Diffusing is a gentle way of cleaning the AIR that you and your family breathe as well as the application.  You may find that the “sick bills” decrease far more rapidly than the price of THIEVES and PURIFICATION as you use the Young Living essential oils.  The number of drops of oil can vary according to the type of diffuser you are using.  However, 10 drops is a general amount to use in almost any diffuser.  You can diffuse ONE oil and apply ONE DROP of another to the bottoms of the feet.

We all have our favorite methods of application, but I personally do NOT dilute oils with vegetable oil.  I prefer to apply ONE DROP to the palm, then rub hands together, and count to 10 slowly.  Then HOLD THE BOTTOMS OF BABY’S FEET FOR 2 MINUTES if child is under 2.  The time that the oil is on your own hands BEFORE you touch baby allows some of the oils to absorb into YOU so baby does not get the full drop.  Repeated application is FAR more effective than using more essential oil at one time.  It is also more GENTLE.  For your older son, you can apply the oils directly onto his feet undiluted – again using 1 drop of the oil.

Many people like to dilute with vegetable oil, but the vegetable oil slows down the time of absorption into the body. I also wonder just how much essential oil is going into the body if more than one application is made up at once and stored into a bottle   When we apply ONE DROP INTO THE PALM, we know that the MAXIMUM that the body will receive is ONE DROP – and that it will be absorbed within 20-30 seconds and begin balancing the body.

What it comes down to is that we each need to do what is comfortable for us.