I can actually feel changes coming and the acceptance of changes. [00:14:47][43.8]

[00:14:47] So Acceptance is a blend that is not in the feelings collection but it is a very key part of what we are doing – to accept who we are, where we are on our path and to move forward more gently, becoming more of who we were created to be every single day. The acceptance glyph is anchored by Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense. This is that glyph, that silvery energy that will allow you to embrace who you are, where you are on your path and to allow yourself and others your own journeys. Each of us has a unique journey. No two of us are the same. [00:15:55][67.5]

[00:15:57] However, as we move forward, we will understand more and more of what the next step is. I’m going to, in a future video talk a little bit more about how we can access our inner knowledge. [00:16:18][20.9]

[00:16:18] So, I am looking forward to talking with you again and have a beautiful week filled with changes and accepting and embracing those changes as they come about. Understanding that change is inherent in evolution. Have a beautiful week. I’ll see you next week. [00:16:18][0.0]