[00:00:01] Good morning. It’s Sunday morning, and I am in Bali again on a beautiful, bright, sunny day. I am in my office and there is a new resident, temporary resident in my office. The treadmill directly behind me. So I am standing here, if I should back into it. With that is just one of the things while it is here, because we are creating a new space for itself. At any rate, I am really excited to be here. And today we are going to talk about something. A question that Sasha gave to me. You know, I would love to have your input of things you would like for me to talk about, because sometimes I run out of ideas. So if you will send me message or Messenger or are WhatsApp with your ideas, the things you would like to hear about? I’ll do my best on their Sunday’s. [00:01:07][65.8]

[00:01:08] At any rate, today we’re going to talk about is fear holding you back from your highest potential? [00:01:16][7.7]

[00:01:18] Well, the first oil I’ve really gathered a lot of oils to talk about and potentially to apply and possibly we will use a portion of them, probably not every one. However, I will start with stress away because stress away is good for everyone. Is there anyone that you have ever known who truly had no stress in their lives? It’s a beautiful aroma. That is not offensive to really anyone. It is very rare to find someone who finds stress away an offensive aroma. So it is a great one to begin before you go out, carry with you and use frequently during the day. [00:02:11][53.3]

[00:02:12] So this is all this is part of my Gary series, my tribute to Gary Young. And it is all about growing actively, redefining yourself and today, our focus will be more on grow actively re focussing yourself. And I came up with a new one. While I was thinking about today, ground actively refocusing yourself. [00:02:49][37.7]

[00:02:51] So the next oil that I’m going to put on is stressed. Is it Sacred Mountain? Because I found this blend to be one of the most important rounding blends that there is. So as I was thinking about what how I would approach this topic, many people have talked about fear, feeling the fear, doing it any way, determining what it is that you are actually afraid of. Now, in thinking about this, I thought of some of the things I have been afraid of that have created fear in my life, such as fear of rejection. [00:03:38][47.3]

[00:03:42] Does that sound familiar to anyone? Fear of failure. Wow. That kind of goes along with that rejection of others because you failed and then get this fear of success. Have any of you experienced times when you came very close to completing a successful venture and then stopped for some reason? What was that reason? Was it fear of success? Was it fear of judgement by others? Because as long as something was not complete, we could tell ourselves, Oh, I haven’t finished it. [00:04:36][54.3]

[00:04:36] So even if it’s not perfect, I still can make it perfect. That was what went on. Those were the little wheels turning around in my brain. A lot of the time. So the more I thought about this, I realised that watching my path over the last 20 years, using the young living oils and and actually actively refining myself, growing and actively refining myself, I realised that all of the fears are connected with one thing, at least for me, that one thing is grounding. When we are fully connected with the source and grounded, there is no room for fear. Absolutely none. So it becomes a matter of staying grounded. [00:05:37][61.2]

[00:05:39] Now I see. I feel as if I say the same things every week because actually that’s what I feel is important. The most important thing we can do – I’m giving you my visual every week because this is what I think about all the time. Now creating my sacred space. And that’s the way it looks to me. That’s why I love the cover of this journey book. And I’m just so grateful that it’s right there where I can see it. I have it in my room. I carry it with me. I have a photo of it on my phone so I can look at it when I’m out because it reminds me to breathe and just create that space, that safe space where all of the chaos of the outer world is outside of my sacred space. And I’m in there all by myself with my connection to the Source. So it’s not really all by myself, but connected with the Creator. Whatever your concept of the creator is and to keep the harmonious energies. [00:06:59][80.3]

[00:07:00] Side, this is what allowed me to have the confidence to move to a foreign country at age 53. No. Sorry. I was 60 years old when I moved to Singapore in 2003. So seeing how quickly we forget. I guess I’m getting to see now it really and truly required that trust and that guidance that I was receiving, that grounding. Now, my greatest fear, and I have talked about this in the past, my greatest fear for most of my life was standing up in front of other people and talking. Isn’t that interesting? What do I do on a daily basis and what have I done for the past 16 years since moving to Singapore? [00:08:04][64.2]

[00:08:05] Particularly talk to people that I did not know and it is really and truly, when I am speaking on stage, all I’m thinking about is staying connected and grounded and keeping the chaos out and the harmony right close to me. All of those energies that Steven told me this morning that one of the things that that I should really focus upon is the speed oiling technique is what he calls it. So rather than go through all of that this morning, I am I think that’s going to be what we probably talk about next week on Facebook. So I will just quickly go through that next week. [00:08:54][48.8]

[00:08:55] But actually, what I’m going to talk about this week is that overcoming fear of rejection, because as I was thinking, that is what the fear really is all about. Others rejecting us, us rejecting ourselves. Would you agree? So these are the things that I’m going to focus on most. And the oils and things now all about sovereignty being who you were created to be. [00:09:28][33.8]

[00:09:30] When we are attempting to be something that we truly don’t feel comfortable being. Then we probably are in fear, which helps, which causes us to lose our grounding. [00:09:46][16.4]

[00:09:48] We also are never really confident because we’re acting like something that we don’t really believe we are. I may be touching upon some raw nerves here. [00:10:04][16.4]

[00:10:05] So there is actually one of the glyphs. The first this. This. The glyphs that are in the sovereignty hologram. And this was the card that I did draw draw for today. I pulled out a bunch of cards that I thought would be appropriate. And that’s how I determine what I’m going to say. And this was the one that kept coming up most. That’s sovereignty. So what is sovereignty all about? [00:10:33][28.1]

[00:10:34] As I said, it’s that fear, overcoming the fear of rejection. So, Geranium. Do we all have geranium? [00:10:42][8.8]

