Contributed by Anita Cheung, i-Detox

After sharing about a mother diffusing “pure lavender oil” in her son’s room only to find that the his son’s room ended up with high level of formaldehyde (cancer causing Volatile Organic Compound or “VOC“) – I was asked why the oil contains formaldehyde. All scents are VOC, whether naturally occurring or synthetic. They need to be “volatile” in order to evaporate into the air. For an essential oil product to be called “100% Pure” it only requires as low as 5% of the said substance – which means the lavender oil my friend has got may have as much as 95% of it being synthetic VOC! (The brand is called “Now” and costs about US$8 for 60ml.) But MANY essential oil bottles say “100% Pure”…just as many cosmetics and personal care products say it too. This is how loose regulation on cosmetics and personal care products is.

My response:

Thank you, Anita Cheung, for this very important information. This is the reason that I now say, “Young Living” when I am writing about the properties or experiences with particular oils – I am 100% confident about the purity of ALL Young products from Young Living Essential Oils. Since I personally use only Young Living essential oils, I have often “forgotten” that anyone reading my posts may not realize the importance of the origin of the “essential oil”. After all, we “trust” labels, don’t we? And we also often “trust” what we read on the internet. How often are we being misled?