[00:00:21] This three minutes before we hit the top of the hour is actually becoming one of my favorite tabs of the week because I just apply a lot of oils during this time while we make sure that everyone who is choosing to be here gets online.I’m so excited to see someone already. I am in Singapore and most of the Singaporeans or many of them will be at the Revoilution Expo. So we may have fewer people today than often we do. [00:00:57][36.0]

[00:00:58] However, I’m so excited to see some of you already online and I hope it’s been a wonderful week. I’m just utilizing this time to play with my oils and apply more. I will be applying them during the session and talking about them as always. However, it’s fun to be able to apply them ahead of time. Breathing them in and just allowing them to do their thing. [00:01:27][28.2]

[00:01:28] So often I think I tend to forget and probably many of you may forget as well that these oils these Young Living essential oils are capable of holding our intent and when we hold that bottle in our hands, before we apply it, really focusing on what we would choose to have it do or just intending that what ever frequencies you need or I need at that particular moment be in this bottle and available to me. So that is something it’s a great reminder for me as well as for you. So I’m going to utilize this time to intend that the frequencies that are required for me to give a message to each of you that is what is important for you. [00:02:41][72.9]

[00:02:46] We have reached the top of the hour so I will actually begin again. Happy Sunday or happy Saturday night if you’re in the Western Hemisphere. I do appreciate so much all of you who are here lending your energy each week as we talk about whatever comes up and it was not until yesterday that I actually understood what today’s session would be about. [00:03:18][32.6]

[00:03:20] Embracing change. Have any of you been experiencing a lot of change. Some of it may be expected but a lot of it unexpected over the past weeks. I certainly have. So, embracing change is all about Frances as well as all of you who are listening today and watching. So, as I began thinking I actually came across a quote as I was reading in my guidebook that was actually written and published in 2011, the second edition in 2017. [00:04:04][44.2]

[00:04:07] However, I wrote it down because I thought this was really important for me to understand and we will probably have a beautiful poster that Sasha will create sometime this week but change is inherent, in evolution. If there is no change there is no forward movement. [00:04:31][24.3]

[00:04:33] So, we’re all exposing ourselves to change every single day and how we respond to that is extremely important. What I feel is the most important thing to do first is to get grounded. When we are not grounded, fear creeps in. When we are grounded and connected with the Source with our guidance, we are far stronger and as we become more and more grounded, we can have more and more confidence in those messages that we do receive all the time. They’re there, what ever we need to know is given to us. [00:05:26][52.7]

[00:05:26] So whatever your favorite grounding oils are, I have a number, many of you know that I have a lot of oils here as always, Sacred Mountain is one of my very favorite oils for grounding. Some of you may have other favorites. There is of course a blend called Grounding. That might be an exceptional one as well. Valor will give us the courage as well as that grounding. It has the Northern Lights Black Spruce. Lots of wonderful oils to support us in our process. [00:06:14][47.9]

[00:06:16] Today, I have been using Higher Unity which I’m blessed to have and we use it sparingly because it’s not available to purchase. It was a gift with purchase a few months ago and we have to conserve it. If you have an opportunity to purchase Higher Unity, you may choose to do as it is a wonderful way to connect with the source, your concept of the Creator. To learn to listen more intently to the guidance that is coming from the Source, your particular guidance. For me, it’s really important when change is under way, to nurture myself, to have compassion and the Idaho Blue Spruce, the Idaho Balsam Fir and the Northern Lights Black Spruce are really really positive in energy to support you in nurturing yourself. Change is not easy. [00:07:44][88.3]

[00:07:50] Have any of you ever found that when you put a plaster on or a Band-Aid, there are two ways to remove that Band-Aid or that plaster. You can do it very slowly, when the pain is not quite as intense all at one time. However, it takes a long time to get it off and that pain is lasting the whole time you’re tugging at it or you can rip that plaster right off and it’s an intense pain right there. But it’s over with. [00:08:31][40.9]

[00:08:32] So, what is your choice of ways to deal with change. Do you prefer to do it all at once rapidly or do you prefer to have it very slowly and extend over a long period of time. Again it’s your choice. Now, I’m one of these who does not like to do things slowly. My way is get them done, when you identify something get it done and change as I mentioned earlier is inherent in evolution. I’ve got another birthday coming here in the next 10 days, so I’m really and truly ready to move forward. [00:09:28][56.3]