[00:10:44] We if we don’t have it as a single, which is very powerful as a single oil. Most of us do have it in a blend. If we have any land that Gary Young created, particularly the emotional blends. Now, if there is no geranium in the U.S. There’s no geranium and in stress away. But it is in most of the blends that Gary created for emotional balance and harmony. Harmony is a great one. [00:11:17][33.1]

[00:11:18] If you have harmony, you have a lot of amazing frequency’s in those the single oils that create that blend. And of course, remembering that Gary Young never created a blend that was not for a purpose and a life of harmony. A pretty nice place to be in. Would you agree? [00:11:43][25.3]

[00:11:44] So the first thing that Geranium does, as far as I’m concerned, is it gets the process started. It gets rid of the blocks. We all have blocks. If they’re at the physical level, we have pain, illness or disease. [00:12:03][18.9]

[00:12:04] If they’re at the emotional level, we we are scattered. If they’re at the mental level, we really aren’t focussed. And if they’re at the spiritual level, it is difficult to maintain that connexion with the source. So Geranium is a positive thing for every single day. Apply it. Breathe it in. It is so easy to do and could make such a difference in your life. [00:12:33][28.9]

[00:12:35] Then the next oil that I’m going to apply is Cedarwood. Now, you may notice that a bracelet that I have on actually this bracelet has this sterling silver glyphs of the sovereignty hologram in there, because this is one that I feel is so important for me to wear. It has a huge Amber Stone because Amber and Cedarwood do hold this energy of authenticity, of being who you were created to be, taking off those masks and finding out who you truly are. [00:13:19][44.3]

[00:13:20] Most of us have been pretending for so long to be something that we thought others wanted us to be or that we were told we should be. And this is about finding out, understanding who we truly were created to be. [00:13:43][22.9]

[00:13:47] Every single one of you was created with the perfect combination of knowledge and abilities to do something special and we have become confused over time. So this is about connecting with the Source, the Creator, receiving our guidance from the Source and taking off those masks a little bit at a time. Cedarwood will assist you in doing this. [00:14:19][31.9]

[00:14:19] Now, I love to apply Cedarwood anyway. Many, many, many ways I apply it. Breathing it in. Always, always, always breathe in the oils that you’re applying because that’s actually just about the fastest way to get the most into the bloodstream. Well, fast is the fastest way to get the most into the bloodstream, and then the oil is going throughout your entire physical form and energy being rapidly. Now, I love to do things fast, so that appeals to me greatly. So I breathe it in. I love to massage my head. It helps to grow hair, too. So I love to massage my head. [00:15:11][51.4]

[00:15:12] It also can oxygenate the cells of the brain, allowing you to have greater clarity and perhaps for the brain to work a little bit faster and better so that you can be smarter. So I often tell us as parents. Would you like for your kids to be smarter? And most of the time. They say yes. So you cedarwood in a lot of ways. Now, just in case you weren’t aware, Cedarwood is also in stressful way. So as we’re applying stress away, we are getting the cedarwood. Now we are magnifying the benefits of the Cedarwood and we are helping ourselves to become more of who we were created to be. [00:16:04][52.5]

[00:16:05] This doesn’t happen overnight. It is something that is an ongoing process. It is part of that refinement process that is going to go on and on and on. So the third oil that anchors the energies of this sovereignty of being who we are overcoming, that fear of rejection is the acceptance and the essential oil is Sacred frankincense and also frankincense. But this is a beautiful, silvery energy that will allow you to understand and accept who you truly are. [00:16:54][48.6]

[00:16:55] When we accept ourselves as we are and allow ourselves, our journey, we have set ourselves free from the judgement of others, free from judgement of ourselves. Totally free to be who we were created to be. [00:17:19][24.1]

[00:17:20] Isn’t that exciting? Would you choose to be the. Best person, the best being that you can be. Why would we settle for less? [00:17:34][13.9]

[00:17:35] So the next blend, I have a couple more blends that I’m definitely going to use because we kind of have talked a lot already. I finally learnt I can have my other phone with the stopwatch on it so I can find out how long I’m actually talking. [00:17:55][20.2]

[00:17:56] But precent time living in the present moment. That may be the most important thing that you can focus upon doing. Living in the present moment. What happened yesterday is over. [00:18:15][18.7]

[00:18:17] It brought us to where we are today. However, the only thing that we truly have is this moment. [00:18:26][9.0]

[00:18:27] And I believe that every thing that we need or require is available to us in this present moment. [00:18:38][10.8]

[00:18:39] If we just look around and pay attention when we are focused on the past, are so focussed on our goals of the future, we totally miss this moment. So as you approach the present time and if you do not have it, it may be the oil that you with the blend that you would choose to get next. It is part of the feelings collection, which I do talk about quite a bit and intend that you truly can remain in the present time, enjoying every single moment, paying attention so that you will understand the guidance that you are getting in this present moment, which will allow the future to unfold, most likely in a very different way from what you might plan for it to be. [00:19:43][63.9]

[00:19:44] So focusing on this moment will certainly assist you in reaching your very highest potential in this moment and then carrying that over into the next moment. Am I making any sense at all? I hope so. So at any rate, I’m going to leave you with one last blend, which we always know Francs rarely leaves out, and that is believe because without belief we probably won’t do anything. [00:20:25][40.5]

[00:20:26] So believe believe in yourself, believe in your guidance, believe in your ability to do and be authentic in every thing that you do and have a beautiful week of learning more about who you are becoming more and more authentic, more and more connected with the source. More and more grounded every single moment of every day. And I look forward to seeing you again next week. Enjoy the beautiful Rainbow’s. [00:20:26][0.0]