I keep hearing questions from new members that they have the EVERYDAY OILS and a bunch of other oils, and want to know what else they need. Here is my answer . . .

A: If you have the Start Living Kit and even additional oils, then why don’t you sit down with some NINGXIA RED and USE the oils you have?  You don’t need to have 50 oils.  What is most important is to learn to use the ones you already have – and to learn the incredible effects of NINGXIA RED on EVERY SYSTEM of the body!

We all have to start “somewhere”, and the EVERYDAY OILS is THE best place to start!  Gary Young put that set together himself because it is truly a basic “Family First Aid Kit”.  Experiment with each one, and really understand how versatile they are!  NEXT month would be a good time perhaps to get the RAINDROP TECHNIQUE COLLECTION or the ART SKIN CARE or the THIEVES SET.

The journey to wellness is a step by step experience, and it doesn’t happen all at once.  Just be sure to incorporate NINGXIA RED EVERY DAY as it is truly the cornerstone of wellness.

NOTE:  My rent is the first thing out of my budget.  NINGXIA RED is second.  I will NOT compromise that!