[00:09:29] So, I don’t choose to slow down at all and the thing that’s going to help the most there is to get the fire going, that transformative fire. For those of you who use the the rainbow healing cards, this is the fifth glyph, the breath of life that creates change. It creates that transformation. It is also the frequency that will enable you to regenerate your form, to totally move forward that transformation. Jumping into those fires as all of that stuff that is really holding you back is removed, is just allowed to fall away down. Does this happen easily? We jump into the fire however we like to hold on to what we always have because that is familiar to us and change is not familiar to us. So even if we believe that change is going to enhance our lives, we still sit still a part of us that does not want to let go. [00:11:00][90.9]

[00:11:01] I began thinking a little bit more and I came across a quote from John Woodland in my notes, how sometimes you’ll pick up a book or something and you may have watched a video. This happened to be a video that he had made and I took notes on it and I thought this is so intertwined with what I’m talking about today. If you get too involved in the things over which you have no control it will adversely affect the things over which you do have control. Wow! That led me to start thinking about the fact that change and embracing change really is all about surrendering, surrendering control. We don’t have control over every aspect of our lives. There are a few things over which we do have control but many are not in our control and we don’t even know, we don’t see that big picture. [00:12:26][85.1]

[00:12:28] So, who are we to understand. Why change is necessarily happening? So, I started looking, I figured if I’m going to surrender I knew there’s a blend. I had a hard time finding my bottle of Surrender. I finally found one bottle and I’m ordering more. I’m going to use it today and intend as I apply this oil and hold this bottle in my hands that what ever is required what ever energies, frequencies are required be in this bottle so that I can allow that surrendering process to take place. The first time that I put the surrender on yesterday, I thought I don’t like the smell. Well you know what that means? It means, we probably need it. [00:13:39][71.2]

[00:13:41] If we really don’t like the aroma, we likely really need it. I loved when Gary used to say that and it would always brought right to the forefront because surrendering is not easy for many of us. That letting go of the control of the things over which we really don’t have any control and just surrendering to the process. I also selected Humility because this may require us to be a little more humble and understanding that we do not know everything. We have to allow some of these things to unfold. [00:14:35][54.4]

[00:14:40] So, humility still always laugh when I remember Gary talking about humility that Mary had told him that he really needed to have to use some of this Humility blend and I know sometimes I feel that way too. Oh I know it, I don’t need to use humility. Well. there is never a time that humility is not a requirement in our lives and in our interactions with others. So I also chose Acceptance. Again this is part of that accepting those things that you can’t change and doing something about them and allowing the others to just unfold. [00:15:39][59.1]

[00:15:40] Am I making any sense or speaking to anyone in particular? I feel that this has been huge for me this week and I just feel like that it really and truly is important for my focus and I hope that it’s important for the focus of others. [00:16:04][23.7]

[00:16:07] To keep that fire going, which for me is very important because naturally I inherently, kind of want to stop that change from happening when it’s one thing on top of another, it’s like let’s stop the world and get off for a moment. So, the Orange essential oil or if you happen to have light the fire that might be a great oil to use. This energy of Orange essential oil does anchor the breath of life which is that frequency of activating change, that transformative fire as we know fire can destroy. Fire can also transform in a positive way by burning away the things that are no longer serving you. Wow! Re-energizing renewing those things that are part of who you are required to be at this particular moment that change that is constantly changing. [00:17:28][80.9]

[00:17:30] So, nurture yourself, make sure that you are really nurturing yourself so that as these changes come, it is easier and easier and more exciting and as we are humble and accepting and remaining grounded so that we are fully connected with the source and listening to the guidance, trusting that guidance, then the change will move in and take over. The greater thing on the other side of that change will be available to you. [00:18:21][51.8]

[00:18:22] So, as we move through this week. I would challenge each of you to really pay attention to whether you are fully grounded. When you’re becoming ungrounded, how you feel the differences? I have found those of you who are using your journaling, you are in a part of the new life challenge. I know that you have been journaling every day and writing down things which we forget and as we journal, as we’re writing, many times we will learn things about ourselves that we will not learn. If we are only thinking because when we get beyond this and begin writing from the heart so much more comes out. [00:19:22][59.3]

[00:19:24] As we go back and review this, which is part of the new life challenge for those of you who are choosing to send us your stories, this will be your guide in what really has occurred over your. transformative process, your refinement process. And it doesn’t stop with 30 consecutive days this is a lifelong a new life challenge truly. However we are growing actively refining ourselves daily. Every moment we are redefining ourselves so as we redefine and refine, polish off all of those edges. Let us be have a new understanding of embracing the changes and allowing that control to just dissipate trusting in that guidance that whatever we need at any moment will be available to us. [00:20:36][72.3]

[00:20:38] I look forward to talking with each of you next week and hearing from you and thank you for being here. Have a beautiful week of change. Of positive changes that are exciting and comfortable. [00:20:54][16.5]

[00:20:58] Love you. See you next week. [00:20:58][0.0]