Whenever I am “assessing”, I reach for my special oils – SACRED MOUNTAIN, INNER CHILD, COPAIBA, BALSAM FIR. IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE, NORTHERN LIGHTS BLACK SPRUCE, SACRED FRANKINCENSE, HIGHEST POTENTIAL, BELIEVE . . . I know I write about these particular single oils and blends frequently.  That is because I USE them so frequently! WHY do I choose these?

  • Sacred Mountain supports me in connecting with the Creator and in remaining grounded so I can receive guidance.
  • Inner Child reminds me that the playful and innocent childlike energy is an important aspect to consider in total balance.
  • Copaiba holds a frequency that magnifies the effects of the other oils.
  • Idaho Balsam Fir, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Northern Lights Black Spruce hold a frequency of balance.  (THIS is a difficult concept for many of us)
  • Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense anchor a frequency of acceptance – embracing ourselves and others as we are and allowing each our journey.
  • Highest Potential supports moving forward along our path in a manner to be all that we can be.
  • Believe is essential because we can achieve whatever we truly believe we can do.  Without belief, nothing happens.

When was the last time YOU assessed the BALANCE in your life?

Was your answer what you would choose for it to be?

What can you do right now to make a change to bring about greater balance?

What is preventing you from taking the action that could produce greater balance?

Note:  “Balance” has always been a really tough concept for me to consider. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.  However, do hold yourself accountable.