WHEN do you eat???
Is it in the afternoon?
When you are bored?
When you are upset?
When you are tired?
When you don’t eat regular meals?
* Indispensable Oils
Your favourite single oil/blend
* Important Supplements
Inner Defense
NingXia Red
NingXia Nitro
Slique Shake
Other foods
Something that requires a lot of chewing, but not overly acid forming – carrots and apples
Water… Water… and MORE WATER!!!-
PEPPERMINT has been shown to diminish appetite as well as enhance digestion. Carry peppermint with you always!
OCOTEA balances the pH of the body. Use 1-2 drops under the tongue whenever you feel a craving for sugar.
LEMON assists you in maintaining a more alkaline pH.
DIGIZE enhances digestion
VALOR is balancing for the entire body
INNER DEFENSE will assist in ridding the body of toxins
NINGXIA RED is a true “superfood” that offers protein as well as a balanced array of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
SLIQUE SHAKE offers 20.6 grams of protein in a vegan formula that is easily digestible
ALMONDS are one of the most complete foods. When raw almonds are soaked in filtered water with lemon essential oil, they sprout and become a live food.
Try the FIVE DAY CLEANSE – you may find that in just FIVE DAYS you can get beyond the “cravings”!
Other recipes include the following juices (always use the Vitality EO from Young Living)
3C’s Juice
6 oz carrots
1 oz celery
6 oz cucumber
2 oz spinach
¼ teaspoon ginger
3 drops Lemon EO
5 drops Orange EO
8 cups of juice and 2 cups of water
Vita Life
3 oz beet
1 oz carrot
1 oz celery
1 tsp tumeric
A bit of ginger
8 cups of juice and 2 cups of water
Grapefruit EO
8 oz water
1 lemon
1 teaspoon honey (agave) or maple syrup
1 tsp cayenne pepper
A bit of red pepper
La Chaya
2 oz chaya
2 oz water
2 drops Lemon EO
A bit of ginger
I hope this helps you end the munchies!