Often we read about the attributes of a particular mineral and then take mega doses of that mineral – and frequently magnesium is in a chemical compound that does not break down easily in the body. You can be sure that all of the minerals in the Young Living products are in easily absorbable compounds and appropriate balance.

However, I took a calcium magnesium supplement from another company for over a year and felt absolutely no effects. Then one day during a colonic, I actually saw the distinctive white tablet on the scope!!! Not only was my body not absorbing the minerals, it wasn’t even able to break them down at all!!!

The colonic therapist said he sees that all the time in his work . . . so it DOES make a difference!!! (I also learned in my mineral certification course more about the compounds. That is why drink lots of NINGXIA RED and also take MINERAL ESSENCE, a ionic suspension that is quite easily absorbed.)

Julie Chertow sent this wonderful information – many thanks for sharing, Julie!

Hi Frances, regarding your comment about being able to see the supplement during the colonic… I have to share that when I first started studying with Gary Young and learned about oxygenation, how the oils are highly oxygenating and that no food or supplement that we take into our bodies can assimilate unless are cells are oxygenated.

I was not just satisfied with hearing this and I felt compelled to do my own little research project about this. I knew some colon therapists personally, and also went into the yellow pages and began calling several different colon therapists. I asked them all the same question, which was,

“ Do you ever see whole vitamins and supplements coming out of people during their colonics?”

From each and everyone they all had the exact same reply which was…

”Yes all the time, everyday, it is very common.”

I asked them if they understood why? Most of them did not so I explained to them about this. You are the first person I have ever heard mention this. I do all the time when I teach my classes. I think this is worthy of Young Living educators sharing because our amazing Young Living oils have the highest oxygenating molecules that oxygenate our cells when we put them on topically, drink them in our water, bathe in them, diffuse them etc… That Gary Young puts the oils into all of our supplements we can feel rest assured that they are actually doing something for us because our cells are being oxygenated at the same time. Perfection!

We are so very blessed that we have a founder and leader like Gary that never cuts any corners and really thinks these kinds of things through. We truly have the best oils and products ever!