There is much information – and mis-information – on the Internet that you can research for yourself.  As you learn, it may be helpful to keep in mind that true essential oils work WITH the body to maintain balance rather than to “treat symptoms”.

It has been my experience that whenever there is a challenge other than injury, the body is likely hyperacidic.  Therefore, I would look at the DIET and the STRESS LEVEL as two major causes of hyperacidity are stress and what I call the “Three Poisons” (SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY PRODUCTS).  When the body is acidic, many functions are compromised as it struggles to maintain balance.  Therefore, the first things I would suggest is to ELIMINATE all SUGAR and to find ways of managing the stress.

Note:  Even when there are injuries, it is important to remember the above a the body has additional nutritional requirements in order to regenerate the injured parts.

Essential oils are quite effective in helping to relax the body.  When combined with breathing (as in yoga or even focused breathing while cupping hands over nose when using an essential oil), it can make a huge difference.

Synthetic medications can treat symptoms.  However, they do not address the cause of the issue.  In fact, they add significantly to the toxicity of the body.

Two important questions to ask yourself . . . 

  1. How much water do you drink daily?
  2. Is your colon congested?

After doing the above, you might consider cleansing the liver.

Supplementing the mineral and vitamins would be an essential part of the balancing process. NINGXIA RED is an excellent choice for this.  OMEGAGIZE and LONGEVITY may also be helpful.

Some of the essential oils that could be especially helpful for maintaining better stress management are STRESS AWAY, LAVENDER, CEDARWOOD, BALSAM FIR, FRANKINCENSE or SACRED FRANKINCENSE.  

DIGIZE and JUVACLEANSE are two blends that are very supportive for the intestinal tract and promote healthy gut.

Remember, you did not reach your current level in a few days.  It has been developing over time.  Coming to balance will not be “overnight”.  However, with perseverance, the imbalances can likely be overcome.

It is a process . . .