We cannot offer protocols for medical conditions.  However, I can guide you in your selection of oils and applications.  The condition that was mentioned in this question is a degenerative disorder of the Central Nervous System, which includes the brain and the spinal cord.  Oils that are high in a component called sesquiterpenes may have the greatest positive effect as they have been shown to oxygenate the brain directly through inhalation and topical application and also through the circulatory system when the oils are applied topically anywhere on the body.

Oxygen may not always be the only thing necessary.  However, oxygen is normally a “partner” in healing processes of the body.  Therefore, increasing the amount of oxygen available can potentially have a positive effect.     

Oils that are high in sesquiterpenes include, CEDARWOOD, FRANKINCENSE and SACRED FRANKINCENSE, BALSAM FIR, and blends that contain these single oils.

I like to apply oils topically one by one over the brain stem (at the base of the skull in back) because it is right over the brain and to inhale them by cupping hands over the nose and taking 6-8 deep breaths.  This application is called “layering” the oils, and the order of oils selected is not as important as using both topical and inhalation application.

NINGXIA RED supports all systems of the body and may provide important nutritional support for the entire body.

SULFURZYME is organic sulfur which is important for regeneration.

OMEGAGIZE nourishes the brain.

Perhaps this will give you an indication of how you can best support your body.