More on NXR seed to seal story:

There has been a question about one of the ingredients in NINGXIA RED – sodium benzoate, which occurs in a very minute amount as a preservative.  Gary Young was faced with a choice of producing a live superfood with fully active enzymes to which a small amount of preservative was added or to fully pasteurize the juice without any preservative.  The alternative to one of these was to risk our receiving “Wolfberry Vinegar”, which was really not an option.

Gary Young finally decided upon having a juice that was full of the complete set of nutrients that the NingXia wolfberry has – and then he had to find a company that could harvest the wolfberries at the optimal time, mash them into a puree, and transport them to the US to be assembled with the other nutrients found in NingXia Red.  Only one company was able to do this in a manner that satisfied Gary’s demanding specifications.  However, it makes it possible for us to enjoy the full health benefits of the NingXia wolfberry without the long pasteurization process through which other “health juices” go, which destroys virtually all of the enzymes and many of the other nutrients.

It is important to note that in order for sodium benzoate to become a benzene ring, four conditions must be present.  Only one of these conditions is present in NingXia Red, so there is less chance of the sodium benzoate in NingXia Red becoming the cancer-causing benzene ring than for your municipal water changing into the benzene ring.

(All four are present in carbonated soft drinks – and all of them also contain sodium benzoate.)

Drink your NingXia Red with confidence that you are putting the very best things into your body.  (There is less chance of NingXia Red causing an ill effect than water!!!)