Dr. George Tseng

How do the oils affect the glia cells? Glia cells act chemically in the body and then send an electrical signal to every cell. By putting a drop of oil on the body, the glia system instantly sends the chemical frequency of the oils to the receptors in every cell in the body. This is how if you instantly put lavender on burn, it will restore the proper cell function that has been damaged by the burn. It completely reverses the chemistry of the damaged cells and returns the system back to normal so the body does not record the damage.

To understand how the oils work in the body, we need to understand how the glia system works. Before a baby is born, scientific knowledge states that he operates on the glia system and can communicate with his mother and his surroundings. After his first breath, he now works in the neuron system and is cut off from the consciousness of the glia brain.

One of the first things I discovered about the glia brain is that it is an antenna system into higher frequencies. The glia brain can be used to transcend higher forms of consciousness. I’m sure this is why many of the religions of the world use the oils to anoint people during prayer and meditation. And I am sure this is why Einstein was considered a genius – because he had extra glia cells that allowed him to use more of his brain to communicate with a higher consciousness.

As a Young Living Distributor, this is what needs to be studied and understood – how the glia brain works with the essential oils. Part of the reason we are plagued with disease is we do not feed the glia brain. The processed food, saturated with GMOs (genetically modified foods) and pesticides, destroy the glia brain and is in the process of dumbing down humanity and reducing them as spiritual beings.

The essential fatty acids, like Omega Blues, is a wonderful product to restore the glia brain in the body. As stated before, the glia brain is a seamless organ, and yes, we put clove oil in our OmegaGize, which instantly opens up every cell in the body through its energy pattern. This, in turn, will feed the glia brain the essential fatty acids.