Have you ever been concerned about an inability to remember things the way you once did?  Thankfully, ALL pure, premium essential oils have the ability to oxygenate all the cells of the body – including brain cells!  Therefore, when we use them regularly, our “brain pauses” are minimized.  Oils that are high in sesquiterpenes have the ability to oxygenate the cells of the brain directly – crossing the “blood-brain barrier” – as well as through the circulatory system.  My two favorite oils for this are CEDARWOOD and COPAIBA, each of which is about 98% sesquiterpenes.  I love to apply these oils over the brainstem and on the temples and then cup my hands over my nose, inhaling deeply at least 6-8 times.

OMEGAGIZE is also a key for brain function and for hormone balance.

Today I learned something new – a totally different approach based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In TCM, the brain and more specifically, the memory is related to KIDNEY function.  Two of the oils that are particularly supportive of the kidneys are GERANIUM and JUNIPER.

So which approach is best?  Why not use BOTH?  That is one of the wonderful things about working with the Young Living premium essential oils – you can layer many oils and reapply them every 20 minutes without fear of somehow “overdosing” on the oils.  Any part of an oil that is not utilized by the body is eliminated within 20 minutes.  The balancing effects last, but the components not needed for balance at that time are gone.

So, start layering . . . and observe every cell in your body becoming healthier and more vibrant!